Roger Federer - Immortality of God (HD)

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Song : Jai Wolf - Indian Summer ❤️
Shabbir Jamnagarwala
To the owner of the video, what fuckall music is put on such a beautiful video.
Antonio Schiera
I love the final part editing. Great video.
Pasquale Delli Carpini
Great vid. More roger tributes please..! :)
Annanya Johari
What's the song when he hits that backhand winner against Nadal at Miami?
Robert Manjon Pancorbo
my friend, awesome video.
Marcos Villavicencio
Dude you forgot to include images of Federer's victories over Rafa in the French Open. In fact, you forgot to put any single image on clay.
Carolyn Campbell
fed is thee man,best player ever ever ever.
Luiz Felipe
guys, the first song is Two Steps from Hell - 1000 ships of the underworld
This is a perfect example of how a video on some tennis player can be ten times more emotional than any classic movie and by some player i mean my hero , Roger Federer - the greatest ever.
machecavolo 91
Excellent work. It's always a pleasure to see your videos. #bel18ved
Mine` Fonua
Loved every second of this video, thank you.
pieck panikabutr
Micky Sandoval
Este video merece millones de vistas
Roger That
Just like we give thanks for having Roger Federer we give thanks to you YouTubers making theses wonderful videos of the majestic RF which get better and betterer. Fantastic!! Love it, man!
Fantastic video. Well edited and strung together. Bravo!
George Ghareeb
Great Video !
What's the name of the fist music ?
kevin yung
Adi Goel
The best RF video I've seen till date .
Great edit, always appreciate the 60fps.
Vigneshwaran N.
Wow. Awesome man!
Nichols Robb
Good job on the edit man!
Andy Andreev
very well done on the video, great editing, great music just a great video
Nice video -- One improvement would be to NOT play music when points are played. It will give more emphasis on the importance of the point. Good job nonetheless
Moon Seeker
Frauderer is a piece of shit
Ann C
What a beautiful video! We are so blessed to be a part of the era of this man's genius!!!! The day he retires, the sport will lose its diamond. Tennis won't be the same again, ever. Roger Federer, forever and always! We bel18ved, he ach18ved!!!!
Karan Vekaria
Yet another master piece, your editing skills are so professional. Loved the way you kept Federer serving at the background and showed the AO loss to Nadal. Great work bud, keep it up.
Markus Thorssell
Wonderfoul video, I love it! Thanks Mate!
Jeremy Varghese
Really good video...
Another great video. Just wondering what happened to your video "federer GOAT confirmed"
Marcio Tavares
Amazing video. Well done!
Rohan Kulkarni
song name please
I love his raw emotion whether its happiness, anger, frustration all of it. its kinda cool to see that. I just watched the Fed vs kyrgios miami last night and I love his reaction when he was so frustrated in the first set.very rare to see that.. :)
Masterpiece, both Roger and the editing
focking awesome tribute...he is The Great One in tennis. There is only ONE.
Sebastian Maskivker
This is a masterpiece. Well done man!! This is the resume of the God of Tennis.
ThrassosRF Anagno
The best ever without a shadow of a doubt!!!! Yet another sublime video!!
Bastien Lacôte
Song at the beginning please ?
change the title it"s inappropriate
Titou 1er
6 minutes of pure greatness and positivity
These highlight video names are becoming increasingly exalting.

Soon we'll see "Roger Federer - Indian Wells 2017 - God the Father, Messiah, and Divinity of Christ, all knowing and ever powerful (HD)"
What is the song you used in this video?
Fed RF Maestro
Lovely piece of tribute :D
Sports Channel
How Do You Get This Footage In This Legandary Quality ! Can You Please Tell Me ?
minhaj ahmed
why am i crying???? Just thanking god to let my live in the era same as that of roger federer (G.O.A.T)
Fantastic tribute!
Ferguson Roger
When Federer retires it will be the saddest day in tennis history, the sport will literally die!
Langalakhe Yeni
It's just tennis. Keep God out of it!
Abraham Sevilla
Su Majestad RF
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