Shoto A
So the golden empire has discovered agriculture. Oh my god.
Ice Wolf
lol love the into hahahha
Earl Orian
Once I had this container of dead ants, it had about 170 inside, then a few days later, ANTS WHERE EVERYWHERE FOR REVENGE
Shinobi jay
:5 queens: hello world :
: golden ant : surprise motha fucka
Tank Dempsey
Also my bunny died from dumb fire ants
Noah the Sharp
You done fucked up now
is it bad that I've been waiting for this
Ant world war 2
Daniel Blakeley
This dude sounds like a fag
Axl Rose
pit fire ants in there they'll take over that golden empire
Axl Rose
if humans are like this world will be at peace
kong xiong
being eatten alive. gives me the shivers.
Sylar's Shades
Why is this so dramatic? xD
Cee Dee
OMG i love the sight of ants carrying food for some reason lol. I could watch it all day lol. AMazing video!
Weekly dose Of soccer skillz
There just ants
master wayne
new subscriber here and loving it btw who's remembering that sci fi movie about sentient ant wars ?
guy, they are just ants...
Snowie Games
Iā€™m itching
Matheus Salustiano
massive ant bloodshed xD
Can u keep ants without a queen?
Toby greninja
The roach wasn't dead
Monica Aguilar
Monica Aguilar
Monica Aguilar
hi i have a ant farm i like your canl
Ants Canada the type of guy to cry after he finds out he stepped on an ant
mobile gamer kid
Kinda cool how the ants learn how to make things and learn new behaviors
Andre Diaz
Also i wonder how this guy starts conversations with girls.... hey you baby you wanna see my ant collection... hahahaha
Andre Diaz
I can take seriously this guy... there just ants omg
Isaac xd
Damn 8 queens
RyDy HaDy
I couldn't look at the cockroach eyes being eaten out by the ant colonies! Omg. Goosebumps forreal!šŸ˜­
Jennifer Parsons
This is cool and a tad dramatic but otherwise cool
Jackie Mendoza
Time for war cool why am I watching this šŸ˜©
Mrcl Qwerty
So dramatic! lol!
Pretty Princess 9000 Arisen Thornton
Oh god they're learning about agricultural farming of aphids and honey
cat man the potatoe eater
Oh god its order 66 all over again
Sevrid Grey
Maybe they came to a compromise. The foreigners help cure the natives and the plausible fast death of these mite-infected ants, as well as offer their services to them since the native workforce might deplete. But considering the ratio of human life span to a speculative ant life span (60+ years : 1-2 years) and that the ants must've been warring from overnight (12 hours tops), then it's possible that the ants had been warring for 15 to 30+ years of human life span. So that's pretty much a lot of years of dispute before coming to a conclusion of just giving up.
jayden johnson
So dramatic
Cockroaches can burn is hell under my book
Isaiah Hedrington
mytymikey gaming and vlogs
One time me and my friends where walking home from school, and we saw what seemed to be a ant war, with amazement we watched. Then one of my friends told us to hide them, so we tried. Then this kid walked up, saw the ant and stepped on them. He flipping stepped on them. He was always a jerk, sooo I hate him even more now :I
MinecraftSeaNutButter 5

Thank god there's no clickbait
Jude Liu
Oh wow
Falcon Hoof
I here the Americans are arming this colony....
florence tolentino
mikey bustos is in d house
ian salvador
Love your energy in your vids
you're an idiot !!! WTF
Anyone else... itchy?
Lol this is so stupid
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