Believers Play The Ouija Board


Are you a believer?

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Creeping Shadows
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Brianna Rideout
Gypsy Heart
He is so cute
Emma Cloudhope
omg... guys you fucked up!!!!!!!! it said goodbye backwards.. that’s bad!!! Plus Zus-Zozo?
Shattered Curses
I’ve played before, we were doing it all correctly, nothing happened. Slept with it in the room, nothing.
my funny calicos
Should've had NON believers try the Ouija board.
Kendra Baldwin
You don't say goodbye and leave
You don't move the pointer to goodbye
The spirit is the only one to move the planchette
the portal to eternity will stay open if the ghost won't move the pointer to goodbye to leave the game
Koko Alsowaidi
At 0:56 he took his hand OFF The auija bored
This might sound weird but...

Me and my grandma love playing oh Ouija board...
Sabrina Ahmed
Somebody Piano
An animal cannot respond because animals do not know English. A cat or dog could, but it would only be able to respond to things like "do you want food" "do you want to go on a walk" etc. because that is all a cat or dog would know. I call this fake.

I can't say I believe ouija board stuff is real, animal or not.
Cassandra Venice
F <uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuujuc44
Oi boi
Wolfareena Wolfman4!!!!
It said "66696" that's scary
P64 Raceing
Boy yo cat ok but how did It tolk to u lol jk
Arden Dryburgh
Spirit is lowkey triggered oml
Are you an animal?
Whos a good boy
XD I died
I don't consider myself a believer but anyway that was hilarious
If it's supposed to move on it's own, then why do you keep your hands on it?
Megan Crane
Circle of salt!!!!!! Circle of salt!!!!! Circle of salt!!!!!!!!
One Lovely Girl
Are they just moving the board????
Koko Alsowaidi
When it went to "Z" I was like SAY GOODBYE ITS ZOZO THE EVILEST SPIRIT then it went to "U" wait nvm
Claudy Sucks At YouTube
When you know all of these Ouija boards fake, but you find these videos entertaining 😂😂
Cotton Candy
Him: We still don't know if it's a good or a bad spirit

Sydney _2816
I thought it's name was gunna be zozo
Cristine used this same exact board and she proved it didn’t work 😂
Zeba F
me: are you a good spirit or a bad spirit?

ouija: S.E.N.D N.U.D.E.S
Matcha Tea :3
Me: wacha name man

Spirit: A.l.e.x.a.n.d.e.r H.a.m.i.l.t.o.n

Morgan I don't rawr
I want to try one but then I also don’t but my mom and grandpa told me not to so yeah that’s not happening
Kailane Saracelli
You subconsciously move when you're trying not to.

literally, no ghosts nor spirits. If it really were ghosts why would they move your hands instead of just moving that weird triangle heart shape thing
Stephen Higgins
Nooooooooo you keep your fingers on the penguim
The music alien!
Me: i dont trust this bord.
Bord: s.h.u.t. t.h.e h.e.l.l. u.p. a.n.d. p.l.a.y.
Darcy Lyons
I've messed with Ouija Board once and never again they contact what or who you want to contact or also the bad I Saged and used Salt around my house after using it I am not messing with bad juju. Don't I repeat do not burn it!
jboogs panda
You’re not supposed to take your hands off the board without saying goodbye.....
Claudia C
Did they have any effects after playing the board???
LOL lol
That doggo is gonna haunt ya 4 lyfe
Your Pet Cat
Me: how did you die?
Me: what?
Ig: Latinalicia
You got curved by a ghost
Noodle Dragon
I like noodles
2:08 It pointed to Y as in "Y u do dis to me"
Jamiah Rigby
The thing is that they didnt even say goodbye to it and the guy took his hands of twice without saying goodbye
Gamer Boy
You lucky you didn’t get zozo
LIZZY_ and friends
someone: is anybody there?
spirit: no
someone: why d'you answer if ya not there?
spirit: okay! okay, you got me.
someone: MUUUUUUMMY!!!!!! A EVIL SPIRIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spirit: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE?!?!?!?!?! WHERE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
someone: a-a-re y-you g-good or bad?
spirit: dunno, been a while since i last checked.
someone ........
Samantha faith Sabarre
Let's burn it you will open the door from the spirits did you say good bye you must say good bye or not the other door will be open
Orion Horne
do it blindfolded
They actually have this at toy rus i think they have it cuz maybe they want to scare children
allie cat
bonziebon 300
Guys oujie boards mostly attracts DEMONS get some sage and holy water
Anna Vreling
I just want to point out that 'zus' is the dutch word for sister. Maybe the spirit was somebodys sister?
When the title said "Believers" I thought you meant Christians lol
Emma B
66696. I deduced it was 1896 while he was guessing because 666, 3 sixes is 18. Also it contributes to my middle of night brain wakes me up moment that 18 is 666 in disguise
Christy Day
I would like to play this

Heuehehheu but no
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