5 Most Common Myths About Space

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I bet many of you at one point dreamt about getting to outer space, witness meteors and asteroids passing by and find out what happens to a human inside a black hole. But in essence, most of our knowledge about the Universe is made up of random bits from Hollywood movies and science fiction books, which are often quite far from reality. We would try to dispel a few of these myths for you. So, these are six of most common myths about space.

Myth#6 Space is real and the moonlanding was real..
Welt Spende
Some Sound´s from there , out of Earth. Lone in the Dark ---- --- - -- -- -- - -
Antarctic Warrior
Space is water and the earth is more way more vast in size,
the globe was invented to hide 33 other landmasses and other civilizations....
Peace on the Plane,
PS: NASA are FOS....
maina muchiri
The earth is not round but is potato shaped? Wow! My head is no longer alone in the potato shape challenge.
Emmanuel James
Emmanuel James

this video is fake????
john jacob
how about flat earth?
Charlie Challita
if your wise. resurch flat earth and nasa fake photos
Emin Hodzic
Viking Finn
You people believe theories eh? IT's all nonsense. Modern Science is a cult that rivals L Ron Hubbard Lunacy Goofery. Nonsense.
Roca Gamer11
Next video:The sun is not a star its a lightbulb | proof its a lightbulb
mia kanata
Did you guys know going in the moon is fake because every video I each has no star!!!!I mean it it fake!!!!!okk!!!!bye!!!if you don't trust me see for your self
Augusto p.
the earth surface is regular then a bascket ball dude
vince Tobias
Earth is flat as a witches tit. !!!!
vince Tobias
Space is a myth,,, This is fukked up...
jorge aguilar
Loop 0:14 please
Deepanshu music
science is awesome
I am literally wearing my MIT shirt I got at the haystack observatory watching the science channel laughing because I'm sorry, but you messed up. The sun is not white, it's every color possibly made. The earth is still a sphere, it's only streached by 0.06% and the heat is caused by gasses not centrifugal force. That will only streach the planets equader
science is awesome
4:19 no it's bacicly every single photonic wavelength possible
science is awesome
3:08 no, same shape just barly strached only about 0.06% if you were smart like me and sat down and done the math
science is awesome
0:58 plz do a little more research. It's actually gasses in the atmosphere. The rotation only changed the centrifugal force
This is a very dumb.
Antonio Pall
Show me a few seconds of the earth spinning video from the countless satellites and i will be a believer. No, not one? A few seconds? Surely u can do that!
Don.L don luthor
would love to die in space )
''6'' ok.
Jihad Al-Quran
Mudasar Jawad
Interesting video
Chad Manning
Vsauce does a video explaining that the earth is actually very round and smooth. I would check them out before this mind numbing BS.
Peter Gibbons
There is no space. I hear someone reciting what they were told...
Spherical Earth Is like a comedy routine...
Senpai 666
Mercury is a gas planet too ;)
Thanks how come NASA puts out the pictures of a perfect spherical earth? Cause they are lying.
Sabeer V
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Speed of Code
0:24 Dude says "These are 6 myths," then proceeds to give 5 myths.
Fearhunter Siha
i have never heard mercury is the hottest planet...
except today...
maxi soulcaliber
space may be the final frontier but its made in a hollywood basement
bumper entertainment
space myths ... really awesome video
Unfolding Reality
If the Earth is one of those shapes you describe, why doesn't the satellite images of the earth reflect that?
Paul Farage
Nice video. If the Earth is shaped like a pair, why is google earth a globe?
Junior82 Love
Question how did Columbus discover what was already there he was navigating a globe or a flat surface.
Charley B
No, we usually mean https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dark_Side_of_the_Moon :D
Doc Holliday
Oppai A.
Technicalities. Wow, you really don't understand why it is called the 'dark side" of the moon. It has nothing to do with if it is lit by the sun or not.

The Earth is not in the shape of a pear or potato. It is an ellipsoid, meaning it is wider at the equator due to gravitational pull.and the N & S poles are not flat. If you have proof of the Earth being in the shape of potato or pear, please include it with your video.
PlayItAgain TubeSam
something real surprising not mentioned here, is the fact that GRAVITY is not equally spread around the globe. I mean , around the pear.
3:30 LMFAO
Prayag Sutar
I have one myth In space tere is no oxygen and sun has burning fire but fire requiers oxygen and that is not present is sun
Munazzah Munazzah
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Izayoi Higurashi
I always think .. the best way of dying is to fall in the space and die by natural causes ..
So you can see the Galaxy in its deepest form before you did :')
Jeremy Walker
you could've said the earth was more like an orange than a billiard ball. you'd have been wrong, but only a little bit. instead, you said the earth was more like a potato. idiot
Luis Zayas
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