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Dude Perfect teams up w/ Pool Trick Shot legend Florian 'Venom' Kohler
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Also HUGE thanks to Frisco Parks and Rec for letting us set up a regular and jumbo pool table in their park!!
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Tomasz Lis
like :) im poland dude prafect :)
Henry Wang
Wow amazing pro
Ole Dahl
Next sport should be a hockey
Evi Setiawati
Evi Setiawati
Mus cat
what music ?
joshua Lobo
Aatir Kazi
i think u should make the video of football all wil like it
This guy made something super lame look super cool.
Marc Epic
I do judo
Cricket please with sachin tendulkar (God of cricket) ty
Taipaleti Vaeatangitau
what sport should next
Oscar Lemuel
Sebastien Gilbert
It shoukd be fencing trick shot
Shubhangi Raut
cricket pls
Malinie Jackson Malinie Jackson
do swimming
Tomas Comba
dileep kumar
harsh mann
make a video on badminton please
Death Unicorn 827
Thats a lot of trust
Paulsinghbajaj Singh
get messie the footballer
Paulsinghbajaj Singh
get messie
Jiameng Haak
Diana Alcantara
antnony like.d your video
Lordpotato 1985
The giant pool table is where they filmed lacrosse trick shots
Tina Holt
Funstorm 6755
thats. awesome
super legendary sonic hypertension
or badminton trick shots :)
super legendary sonic hypertension
I think next should be hockey or glass bottle flip edition
Shoot handcuffed
michael douglas
football plez
ahsan sarfraz
foot ball
Matthew Park
It should be baseball
Vyas Agarwal
Cricket should be next
Manoj Sriram
Sky diving
Rahi Khan
next sports Cricket please
i m
Epic Science
Lego trim sot
Haley Casha
next up soccer
Antonio Marošević
Kamryn Renfro
I really think that Dude Perfect should do gymnastics!!
Ahmed GD2435
Cory and coby say sketchy way too much
Ibraheem Meer
prithviraj rayakwar
If he is perfect why u dont play matches 😂
Reuben Mahal
How do u balance a pool ball on top of another pool ball
Piyush Sharma
do something playing cricket
Snivy Gaming
sex sport
Tanee Santillan
Diego Coelho
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