T5 Bullet Club
did you guys see TJP close his ears when Neville's pyro went off πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
0:09 tjp covering his ears and he jumped out of his boots tonight when his pyro hit
Mezz Ager
I support tj Perkins forever but, I hate neville
Andy Vergaray LiΓ±an
Me parece o TJ Perkins le tiene miedo a los juegos artificiales?
Epic Γ‰pique Productions
Jack just became one of Eva Marie's friends when he did that dab
Joshua Coles
Is it just me or does anyone else think tjp's face looks like the young shane o mac ?
charlie forrester
You know what happens when you dab jack don't you...YOU JUST MADE THE LIST
Donald Dita
i like the heel TJP better, i don't care about the crowd!
that dab should result as dq. Weapons arent allowed.
ZendersGamer ftw
In fantasy: good people always wins. In reality:bad people always wins
MrCatFun 21
Raw not selling anything mostly roman reign
Julio rodriguez
TJP Heel is awesome
Super boii
I feel like TJ Perkins is better as a heel but that's my opinion
angle loves
Idiocy when J.G. stays with legs up, it would be sufficient to shake the ropes to make it fall down XD but all are supposed to be so dull, WWE logic XD 1 word: PLEASE (@_@)
Michael L
Jack is back! Yea baby yea!
Tyler 1
Tj Perkins vs a shorter 10 years younger sheamus
Chris J mrbritishempire2015
Jack Gallagher is excellent.
TJP is missing something though, he just doesn't have momentum as a heel or a face....not sure what they can do but he needs something else
Ahmad Galal
I like Gallagher's headbutts. The noise it makes is louder than a super kick
Chris Li Loia
I never liked Gallagher until this match... he ACTUALLY is kinda fun to watch lol
Music For Cars
ron broadwell
So fake lol
The Undertaker kid
OOOOO Jack with the Dab
Junfeng Chen
Why white kids don't play WWE
The Bastard Police
TJ Perkins starting to remind me of Billy Kidman after he left Paul London
If he gonna play as a heel now he needs to get his theme music changed from that generic ringtone πŸ˜•
Elizabeth Rivera
tj Perkins now it's with Neville one simply reason betrayed him and took his cruiserweight championship
Meow OG
TJP your new douchebag
Conor Sothby
Tj throwing Gallaghers umbrella #heelmove
Leg End
Bring back Rey mysterio and the cruiser weight division will be a lot better
Proloy Deb
I just love this guy "Jack"!
"I'm going to go eat this banana, replenish my potassium levels."

-Austin Aries
Tavian Kelly
I don't get why they treat Gallagher like that he comes to the cruiserweight division only to lose his matches. what's up with that give Jack a good push.
who gets more pop, The cruiserweighs or Mickie james.
Nick Jethwani
I like TJ Perkins more than Austin Aries!
Robert Griffiths
Alexander G
Perkins is a cheater.
Robert White
2:24 get rekt austin airies!!!!!!!!
maya meade
SPECIALER!?!??? I hope austin Aries is better at wrestling than grammar πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
I want to see Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher vs Neville and TJ Perkins
Alex Figureoa
Tj heel?
LMAO TJP covering his ears before Neville's pyro!
Wayne Trought
dabbing in the wwe needs to stop
Eric Waltner
Super Vegeta
you cAnt lie about the cruise weights skill and agility
Super Vegeta
what is the announcers name she fine asf
Perkins as Neville's sidekick is a WONDERFUL idea
Nightcore Gaming
1:04 That Dab Tho
eyeshield 21
3 victory in a row for TJP nice
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