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Watch what can happen when you break one of the basic golden rules of ant keeping. I attempted to mix two unrelated ant colonies together. This is usually not allowed in ant keeping because it inevitably leads to an ant war. In this video, I explain why I had thought it was a safe bet to attempt colony fusion between the Golden Empire (our yellow crazy ant colony) and a new 5 queen ant colony of the same species. Hope you enjoy this week's video!

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List of Ant Equipment Used in this video:

"The Golden Empire" Anoplolepis gracilipes 3 queen polygynous colony:

•75 Gallon Planted Tank

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Shoto A
So the golden empire has discovered agriculture. Oh my god.
the fuk I got lost on youtube again
Rhi Is A Bean
How the hell did I end up here
Mateus Bussanich
That's awesome!
Minecraft Mines
I subbed
Dindu nuffin
These ants live a better life then I do, smh.
Sparky Plays Games
Is this the mount and blade warband battle music tho
Derp Kun
when u realize ur ants have discovered agriculture

"Where tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers therefore are the founders of human ant civilization."
–Daniel Webster
Victoria Diaz
Top ten anime fight scenes
yeoja chingu
Aceng Gunawidjaya
maybe golden empire army is dead in underground
Lorelei Mercurius
I think you will like Anthill Art. They pour molten Aluminum to capture the structure of the nest. Don't worry, they let the ants out.
The bonngamerer
I need portuguese legend ( br)
Joshua June Virgil Gadiane
I have a great feeling that you're a filipino
stefamo loreti
Never thought ants could be so interesting lmfao
Language Universe
You say that the ants are in agony but insects don't feel pain, there lives are too short for it to be an evolutionary advantage.
Snoop Blade
Once I crushed an ants leg, another went to go and help it, then I killed both of them
Game Over Bro
*Hearts of Iron IV, Soviet Union vs Nazis in a Nutshell*
Kkkmmm Kodllsls
This video is amazing, can you make another ant war, between exploding ants and amazon ants
Kkkmmm Kodllsls
Maybe it's not an empire it's an antpire
Kkkmmm Kodllsls
Did you know that amazon ants keep other types as slaves
William Bonsai
I imagine your ants had killed the new ants' queens and the stragglers were picked up and joined the others.
Damon Villa
I was so engaged with this video because of his narrating butnthen i forgot to realize it was just about ants... lol
SGM chicken Pie
Holy moly amazing
SGM chicken Pie
Holy crap that was a long intro. Just keeps building up and building up with clickbait-esque lead ins. Very obnoxious.
MaydayMayday Mayday
The ant ticipation is killing me.
Robert Young
I'm not sure why this is so interesting, but I'm hooked.
juan pablo flores navarro
really ?
Muggly X
Wars that your history teacher does not teach you
Alex Burnside
one of your videos showed up on my recommended for a reason I do not know but I've gotta say the videos are very interesting and your enthusiasm and making ant keeping epic and exciting made me sub lol enjoy the videos despite how random it was that one showed up on my feed haha
Joe Dougherty
You have great vids. This one...humanity could learn from this experience. Thanks for the entertainment - all very interesting.
Ahmad Jarrad
Top 10 Anime battles.
Reminds me of the start of Star Trek Voyager.
Sam Phillips
What if the ants escaped and infested your house
This video just made me tinkle, I hate close up bugs but I love to see them still.
Tober Tobias
Sub earned. Awesome stuff.
Trey Legacy
You a real geek
Braydon Miller
All I can feel are ants on my body
Kasper Sagebrand
I sure do love piles of dead ants in the morning.
Puggergaming Grosso
Why would we put armor and use sheilds if we’re watching xD
Aidan Walter
Go to 4:00 to skip one of the most annoying intros I’ve ever seen.
Nerd World
Golden Empire vs what?
Man U are a nerd
Hes mad hype over this! 😂😂😂 anyway thats what made me watch and then i had to subscribe lol
I got my war in the end! But happy endinggs!
Prince Bautista
How did you get all of these ants😃
Phone Head Guy
What scares the hell out of me is the intelligence of the Golden Empire
nice video by the way I love the narration
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