Yoga Challenge

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Lesson of the day: don't do headstands around people that can't do headstands.  

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Emma Rose
when you laugh so hard youspit out your chips
Sage Cable
Jenna's hair😂😂 I love her sm
content not found
Did anyone else notice she had two ponytails on top of each other
i wanna go home
Emily Gigler
“Arch your back like a swan”
Gets bloody nose
Asks to fix messed up ponytail
And this is why we love Jenna😂❤️
Hi Hi
I feel bad for laughing at 9:23
Виктория Копысова
klass vidio
Greta Schneider
This is the shit that I signed up for. Nothing makes me feel more single then this fucking couple goals video
Charlotte Sloan
watch in 0.25 speed at 9:21
Charlotte Sloan
I died at 8:00
Psycho Rage child
who else hears cracking 9:22
2:15 the way they laugh tho😂😂
pause it at 9:22
Lemon Zest
I love how Julien's shirt says DAD AF
2017 my babes. Also!! #dinkdink #dink #dinkfam
Alexandria Burson
9:20 watch her head, I cringed so much
Ashley Johnson
I laughed so hard when she picked up peach😂😂😂
Shane TheCutest
They literally killed every pose
Ellie Pearson
4:43 the luck you give your sibling before you fuck them up
Savage Potatoes
Like 50% of the comments are saying “oh mah gawsh relationship goals” 40% saying how jenna is the best because she didnt name the video “ injury!! Broken nose?? *not clickbait* almost had to call an ambulance!” And 10% just like this comment! Glad to join the club
Literally the cutest thing, I love that you trust each other enough to do that together!! Seeing you guys together makes me so happy for you!
Lissa Beem
Why did I watch julien fall on Jenna like 100 times and die laughing 😂 every time . I started to study it and when julien fell on Jenna he laughed for a strait.02 seconds and then his face of concern 😂
sharon weber
I’m watching this in 2017 and like.... JULIANS HAIR
Christina Dockstader
"Straight vag" was what my last girlfriend called her vagina. The problem was I called mine "gay vag"
Maley Kadel
"I feel so bad right now"
*turns head*

awe I love julien😍😘
Rachel Bazilian
Why did it sound like a bowling ball hitting a well done 50 lb steak
Isabella Audsley
"You just have to 69 me in the air" -jenna2K17
Sarah Christine
“You gotta like, 69 me. In the air”
Rylee Ressler
I legit thought Julien broke Jenna back
This months hamster
Even after watching this like a hundred times it still gives me anxiety like bE CAREFUL
ૐGinger ૐ
When u keep watching him squish her head it literally looks like it’s about to pop
Alyssa Goodel
Aw! You can tell that Julien feels really bad...what a sweetheart!
Nichole Unkefer
Jenna looks like a lesbian in this video
Taylor Motley
Jenna and Julien, I absolutely love y'all.
I always watch these old videos to try and not feel like crap during depression spirals (or episodes as they are typically called), or when my mom and her boyfriend fight. You guys are some of my inspiration for healthy relationships.
Amanda Chandler
I have never laughed so hard 😂
Racheal Camacho
Jenna:mmmm pizza me: yyyyyyyaaaaaaaassssssss quuuueeeennnn !!!!!!!!!!!
Ella-grace Allan
From 2.18 dont look at the screen, just listen.
Elis Garcia
"Oh hello' hahahahhaaaq
Wait this isnt age restricted? 😂😂
Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen
9:20 it sounds more like her back breaks
Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen
10:20 cermet
Johanna Henriikka
lmao the dogs are so confused 1:28
Feel so bad that Jenna got so hurt for a YouTube video...
Faith Ann Sizemore
I died when he said I'll hand your feet to your legs.
best yoga challenge ever
Phandom Trash
I get really bad anxiety every time I watch this video.
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