You KNOW you want to watch more LOGAN PAUL STUFF:
Squishy channel Veronica Girl
I knew all of these
Crystal Biesecker
I know all of this stuff !! 😂😂
Sienna Wall
It’s not ila it’s Ayla
Tamara Rezk
My god this is the most obvious stuff
Martin vuong
You stupid
only Logang4Llif3
I already know this
Venusauras Gaming
7:15... the end of the tweet, so kindly f*** off.
GonxaNator HD
This video is retarded if your follow logang just for a couple months you will now this
Charlee Davis
I knew most of those
Who is Logan Paul and why should I care?
Train to be a navy seal means nothing.
AlphaJetRay - Roblox & Minecraft
I'm Asian - American
Evan Stone
And Evan was pissed
Evan Stone
fat janine
Annie Alissa alley odonnell
Hi logan paul wud
Liliana Garcia
Why the heck is Peyton list is on here? It's annoying. She has nothing to do with Logan
Becky Hernandez
dude your stupid if you think that we are going to believe this you can tell that the thumbnail image is Photoshop
Nicole Wardle
Lol um it’s funny I knew al of these
Jeeanna Pierantoni
This vid was a wast of my time I new every fact
R6 Gawwwd
Michael fazio
These r things everyone knows....
more than half of those things were clearly understandable in Logan`s blog
l ol
I knew all of these facts anyway most of these are not even about logan paul
Its Randomly MINECRAFT
Dwarf mamba
Fluffy Is a savage
All of you not trying to be mean but really why do she have to show us we can see Logan Paul vlog and believe me he say everything 😒
Oliver Smith
Logans is better than Jake.
valerie rodriguez
so a few of the facts i could careless for and the rest i already knew lol
Imba Largo
I know who its evan i watched that vlog and all of them
Kevin Tieu
8:07 here you go guys, here’s the thumbnail.
ScaredByEagle Z
I already, knew all of these. If you guys didn't know this you're not true Logangsters or Jake Paulers.
Jeffrey Robinson
Johanas bartel lookes like Francis from Deadpool
Oh Jay
The one about Evan flying in a suitcase is fake. They even admitted it
Oh Jay
It is not Logangers it is LOGANGSTERS
Harley w J.h
Ur rude ur just jealously
angel the tøaster -_-
Logangers? 4:58 ... hunny we be logangsters
Lindsey Greco
4:58 "logangers" omg no😂
Tsukii_ StarLight
you said Ayla wrong
Vukasin Antovic
Kevin Conneely
Already knew everything
lexi love
Chloe and logan are not dating
Bianca Jacobs
OMG this video was posted on my birthday!!
lexi love
I watched logan paul vlogs every day even and logan didn't know she was married and nothing happend
Melanie Ayako Kiroki
I thought this was about Logan not people. In his circle. Y'all stay reaching😒.....
Fart Jars
I knew all of it... just saying
Jamie Jamie
I knew all of these
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