Hitman - Kevin MacLeod
Kevin MacLeod ~ Crunk Knight
Balls Deep
It's an F-Pace with a range rover body
abdul kahar
Collins Kiveu
After using it for this video you can drop it off my driveway at my house
Hardeep Raidhu
price of this car
Hardeep Raidhu
price of this car
Hardeep Raidhu
how much doller is this car
Hardeep Raidhu
how much doller is this car
غدير عقيل
Cindy Nice
Money money money for Cindy nice 420$$$
Deepak k
Someday I will buy this car and comment as a reply to this comment ...
nayy this car is dark spot on the name of suv .it never serves the purpose .had one worst car ever it has a potential of getting damage on speed bumps
lucian fernandes
Que carro maravilhoso
Johnster Dea
Badass interior and modern looking but what about the reliability of this car??
Matheus Junior
50 mil dólares 💵 nos EUA ❤️
Ben Koster
great review!
Rick Deckard
This ain't no review, it's a sales pitch.
فيصل العنزي
فيصل العنزي
هاذا هو الي عذب اقلوب الفقراا صانعه مجنون ولا يسكن الحاره وصممه تصميم وسواه بشطاره رنج روفر
Christian Ciarlo
Background music is almost the exact progression of radiohead's "everything in it's right place"
Bharath Allampati
I didn't like this from Rear. it is absolutely gorgeous car at front.
Simon Manning
Alex Skywalker
beautiful family car of choice.
Logan Connor
This thing is amazing!
Donald Green
You get the rover for free you're paying a 100,000 or better just for the engine and technology
Pasha Defragzor
I never was a fan of Range Rover, but the commercial looks cool
Nimay Kini
this car is not the future it should have been electric it will be a flop in the market by then
ہبقہايہا جہروح _
just GOD
my dreem cars😢😢😢
Noel Borg
Shame it has no CD/DVD Player, and the touch screen is not good while driving,not easy to select features, they should have done an idrive knob. i have no time to waste uploading movies on usb. Car is nice but the technology not so great.
I don't like the model 🤢 but it's not bad
Cellar Door
Why do I punish myself like this grrr
Nripen Chandra
song that starts at 0:21 ??
Sam -xo
I came all over my screen ✊️
Quietous Gh
best car my dream
when will present in Indonesia?
Cem Can
I have heard that Range Rover's car is not that reliable.. Is that true or it was on old ones ?
Deividas Brasas
Unique Unique Unique Unique Unique Unique
Rogelio Urízar
This is the 2017 velar not 2018
typical ugly land rover. used shoe design.
Shane Bergeron
Looks just like a lot of shit that will break and have to be replaced with a 4 digit price tag...
shariq firdous
Chaplin Gean
"in the rear there's an exceptionally spacious environment for all occupants." Ok this lie made me question pretty much everything he said. It's already well documented the back seats have hardly any room
Vicent George
Hi pals ....was in a gas station Whiteladies Rd, Bristol....saw a couple and friends rejoicing about a new super.... wow this car was i ask and the your car is lovely and cool...And he told me thanks friend, but more to Great Britain for Auctioning to citizens... it,s a privilege ......
this video makes me feel how poor i am
AnonymName AnonymName
This is Land-Rover no Range Rover
the rear looks like it wants to be a jag f pace so badly
swapnil patrikar
Also, where is the real, non animated car ?
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