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Dude Perfect teams up w/ Pool Trick Shot legend Florian 'Venom' Kohler
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C.M.K. 004
Wolfe Gaming
Still my favourite video!
Adam Carter
You should baseball next
Do a lacrosse video
Urmila Kanodia
Football trickshots
The Viper
Venomous Moth
I love how he says he's a black belt and then does an Oh-Gosh, the most basic throw.
Kelly Chadwick
You De Best
johnnybgood __9999
Air hockey
Foosball table
more hockey
Bernice Duff
Yooooooooo I just suscribed to the Dude Perfect channel
Dark Lord
Pool stereotypes
The smasher
Mr excuses
The rage monster
The I have to go for my favourite color guy
Gabriela Ballinas
Do soccer next
Donna Williford
Yoshi chen
That's a lot of trust. (Read description)
Julian Edelman highlights
I subscribed and I have watched all of your videos
Joshua Dave Tingal
Bang shots hahahhahahahahahahhahahhahahhahhhah
Irfan Khan
magic tricks
prarabdha tiwari
curling coffin corner shot was good!
The Randomist
Can i meet FLORIAN
sonny cheesy bacon
Νικος Βογια
Why would anyone dislike a video like that?
Asha Sharma
Hammad Shaikh
that's amazing how no way
Ghufran Ahmed
do fresb
Simon L
These vids get as much views as some music vids.
Cool Things10
Dude perfect just play running parkour
MJFan 101
This was the first video I watched by you 2 years a go I was instantly in love
Becky Mcmillan
Max Fowler
Joshua the king
Brendan Cross
You should do Irish hurling
aamir ahmed
Michaela Gregory
You should do ballet!
spencil life
omg they have 20 mil subs we must stop therm!! theyre half way to pewds!! D:
(not like there ever gonna get there )
Natalia Diamondmountain
Horse back riding!!
Rita Iamarino
Ian Wuensch
Why does cody always where a hat in this vid
Caden Casburn
Raúl Gaming
Gururaj Gamerz
vox tube TV
Do a video on cricket shot or hockey
Ashton Mason
At 2.01 one of th ball were on the floor
Dante Redhead
They need to do a rugby video
X Retro
dude perfect
Sharon White
Hi auntie I love yggf
All ur video make me go 😯😮😮😮😮😮😮
[GG] Green Gaming
Why are the most popular comments are like "Who's watching in 2017?" Wow
Cory Connell
"I'm a black belt in Judo".

Awkwardly does a horrible outside trip lol. Stick with Pool bro.
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