2018 Range Rover Velar Review

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Official: it's the new Range Rover Velar

The new, mid-sized Rangey is here and we have many, many pictures

What you’re looking at, according to Land Rover, isn’t just a car – it’s a digital butler. No, really.

When it goes on sale this summer, Land Rover says its brand-new Velar SUV is packed full of tech that will “create an in-built technology butler”, thanks to “an all-new, cutting edge infotainment system.” 

Land Rover’s Peter Virk, who has a very long job title, says the system “learns from you and anticipates your needs, serving what you want, when you want it – but never intrudes… like any good butler.”
According to Land Rover, the Velar plugs the gap between the Evoque and the Range Rover Sport. And before you ask “what gap?”, there is actually a niche there. The Sport is a willfully massive thing once you get it onto tight urban streets, and shaving about 50mm off the length and width will make for a much more city-friendly SUV. 

Powering the Velar is your choice of five engines. Most sensible is a 178bhp 2.0-litre, four-cylinder diesel, which is good for 0-60mph in 8.4secs, a top speed of 130mph and more than 52mpg. There’s a higher-spec 2.0-litre diesel with 237bhp, a 6.8sec 0-60mph time, a 135mph top speed and slightly poorer economy, at 49mpg. 
The 3.0-litre diesel V6 takes another step towards grunt over greenness, with 296bhp, 0-60 in 6.1secs, a top speed of 150mph and about 44mpg. 

If you’re a petrol fan, there’s a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbo with 247bhp, a 296bhp tune following further down the line. But what you really want is the supercharged 3.0-litre V6 petrol, with 375bhp. It’ll knock off a 0-60 dash in 5.3secs, hit 155mph and burn through dino juice at a rate of about 30mpg. 
If you spring for either of the V6-powered models, you’ll also get air suspension as standard. But fear not, entry-level buyers – adaptive dampers are standard across the range.

The spec levels, for you badge-spotters out there, run from the standard Velar, through the usual S, SE and HSE specs, with a sportier appearance if you go for an R-Dynamic kit. Prices start at £44,830, but get excited and pick the R-Dynamic HSE V6 and you’ll be paying more than £72,000.

According to Land Rover, the Velar is built from sustainable materials, following an all-new design. On that note, if a mineralogist could tell us how sustainable aluminium is, that’d be grand, because the Velar uses quite a bit of it. In reality, the sustainable material that Land Rover’s talking about is inside the cabin – a special textile takes the place of leather on the seats.

Now, it wouldn’t be a Range Rover unless it could scale the surface of Mars with a Labrador in the boot. To that end, Land Rover has kitted the Velar out with a full suite of off-road gubbins, provided that you tick the options box accordingly. Normally, it’d make sense to rail against the lack of standard kit, but if you’re not going to take your Velar to Monument Valley, what use do you have for a locking rear diff and terrain response control? 

Regardless of how much you choose from the options list, you’ll get autonomous emergency braking, traffic warnings and a gizmo that detects if you’re about to have forty winks behind the wheel. Handy.  
Now to the styling. There’s an old Latin saying that, roughly translated, says, “In matters of taste, there should be no dispute.” So we’ll leave you to make up your own mind on the rakish styling direction that design boss Gerry McGovern has chosen. Instead, we can tell you that, with a drag coefficient of 0.32, it’s the slipperiest Land Rover product ever. 

And, if you wanted to have a look at the Velar’s design yourself (and you’re in the London area) you’re in luck – it’s on display in the Design Museum in Kensington until March 5th. 
There’s actually a little bit of history behind a Land Rover product sitting in a museum – the original Range Rover was displayed in the Louvre in the 1970s, and it was a pretty decent bit of kit. And here’s where the Velar name comes in, actually – ‘Velar’ was the name originally given to the very first Range Rover prototypes that Land Rover built back in 1969. 

So, does it tickle your fancy? If so, best find about £85k (try your other pair of jeans) and get in touch with Land Rover rather soon – there’s a special ‘First Edition’, powered by V6 engines only and with much leather, 1600W of Meridian stereo and something called ‘Matrix-Laser’ LED headlights as standard. As well as that digital butler…
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Hitman - Kevin MacLeod
Kevin MacLeod ~ Crunk Knight
Saleh Bawzir
Ami S
And very few people knows Land rover is owned by INDIAN 🇮🇳 multinational company TATA motors.
Mr Nice humble tamvan
nice car
Anil Divakaran
i wonder how the screens look when direct sunlight hit them
EH Shap
Anyone know the interior dimensions? My family and I are all pretty tall so(5'9"-6'3") so would this fit us.
Aldinur Rahman
do you guys agree with me if i choose audi q8 or sq8 if someday come out to sell? and i buy it? because, my heart is so hard with audi...sorry if you guys didn't like it my comment...
Aldinur Rahman
i love it...but i confuse between audi q8,and mercedez-benz and with range rover velar...also audi will gonna release the sq8... i don't know which to choose...
Fake & Gay! This is just a prototype and not an actual car 🚗 you can buy! Wake up people!
Yavor Kapitanov
Unique bumper design , hahah.
Sunny 7860
Looks superb. Bet those who've ordered the RR Sport are kicking themselves 😅
Star Mohabbatein
Waoow not at all are the Door handles a copy from tesla model s not at all
DAnte Ezzedin
why is it so weak
Роман Мамаев
Дизайн для пидарасов !!!!!!!!!!!!
this is called 'TV ad highlights' not a review
Khutso Matau
this is not a review, it's am ad
Kwame Armah
Say refine one more time
Isso não é um carro, é uma nave
Kavan Shukla
range rover is so exclusive that they have made the car so amazing but the choise of music in this video is even more amazing
love it :)
Mary _1462
why just why can't I have one
M Lee
Here's the thing with anything which applies to cars....."less is more". Too many options that consumers will never use, gadget fatigue. Why? Firstly more features means more chance to break and honestly you only ever need to use a few options. Nice car though...
Murat Çetinkaya
turkish ?
velar morghulis
Cole Stevens
looks lovely, not sure about the size until I give it a test drive. Hopefully a lot of the tech and styling will come through to the new vogue se
Love Bandesha
insanely modernised car....
Nu B
What's it's range in miles?
Valentina Wimmer
Definition hope queen else everything moderate Ms treasure strong.
İnşallah 2025'te falan 2013 kasasına falan binecez.
Elvis Yeboah
i want to meet the creators of this car. they are amazing!!!!
Waleed Tawfik
This is what I want this is my dream car I love it
Vivin George
the best or nothing...!!
franklin akiba
dope ride
Sematung Cars
I think this is one of the future car, so love it
Kameshwar Yadav
this brand was nearly vanished from the market but wooow what a comeback it made from 2011. good luck JLR UK
deniz Oz
he sat on the seat with all his sweat damn
ibby klimachz
u know if u game choice between living in recession state that hopes for the future were optimistic vs state which had more opportunity available than ever before but atmosphere was to say i will never get that. i would of chosen broken state.
shut up and take my money
looks great but reliability is gonna be garbage.
HD displays ??
Base Twelve
This is SO meeeee !! ❣
What am I doing wrong with my life? 😫
looks Futuristic
Gri Khan
Is this a new RRS or Evoque? I don't understand it's dimensions. Or this would be a new size in Range family? Then between which models?
A girl could only dream..
"Velar" means "to dillydally" in Swedish, and my f*uck they sure did while they designed that. Modern car design is pure shit.
Marv 44
here's a question the reason this is a cheaper range is because it's a land rover discovery I just saw one looked the same except for bigger rims and a little longer base are you guys souping up a discovery and calling it a range with updates on the inside just asking no offense
The ass end is so incredibly ugly. Why did they stop the ceiling so short, making the ass appear to stick out so much.
Range Rover just knocked off the Jaguar F-Pace, not only in sales, but in a copy of Jags best features. How sad. Tata sis doing what GM did - Pontisc. Olds, Chevy were all the same car with different skins, now Jag and RR are faux cousins.
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