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Found some interesting stuff metal detecting along the river. You just never know what's gonna pop out next!

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unseen panther
that thing you said what the is that well its bullet from civil war
Joshua Smith
hay guys whats up
timothy foleyjr
JD, I really like your presentation. Your 5 years of ''Stash'' is impressive, to say the least. The coin collection was sold to buy my Mustang (2006 KR). I'm 68 yrs old and need to get out and get a workout. This is coin collecting is at it's basic form. You need to get a back pack / water bladder. Clean your coins and stay hydrated. Happy Hunting ! Did you see the story about the kids who dug up the Ferrari The ''Prancing Pony''.
is that oil or gas washed up on that beach?
the shiny stuff in the sand?
Mel Bishop
Its a bullet
Adele Beaumont
It's a hammer.
Adele Beaumont
It's probably a bullet
They knew how to build a penny back then.
i liked this.. plzlook my chnnl...
Daniel OShea
so you found $0.03 I guess I missed the part where you find "treasure"
Cho Chang
If I ever metal hunted I would always bring a pail of water to clean up anything I find
wilma hurley
what is that thing called in your hand ?
the ofka
lip stik
EmptyForVase Gaming
That looks like a filintlock hammer
good video enjoyed watching
Jacob Phillips
Look how shiny this old penny is as I rub it with my sand covered gloves
John Hart
I think that piece of glass bottle might have been from a Diet Rite cola not Diet Sprite.
Killuminati Studios
4:38 Oh a Penny!
JD's Variety Channel
Hey everyone! For those who didn't notice. I don't run pre-roll or overlay ads on ANY of my videos for your viewing pleasure. Because of this, my sponsors are very special to me. If you are in the market for a new or used metal detector, I currently have a relationship with KellyCo. Mentioning "JDVARIETY" will guarantee you a discount while placing your order. You can see the video description for full details. I have personally made a pledge to buy all my metal detectors from KellyCo, as they have treated me right. And all the feedback I have received from my subscribers who have used my code has been extremely positive. My Minelab E-Trac was the first detector I purchased from them. And that was 5 years ago, before I even started posting on YouTube! If you have any questions about which metal detector and/or gear is right for you to get started or upgrade. You can reach out to me directly via email: jdsvarietychannel@gmail.com. Or connect with me on social media. (links in description)
I have a vast knowledge of metal detectors and have been educating my viewers for years.
Troy McPhail
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation that is what that was JD
stinkin lincon
At 1.12 looks like a "cap" for a trailer or such........ Wheel bearing race. ?
Do you have your sensitivity up all the way all of the time?
Video Diva13
Happy New Year JD.
cool vid! happy new year!
Bharley57 west
Happy new year
Happy New Year Jon!
Awesome , just some amazing finds , absolutely just what the title says ...RIVER TREASURE ... those were some definitely old pennies , those years are hard to find. what do you value that antique gun hammer at ?you are definitely a professional detectorist .. keep up the awesome finds, love the vid. the best one yet !!
Patrick McCrady
Those Nixon pennies add up.
Joseph Wright
Since you found the lotion I have to say it....It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again. Do it JD. Do.It. :)
nicky lup
basically it's all junk
nicky lup
how much did you find so far about $0.35 you can open up a business with that..lol
Todd E Walnuts
Another fun watch, thanks for sharing. Congrats on over 40k subscribers, and have a safe and Happy New Year.
You got lots of signals, about how many do you get a day
king klad
Thanks for the videos, love 'em!
Happy New Year to you too JD
Groming Nilla
what do you know of a 1901 Indian head penny?
gold digging Dylan
hope you have a very happy New year jd be safe you are my favourite youtuber no lies best wishes Dylan
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Gary Renko
Happy new year JD! Hope 2017 brings you great adventures and lots of silver! Heading out in the morning for my traditional first hunt of the year on new years day! Keep digging!
Kirk Strauchler
First comment! Love your stuff JD. Keep it coming, and have a GREAT 2017!
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