Hyundai “Shackleton's Return”- Main film


A hundred years after Sir Ernest Shackleton's Endurance Expedition, Patrick Bergel, the great-grandson of Shackleton, along with Hyundai, takes on Shackleton’s unfinished dream.
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mobytrice 666
I love my hyundai accent. forever sold on these vehicles
so you bought a vehicle to a pristine environment for an advertisement...
ahmed sal
Elizabeth Marriott
So beautiful! I am crying
Igual pra você!
Simplesmente fantástico!!!
SantaFe independent suspensions is not heavyduty like The Real Axle...
Sudheesh Suresh
wow fab....😊
Seon-dae Kim
광고 하나는 기가 막히게 찍어내네... 인정한다.
현대.....니들이 꿈과 명예를 애기 하니...참 어이없다. 외국에서만 애기 해라...국내에서는 니들은 그냥 돈 많은 양아치다..자국민의 애정으로 큰 기업이 돈 벌었다고 이제는 자국민을 무시하는 행태는 대기업이란 단어가 어울리지 않는다.
MakakMayum Javed
superb car
Kory Foster
Nice add. To bad it wasn't a Ford
So this is the Shackleton.
I first heard about this in white collar, where Neal tried forging the Shackleton liquor.
But any who, what a journey
Konstantinos Papakonstantinou
2:23 all that shits and it not have a fucking diferencian lock!!! boy that japanese cars really really suck hard
Ch Vo
Best video I had ever watched
cuci rumah
as usual.. the comment made my day.
Good production
Khalid Mostafa
It is brilliant, touching and emotional. Very important for this moron generation coz these moron generation only know how to be a jackass in internet. They don't know about their ancestor, their root. I loved it.
Carlos Cedeño
esta empresa esta haciendo cosas grandes señores toyota esta empezando a sentir el efecto domino junto con otras marcas
Anuj Dadwal
quick quicky
This car emotional and loving but that car is really ugly... :(
Jasvir Hans
parts walo bht weak aa gadaian
Bradley Alsup
This is by Sam Kolder right?
polluting artic for this companies greed
맞어 현대차 세계일주 가능해 😊
What's that have to do with the 🚗
Sagar Naik
when your product sucks but ad rocks !!
Peter Chau
It's been a long time since I've seen such emotional and meaningful​ ad, to the descendants of Shackleton Brothers, film crews and Kia ... brilliant job !
Veera Rajendran
100 million
Khurshid Marwat
So heart warming
Ivan Bogdanovic
Hyundai, great job!
Manu Kashyap
which car is that ???
Sagar Sharma
Liked this video .....heart touching ♥️👐
Alex Kostenyuk
Great video but will stay away from Kia Hyundai cheap quality .
Harsimran Singh
there is no greater journey then the pursuit of a dream... truly said
Mr. Chandler
I concur with that assessment this was a very inspirational ad even if the brand was Hyundai, I take from it knowing you truly are makes every Adventure worthwhile.
gtr BMW
How the engine worked in the morning
cline jansen
I got new respect for Hyundai
Samidh Barman
Deepak Sharma
which model name
Katyas AniWell
NO ONE goes to the poles without security clearance! I don't know where on the Antarctic Continent this was filmed, but No One goes across the poles! Navigation doesn't work at the zero point of Earth torsion field/ spinning axis. There might even be a big hole in the Earth crust. google: Admiral Bird! THE POLES ARE OFF LIMITS TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC!
Minty Moo
"MANKINDS GREATEST ACHEIVMENT 2017? "-Gender confusion" Must be the drinking water- men these days are pussies.
Charlex Barrison
Korean are too weak in terms of technology to conquer the South Pole. Only Toyota could do it.
Best regards from Poland to Japanese cutting edge technology (Panasonic and Toyota), not Korean technological crooks (dislike patent stealer samsung and Kia - power to surprise, when there is a malfunction ; )
mad-dog one
it is 4WD santa fe???
Does this thing have low-range 4wd?
Jackson kavanagh
Am I the only one that just loves the car?
왜 이거 눈물이 나지.
영국 할배들 멋있으심.
ali nemer
I'm sorry for the comment
It's my dream car
But in Palestine it is difficult to dream
and I attend a wedding party on 7/7/2017
You are invited to attend a wedding party in Palestine
thx hyundai
crocop mirco
디프락 세팅도 않한거같은데 흠... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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