North Korea: We will go to war with US if they choose

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Greg Palkot reports from Pyongyang

TribbleThe Samurai
I hope we do go to war. We deserve it I'm shocked China hasn't fucked us yet
Maria Baria
Nuke America so the world can be free
Bring it on, shit bring the draft back and get me in.
Caitlin Buick
America can destroy the world at least one or two times good luck! But they only need to worry if Russia or China divides to help North Korea cause they r stony then America will need to worry.
Well that's all the white people fault for voting trump. I'm not being racist but there was maybe a 5% of black people and 95% white people.
Ray Clark
Im your Huckleberry!!! That's just my game..... Say When!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ray Clark
Sanctions will never work on these dumbasses. I say we need to show them by force.
Ray Clark
Go right ahead North Korea. Go ahead and push that red button and watch what happens!!! We the United States will spank that ass!!!!
Adam Smith
I only really want the U.S. to go to war with North Korea so South Korea can claim all of Korea.

But it would be a terrible choice to nuke North Korea, because there are a lot of people there in NK don't want to be there. They want to leave, and it wouldn't be right to nuke innocent people that don't even like their country. Remember, they're not allowed to leave unless authorized.
Phil Keyouz
The north korea artillery is able to deliver a quarter million rounds per day, has said your chef military at senate earing... It's a lot indeed
Trump: Let's build a better relationship with each other so we can have a better, safer future! We can help eachother out and make both of our nations prosperous, support each other in times of need, and -

Kim Jong Un: Fuck off.
Hayden and Wyatt
Nobody's looking at the middle reason if we got war we're losing part of our country because it would be a nuclear war they would send bombs and we would send bombs it would go back and forth till one of our country's are gone and we would lose part of our country also so would they might even lose there whole country we might not even send bombs since we have Americans there being held captive we might just send troops from sk to nk but that's also risking a allied force which Trump would be fired because of.
North Korea declares war

Nuke hits Pyongyang

North Korea: "WE GIVE UP!"
jejedodo jejedodo
North Korea go on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aldo Mina
do they even think many people will die
Jazleen Podraza
Lunatic Panda
God his pronunciation of Korean names is cringy.
Whats sad is that people think N. KOREA just gonna roll over. Remember Iraq war. The world was told that would only take months to accomplish! This took years and still going on. Bottom line, many countries are tired of being told what to do by the U.S. on how to run their countries. Remember the saying "New sheriff in town?!" Many countries want to be that new sheriff! Common Sense that Allies can quickly turn their back on you! BEEEWAAARRRRREEEE!!!!
what is north korea doing that merits the U.S.A TO ATTACK north korea??? Leave them the hell alone. Just force China to not do trade with them. Going to war with Nk DOES NOTHING to benefit us. Let JAPAN, CHINA, AND the rest of the countries of the region deal with their asses.
Tyb_God 935
North koreas outdated shit cant do anything against USA and all its allies
Asap Pocket
What's the fucking suka blyad? Какого хуя наше правительство поддерживает этих уебанов? Просто поддерживают ебаных диктаторов. КНДР угрожает всему миру. Их нужно ставить на место.
English Boy
This is so funny. It reminds me of an old Get Smart episode where the Native Americans had a large bow and arrow with a nuclear arrow that they were trying to launch at the US. This is just as ridiculous. NK are dumb mother fuckers, and they don't know how to make an effective bomb. ha ha
English Boy
Kim? Isn't that a girl's name? Anyway, he said that if the US does ONE more thing to provoke him, then he will launch a war against us. He's full of shit! Trump called him on it, and he isn't going to do shit about it. Why? Because HE CAN NOT DO ANYTHING TO THE US! He's obviously had his A-hole ripped before. I mean, just look at that mug he calls a face! IT IS SCARY AS HELL! LOL
on point commentary
Once again, the US is the aggressor.
The everything Channel
Atleast North korea kills its own people.. US kills everyone else...and keep invading every country which don't follow it...
Paul Steed
fuck those fucking fucks
Let the General speak Korean, so the Korean audience can translate it properly. That crap won't fly anymore MSM.
Sabrina Ozuna
USA motha fuckers! USA!!!!
fuck north kohoe!!!
Caesar Williams
North Korea has no ability to project its forces from the areas directly around the Korean peninsula - North Korea has almost no cargo aircraft, no mid-air refueling capabilities, extremely limited amounts of cargo shipping and no experience in deploying large numbers of troops outside of their borders since the Korean War. Simply put, they can’t get here.
Scott Montgomery
They will "smash our heads" & "blow us up"
Steven Wolf
I am in full support of President Trump. If North Korea does not surrender it's nuclear arsenal then blow it to hell US. War breaks out between us then so be it. I will be honored to join the military in fighting the communist Korean's. I hear China and Russia are sending wars ships to the area. Guess we'll have to fight them as well.
richie s
War pigs
Corey Smith
Blow up North Korea and make it a big landfill for china
Srdjan Gajinov
Joseph17884 Lopez
fake news
King Smith
How could China go on front line to help America yet China products are feck
Obama bin laden
can handle ISIS and you think us can take n Korea. yeah fucking right. let me tell ya they have all the right to have nuclear power who the fuxk are you ? tell ya what America can kill them all but they can kill more Americans than they can do to population so fuck you thinking America is the greatest Nation. we are not in 1945. I'd be the first in America to defend them myself lil bitches
Martin Stu
i hope they blast each other from the face of the earth. 2 shithole countries with shit people.
fuck USA nosey fucks
Craig Ginsberg
The brookings institute, a global imperialist think tank detailed in their publication "on the
path to Persia" how they would let North Korea and Iran build
nukes so they can erect a new bogey man and have the pretext they
need to go over there and make them bend the knee to the global
imperialist one world corporation fascist police state and accept
permanent debt slavery to our same owners from the internationalist
banking houses who issue our unconstitutional debt units they call
great we will bombed because of twitter beef
Marco Marco
the north Korean people are nothing but slaves. doing everything master tells them to. fucking idiots.
North Korea can't wait to shoot down those american F-86 Sabres again.
new speed
People need to quit talking about what their going to do and just do it, they should have dealt with north Korea,s president the Ronald Reagan way! Not tweeted a word about it!
Назар Кружилин
very funny when the US destroyed the world, called the axis of evil North Korea,which has not initiated a single war
They had a fucking parade and everything and their missile blew up on them. Fucking incredible. You can't even satirize or make fun of that, they are their own joke!
Clever Chidarikire
i can only see North Korea going after US allies and bases in the region that is South Korea and Japan. They are able to land a nuclear warhead in these areas which can cause massive destruction or remove Japan and South Korea on the map. US must be careful how they handle the situation.
Wesley Townsend
As of matter of fact i just hacked into north Koreas internet its so fucken sad lmao
Wesley Townsend
My grandfather slaped these monkey's around in 1950 its 2017 and im a marine i am ready to finish killing these delusional mother fuckers and little fat kims dad was born in a run down hospital lmao hes no god btw hes just some ugly fat gook monkey thats burning in hell
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