SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Doll!

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Bowser Junior gets a new doll!

0:30 savage
Enrique Perez
No one just embarrassing my enemies
Josiah Gant
God is that you why did you take my mother from me😭😭😭
Jennifer Moore
5:11 nah its just me niger got your ass three times
im 22 and i cant stop watching these ridiculous videos
Calo Drine
Where the Meme Started. 2:08
Bowser: Omg it’s Charlie! Chef Pee Pee: nah it’s just me nigga
Joshua Cruz
I'll do it on Kim jong un

like if you agree
youtube rulez
My ass
bayblade bro
Nah it's just me nigga lol!!!!!!!
bayblade bro
I'm your father
bayblade bro
I'm am your fater
Sandra Rosas
A ax
Trang Le
I will torture my brother and take it to hell hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah when that happen i will be very happy 😊 but i feel bad for my brother
Trang Le
You are a big fat snitch junior
Cameron the savage
NAH, ITS JUST ME NIGGA πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ!
holly galiana
Josephs mom
Arlene Garcia
can you this video bowser junior get a new puppet of him please and I watch your video somany freaking times please reply to me back please
Matthew roblox vlogs and more
if Voodoo doll I would torture jah'mari this kid at my school I would torture him by punching him in the balls and stabbing him in the balls
Lesley Krieger
Shoot it in the head
Rammy Aly
0:40 if cats had nipples
omar and Orlando lit brothers
Asasssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasaa. Aaaasasasasasas$$$$$$$$$
MoJo JoJo
Gary Modlesky
G I M M E D A T S W I S S Also, I wouldn't torture anybody. I'd just fu- I mean play with it. ;)
The Gamer Savage
Sex WIth Voodo Doll https
Genessa Pak
If i had a voodoo doll I'd torture jack fail. Aka jack dail.
A.Nonny Mouse
Hey junior, it's me, your mom!
Takes off mask nah, it's just me ni***!!!
0:31 Died...
super chip logan
I wold torture my friends because they are mean
logan terry
if i had a voodo doll i would use it on my brother ryan his a jerk
andy chan
This was made September 11, 2017 πŸ˜‚ 9/11
Naimah Camara
I would torture my old daddy
Umar Tufail
2:08 nah it’s just me nigga
Ron Kellogg
My sister
Sabrina Woods
Child Abuews
Jack Killick
RJ Johnson
chef pee pee is savage
3:12 mmmm watcha say
1:20 lol savage junior
Wesley Kincaid
I would have the voodoo of SML so I can definitely get that free video game :)
lps akward_turtle Gameing
this video was so cute and funny lol
supermario master
Nah it's me niga
Christian Iracheta
Cody of course he's fucking gay
Santiago Gutierrez
Santiago Gutierrez
7:06 7:07
Santiago Gutierrez
Hi guys I'm going back with a friend and I'll come out and see if you
MisterE's Adventures
My ass hole sister
Michele Wood
Cody is a nigga he is a nerd his big ass glasses
Michele Wood
Why do junior lie so much
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