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Watch what can happen when you break one of the basic golden rules of ant keeping. I attempted to mix two unrelated ant colonies together. This is usually not allowed in ant keeping because it inevitably leads to an ant war. In this video, I explain why I had thought it was a safe bet to attempt colony fusion between the Golden Empire (our yellow crazy ant colony) and a new 5 queen ant colony of the same species. Hope you enjoy this week's video!

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List of Ant Equipment Used in this video:

"The Golden Empire" Anoplolepis gracilipes 3 queen polygynous colony:

•75 Gallon Planted Tank

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Shoto A
So the golden empire has discovered agriculture. Oh my god.
The Real Australican
this is my first video and I am already attached to the golden empire I hope he gets 1 million subs so he can get better equipment so he does not deal with ants crawling in his bed every night
James /lemon hater
they were eaten.
A Man Riding a Shrimp
To humans, it's just some ants fighting, but to the ants it's basically world war 2.
Natasha V
man, I don't give a shit about ants but this narrator got me on the edge of my seat like, 'oh shit, what's gonna happen??? ant war???'
Someone Somewhere
i'll admit it was really hard to masturbate to this but i finally did it.
WarriorKitten12 11
i let ants crawl on my hands i had five of them, bob, billy, billygoat, goat and vine, 3 of them got blown away by the wind and the others got killed by my friends
they're evolving
first ant war, then they will be able to create their own buildings
Lillie's Bag
Soon your ants will be wearing straw hats and farming honeydew on their farms
Ayame Nyaroiuki
i was watching the important videos playlist, how did i end up here
and why did u watch the whole video
Toastie Longshanks
His commentary was cringey
Imagine one of his siblings breaking the glass container. The ants attack him at first but then they all live as a happy family together ...dayum son. I didnt ANt-icipate that.
vagelis doulias
why did this suddenly pop up
Nathan Prundeanu
but then they joined! :)
Nathan Prundeanu
The Brown Empire had rose and rebelled against them
Nathan Prundeanu
Romanian Ants are like killers
Brian Jackson
Bug Spray?
Dimitris Zervakis
For critical role fans: ROLL INITIATIVE!
Junko XV
why the hell am I watching this? and why the fuck i'm liking this???
you should make 2 ant colonies in a joined terrarium but seperated in the middle by a pane of glass make sure they both have like 5 queens and are well astablished and make em fight
Holly Pfp
i never knew a guy on the internet could get me so hyped about pet ants
Klow Faughter43
Insert battlefield 1 trailer music
Chris Fishèrman
I came, I saw, I subbed.
Johanna Hernández
Hello I am new here, this was awesome, I also subscribed
KillerPanda 360
war....war never changes 🐜 🔫🐜
Bloody Shiro
Im new to this whole channel just randomly found it, this is pretty awesome makes me want to start my own colony :D
Muscle K The Wizard Of Uranus
this is like soviets vs nazis. except they are ants
Chez Muffin
Epic intro
oh yeah. make sure to subscribe
Kwstas Drakopoulos
You are a weirdo..
Craig Elliott
This was a random suggested video. I really enjoyed it. :)
Valynaz Valkynaz
though I personally am not a 100% fan of insects arachnids and such like that "blame aliens, facehuggers especially, and also a black widow that almost killed my friend."
Zoobu Mafu
Irma Silva
That war turned out to be quite ANTiclimactic
Derp Gaming
Wtf even is this chanel? XD My god this man is hilarious.
Abdullah` Ellis
The ants go marching one by one anybody?
The Friend of Ashix, Adam Nevada
my worst disliking of these videos is that i get these tingles on parts on my body, like a bug and then i have to check and it's scary
xxsavagevipersxx 1
omg imagine if the tube broke and they all escaped 😂😂
Patrick Gailor
OH no war of the ants
Daizjauun Phillips
I like insect behavior, but what your far to enthusiastic for what's going on.
adolfo Rodriguez
I really got scared I thought the golden empire was done for 😞😢
Golden Empire= Han Dynasty
New Threat= Mongols
sebastian diaz
what a relief they didn't kill each other
thedabbingfox Owo
OMG while watching this like im feeling the ants in my hands XD
iGoTtHEJuice sucka
I cant be the only one who thinks this shit is waaayyyy over produced
Giampaolo Mannucci
What the fuck dude, the video literally starts at 2:01
Cut all this sensationalist garbage out
Viva la Palpatine
This reminds me of when I used to injure ants by tearing off their legs and then burning them alive/spraying them with large amounts of bug spray. Good times.
o_ iPeanutButter _o
I got the feeling like things were crawling on me while watching this -~-
Did someone say dead ant?
That intro was a bit over dramatic
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