Hyundai “Shackleton's Return”- Main film


A hundred years after Sir Ernest Shackleton's Endurance Expedition, Patrick Bergel, the great-grandson of Shackleton, along with Hyundai, takes on Shackleton’s unfinished dream.
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Stephen Cross
Yeah fuck you planet earth, we can pollute anywhere!
abdo kayali
عن تجربه ... تحيا هيونداي ... تطور وعمليّه وسعر اقتصادي...
Copa Rugby
Frank Wild was my grandmother's uncle. Great guy.
laskdj alsdj
Roberto Rodrigues
Um carrinho desse para atravessar a Antártica, tá de brincadeira né!
ArAzZ Азербайджане
Hyundai one family.
Jonathan Ellis
Lmao shoulda bought a hyundai👍
Hariharasudhan sukumaran
nice add
thuytiennammit mitcute
풀영상은 없는건가요?
Awesome film
Alex Weiss
i want one of those off road kits!
خالد الخالدي
Hyundai need to real suv and pickup
Kim youngchan
This story is real?
my father have hyundai tucson with full compliktation and he say this car best in the world!!
Davied Lopulalan
Good one ! 😎👍
Hyundai is using family's sad but inspiring story to promote their launch. What a prideless marketing strategy it is. The worst part though-ppl seem to actually fall for it. The kind of world we live in these days. Sad, very sad.
Ryan Rigusa
cool 😘😘
sandeepkumar maddu
awesome job and video why 1k dislikes ???
Baidu Mel
How many miles per gallon does that SUV get? there must be a gas station every 200 miles. or a 65-gallon drum of fuel drops off by helicopter.
adhi yamini
price of car?????
Gaurav Meena
awesome film.....
king lehar
something wentwrong
the great ad. from the great company although the new i30 looks like exactly same fiat egea;)
yadav sanju
there are no gas stations?! but how did he go all the way with just one time fueling
mobytrice 666
I love my hyundai accent. forever sold on these vehicles
so you bought a vehicle to a pristine environment for an advertisement...
ahmed sal
Elizabeth Marriott
So beautiful! I am crying
Igual pra você!
Simplesmente fantástico!!!
SantaFe independent suspensions is not heavyduty like The Real Axle...
Sudheesh Suresh
wow fab....😊
Seon-dae Kim
광고 하나는 기가 막히게 찍어내네... 인정한다.
현대.....니들이 꿈과 명예를 애기 하니...참 어이없다. 외국에서만 애기 해라...국내에서는 니들은 그냥 돈 많은 양아치다..자국민의 애정으로 큰 기업이 돈 벌었다고 이제는 자국민을 무시하는 행태는 대기업이란 단어가 어울리지 않는다.
MakakMayum Javed
superb car
Kory Foster
Nice add. To bad it wasn't a Ford
So this is the Shackleton.
I first heard about this in white collar, where Neal tried forging the Shackleton liquor.
But any who, what a journey
Konstantinos Papakonstantinou
2:23 all that shits and it not have a fucking diferencian lock!!! boy that japanese cars really really suck hard
Ch Vo
Best video I had ever watched
cuci rumah
as usual.. the comment made my day.
Good production
Khalid Mostafa
It is brilliant, touching and emotional. Very important for this moron generation coz these moron generation only know how to be a jackass in internet. They don't know about their ancestor, their root. I loved it.
Carlos Cedeño
esta empresa esta haciendo cosas grandes señores toyota esta empezando a sentir el efecto domino junto con otras marcas
Anuj Dadwal
quick quicky
This car emotional and loving but that car is really ugly... :(
Jasvir singh
parts walo bht weak aa gadaian
Bradley Alsup
This is by Sam Kolder right?
Vishnu Suresh
polluting artic for this companies greed
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