What kind of theme should we do in our upcoming videos? What do you want to see?
Brian Kelly
6:08 biggest fire truck ever for such a big fire. Woah. That would've been one hell of a job to do.
Fyre }-{ell'sfoot
2:57 Ghost Rider 3 Revenge of the BMW

bull: fuck u bike >:(
bike: what i do :(
Loureen Teodosio
On 1:35 I thought that it will hit me
Edney Helenedossantos
Whats the name of the song at
end of the video
bae: honey wanna come over
me: sry i can only drive backwards
bae: my parents are out
me: 0:38
Charles Perry
Rip tv
Isaaic Te
2:00 there is now person said they got hit in the head from phone that came from the sky
Jack Mason
*looking at Ferrari and Lamborghini "Doesn't look to bad". *worth over hundreds of thousands in repairs.
2:10 she’s so annoying holy shit
AlexBunny Gaming
1:11 had me dead xD
Somethins tell me, i will not be able to ride that home! I was laughing my ass off! :D
Phillip Grock
2:02 pilot's face "what the hell you just did?"
I hate when people just laugh like "it's ok my daddy will buy me another one"
carlo dreon
2.00 I diedπŸ˜‚
4chans K
2:34 rice rice rice
The one at 1:20 was repairable as it seems as the video is here.
Tango Sierra Bravo
5:10 the most expensive fail is that! =O
Debby Scott
The amount dumbness in this video is over 9000!
Sebas Alink
2:17 best guard dog ever xD
Luilui ortiz
Who else got that stupid flipagram add so I thought flipagram was about sharing your story not watching desperate girls bellydance
Daniel Cann Music
1:37 made me jump lol
rwe ewr
1:33 why do i always flinch
Swag Android
Nrafiqah _
6:14 did i just saw a rainbow?
scales lizard1
I'm less worried about the cost and more worried if everyone is okay
Jaxon Oax
The truck driver is an idiot in the last clip. Do you even have eyes?
Was that one woman climaxing to a bull wrecking her whatever the fuck that was at 2:10
James P
0:42 Honeyyyyyy I'm home
1:03 just some swedish bullshit in gothenburg (i live there)
XIshYaBoiMaddieX YT
Did anyone notice at 6:16 A RAINBOW FORMED AT THE RIGHT CORNER🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
Pokemon Master8
3:01 ghost rider lol
PC Gamer20
feel sorry for those people !!!
gfnerd ッ
5:18. Lol somebody needs a new job D...At that vid to 'personal skills' in your portfolio
Daniel Perrea
1:35, did anyone else flinch?
Bird Kiwi
Yo...the ring tho...i feel sad for him
Wtf is that rover doing
Donald Hoffman
Tata ce platiti sve
That bull had a vendetta against that bikeπŸ˜‚
Oreo Lion

Well shit Brenda we know suburbia is exciting but the bake sale doesn't start until 5. You have time to get Tommy ready for soccer paractice.
KuranziMC Playz
5:20 well when life brings you down
Asap Monkey
6:25 who skydives with their phone in their pocketπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Angry Tom
So much stupid going on here.
Rodrigo Blanquet
Lmao at the range Rover what the hell was he trying to do try making parking look cool
Toasty Doggo
I feel bad for these people
5:37 when i lose playing clash royale
0:38. Why in the fu*k
1:43 Those trees were worth 100'000 dollarsπŸ˜‚
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