'All I Want for Christmas' Carpool Karaoke

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James caps off 2016 with a Christmas edition of Carpool Karaoke featuring Mariah Carey, Adele, Lady Gaga and other guests throughout the year to sing Mariah's classic "All I Want for Christmas Is You."

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Juan Castillo
Everyone looked so happy and to be enjoying the song but to Mariah was a normal ride
이런거 넘 좋아♥
Zane hughes
Cover ur chest no one wants to see that
Joey Whittaker
Sarah Styles
waiting for ariana grande or little mix kaporal karaoke
Mc fan robin hood
OMG Demi stfu ....you cant sing for shit . Mariah the QUEEN FOREVER AND ALWAYS !
Jgizzy -redacted-
It's sad she lost her voice, this is the reason for the montage - to keep the spotlight off her voice. She was one of the best ever while it lasted, she had a good run.
this made my day
Lion King
I am so fucking ready for Christmas
Pulu A
how did u make that happen 😕😕😕💜👀
Emigdio Montoya
Robert Lukac
the Offspring guys really look like fun buch of people to party with. However as I don't really know any of their songs, it gives me even less chance of that kind of party lol
My favorite video!!!
Kevin Ortiz
whenever I hear this music. I'm getting goosebumps. This is so good.
Anderson Lima
waiting for florence welch and shwan mendes carpool karaoke
Zach Kuhn
Give Adele that part god damit
Monkeyguy 654321
Who else is watching this in july
pinkkipieru - hello stranger
Makes me happu
Let me Eat cake
say what you want about Mariah Carey , but she's got a hell of a rack
daniel leong
Ambet Fernandez
OMG demi lovato singing a mariah carey song i know that mariaj carey is mad to demi
Denysia Yu
Can James Corden do better this year? ;)
okay but Adele is the best singer, hands down. :D <3
I'm salty the Biebs didn't sing in this. But otherwise, it's adorable XD
tom jerry
im kind of disappointed that this is not the full version of mariah carey and james corden singing the song.
Fabulous Disaster
Thank God they took him off the late show and put Stephen Colbert there because his singing really sucks
Jam Glam
Adele doing That move gets me everytime
Hon Saranza
damn this is so great. didn't know James have been taping that to compile with one video which turned out to be amazing! 😘😘
Joanne V
Adele and Lady Gaga killed it, beautiful singing.
Jhonny Mongal
Mariah Carey and Chris Martin
Ansilo's adventures
I feel so weird , remembering how she looked when she made this song .
Adele the best voice...just hearing without video
Tyrese LONG
Is that Beyonce
Magical Millie
All we need is a 5 seconds of summer carpool karaoke
Petrea Marius
Lady Gaga and Adele really performed
Jo Jo
DEMI WHO!!!😀😀😂
Aashish Sharma Aribam
Adele did Mariah's finger on ear thing when hitting the high note Imao she so lamb-ish
Jude George
Mariah I'm not so fussed about these days BUT this is one of the best Christmas songs ever!!!
...Roll on December lol....
Ben Sepulveda
Christmas in July
Apple FromRoblox
Im still fucking listenning to this and its July. I got issues with christmas songs o.o
Leon Joseph
Oh Adele you always slay
I can't stop listening to this song for some reason whether it's the original or karaoke, please someone help me, I think Mimi craze has hit me!!!🤧😢
Tahira Hasan
Why m I listening this to in June I DONT EVEN CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS!!
carlin lee
Nick Jonas doesn't know the words
머라이어 아지매당!!!!!!!
lara simons
Thx, now I have that Christmas feeling but it's june..
rss rottenbodycops
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