Celebrity Jeopardy - SNL 40th Anniversary Special

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Alex Trebek (Will Ferrell) tries his best to keep contestants Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond), Justin Bieber (Kate McKinnon), Tony Bennett (Alec Baldwin), Burt Reynolds (Norm Macdonald), Christoph Waltz (Taran Killam), Matthew McConaughey (Jim Carrey) and Bill Cosby (Kenan Thompson) in line.

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Chris Dimig
i just abour died when he said it was your mothers handwriting
william werber
Who's dreaming who?
Is Alec Baldwin playing Tony Bennett or himself? Hard to tell sometimes.
Turd Ferguson!
Norm MacDonald was gold in this
Bill -The Spanish Fly- Cosby
What's the name of the outro music?
D.N.A DatNiccAleXXX
michael edwards
Eddie Murphy was supposed to play bill Cosby in that clip this would of been way more gold
Suck it Trebek!
Jose H
By far, it was the most accurate portrayal of celebrity"intellect" to date. It could have been a documentary.
Jamie Lambert
Hammond always slays it as Sean Connery...anybody remember Jap-anUs relations?..fucks me up every time...
Did I just drop acid?
80's Girl
"Who is Andre the Giant?" 😂😂
Why didn't anyone shut that heckling woman up? Her high pitched laugh was killing the scene!!!
Else willams does a better waltz impression
skyline gt3
the bieber impersonation was bad
Frode Gjerløw

They should have put that video daily double in the therapists category.
The Mostly Video Game Player
6:28 I'll take le tits now for 800.
Hammond as Connery= briliant!
Baldwin as Tony Bennett= NAILED IT!!
Norm as Turd Ferguson = JUST AWESOME!
Ferrell playing it as straight man... Carey, always good... Kenan as Cosby... all good
BUT why that Beiber fiasco??
Brian Maxx
Jim Carey was good (unbelievably), the Burt Reynolds impersination was spot on an funny (but who cares), but who tF is going to watch this on a Saturday Night. garbage.
Jayant Srivastava
jim luks really dashing as mcconaughey
"I'll take whore ads for $200."..., just sick!
Ezra Sky
The Christoph Waltz impression is just sad. Who was that guy? Shoot him please.
Arkham Quinnzel
I'm dying at 3:00 XD
Le Tits Now
Gordon G
These ads suck
Keith Purdue
Norm looks more like Burt than Burt does.
Charles Bowsher
Apple and AT and T suck!
Justin Joachim
...Turd Ferguson.
wales 890
I'm not a girl im a grow up man lol
Kevin Budzinski
Jim Carrey's impersonation of Matthew McConaughey was awesome and spot on!
Gareth Lastinger
Sadly SNL is trash now
Dorian McCormick
Sean Connery is a savage! Hahaha
Keisha Bolar
cha chaa
soon funny
Daniel Dougan
Alex Trebek shaved off his mustache years ago.
Love Norm McDonald as pigeon on mike Tyson mysteries.

Btw who was doing the spot on Justin beiber?
Logan Bacon
And your mother currently sits on my face, Trebek...dead
IIIIIIIIIII CANT HEAR U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vince Klortho
Hammond(as Connery)'s raucous laughter cracks me up!
Pedro Paiva
Madame, I want to see "le tits" now xD
whether I get your question right or wrong, free will is an illusion, and life is a game that plays us....
I finally lost it at "Le tits now"
Jacqueline Bernard
Turd Ferguson for president!!
suzie jane
too funny!!
Proud American
This gets funnier and funnier everytime I watch it!
Alec Baldwin nailed the Tony Bennett impression.
Mark Bowers
I wish this skit never ended
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