Brandon Rogers - America's Got Talent 2017 - Reaction!

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I was not expecting this, so I get very emotional. My deepest condolences to Brandon's family and loved ones. Thank you for sharing your talent with us Brandon.

Leonel Thomas
Damn I even cry he's a great human being that choice to become a Doctor than to become a singer an a earlier age. For him to share his talent with his amazing voice was his dream. God Bless to his family! :(
Jeannea Kucinski
He had such a beautiful one of a kind voice. I had tears streaming down my face. I wish he could've been able to continue to shower us with his god given talent. My heart breaks for his family.
GymnastGirl 1013
I'm sorry to here that Brandon passed away in a bad car accident I'm sad to here that but he is resting in peace ✌️ in heaven with god he is better now and a little boy again
Stephen Lynch
Please react to Luisa Johnson xfactor this is a mans world. You won't be disappointed
Eric Carrera
Omg I'm sitting here listening to brandon rogers on agt he's was awesome my heart goes out to his family I'm so sorry to hear about him rip brandon rogers
Fatima Hasan
big tragedy😢
jo ramsy
you re so beautiful
Hi Bukola, Watching this video too, tore me up. Life is so short indeed, Beandon touched many lives, very humble person. I guess he did what he was supposed to do here in this earth. :(
Sel Quinn
Antonella López
Tomeka Richardson
You should see him perform with boys to men
Maurice Atwood
I cried like a baby..more than you..truly nice guy gone way too soon.
React to puddles pity party judge cuts!
phoebeh3 Watkins
thank you for not being someone that is just doing a reaction .. you had such a Beautiful Reaction i loved it !!! it was such a shock to hear of Dr . Brandon Roger's untimely death . my prayers go to his family and friends . he was such a Beautiful singer , I want to Say Thank You To Brandon's Family for sharing this beautiful song with us . R . I . P . Dr. Brandon Rogers You Will Be Missed!!!
Jena Armstrong
I am definitely subscribing... your reaction touched my heart ❤️
Michael Wells
You are so real sweetheart.
Sallie the Crybaby
Thanks for the condolences fam
Awillkens Ribeiro
um homem que ajudava vidas infelizmente perdeu a sua, é totalmente triste vc ver alguém que ama o que vc tb ama partir assim, sinto muito um beijo a amigos e familiares. Parabéns por tudo que vc deixou de bom doutor e ao amor que eu pretendo ter aos meus pacientes como vc teve 😢💔😢💔
Candi Holden
Him and my son shares the same birthdate .. RIP Brandon your an ribbon in the sky!!!
Venina Browne
I only knew him for five minutes of his video and I was so touched. I cried to girl. It kind of made me angry such a great gift and was taken away so soon smh. He was so young, I just don't understand why things happen the way that they do and especially to good, good people
Roru Loru
You're such a actress ..!!
You had edited ahead ...and trying to show it acting like if is the 1st time you had seen it....!!
John Abreu
He's voice it was amazing, my tears came out when I heard about he's gone Rest In Peace :( 💔🖤 Brandon rogers
Brent Wahl
Hi Dear

I'm the 65 year old grampa that commented on your Puddles review. I am a hardened old Navy veteran that is normally tough as stone......but this moved me to tears too!

He was a wonderful young man with so much life ahead of him. So Tragic!

You keep up the good work young lady! Love your video reviews!
Why did he have to go so eary😰
Prec Mash
rip u were soo talented ,I'm soo heartbroken
Sin Bmello
rip always the good stars belong in the sky
Mya Jones YTC
Brandon Rogers is from the city I was born in. RIP 😭
Emokpaire Funmilayo
are you Nigerian
Mr Ability
beautiful Girl stop crying...But why your mom dont want us to see her face ❤️❤️❤️ Brandon Rogers WE All ...Love you
Michelle Cave
it's so crazy how life plays out. What a beautiful soul, he is loved by so many. It is crazy we didn't get to enjoy all of his talents. I'm sure GOD is using his soul for so much more. He seemed to be such a loving person. I don't know him, but may he RIP.
Dana Wilson
Sad and very tragic ! May he RIP
CaitTheSinger TheSinger
He has an incredibly amazingly talented vice I kept watching this and I cried 😢
RIP brandon :(
He's is in Gods world now helping n singing to our loved ones. Brandon RIP, we miss you.
dell Junta
Ruth Ash
Carmen A
Beautiful and heartbreaking
Michelle Mason
Love you Brandon R.I.P.
Nicholas Herbert
The good die young! They made it extra sad with Boyz to Men in the background music.
btw he performed with BoyzIIMen in Vegas earlier in the year.
Angel Belle
Rip we all loved you Brandon safe journeys you Beautiful person😘
Angel Belle
Rip we all loved you Brandon safe journeys you Beautiful person
commandant 3rd MLP
God's ways are not what we always expect it to be.........but truthfully we are all human....1st world or 3rd world country we still see the same video. But on a personal front losing a dear one hurts in whichever world we live. RIP Brandon prayers for your loved ones :-( Thanks for getting to know U through AGT 2017........privileged and honored (y)
maggie eugenio
Dr. Brandon Rogers you touched my heart. You are a great person you could have lived more but I think God has plan for everyone of us. ❤❤❤
Shy-en Voon
Ibukola, well said ... I have watched his audition daily to bask in his lovely personality & vocals and to remind myself that, while we may not be long on this earth, we should all leave a positive mark just like he did ... especially in his medical profession. RIP Brandon.
Bee Ojeiks
Your final bow Dr. Rogers! Rest on in peace! 😢
Patunia Thabie
Hope u are in a better place
wayne refhmel
I wanted to give you a big hug to comfort you. I have been called a teddy bear so I'm a giving person. you can call me grandpa wayne I really enjoy your honest opinions and passion. you go girl and best of luck in all you do.
Judith Nya
I didn't know him and this video just pop up but really it's sad to lost this kind of man, guys be strong 'cause he's in better place rn (in heaven)
Rest In Peace😢😢😢 ❤❤
Sas Soom
🙏🏻R.I.P. Dr. Brandon Rogers.🙏🏻
Very upsetting...
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