'All I Want for Christmas' Carpool Karaoke

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James caps off 2016 with a Christmas edition of Carpool Karaoke featuring Mariah Carey, Adele, Lady Gaga and other guests throughout the year to sing Mariah's classic "All I Want for Christmas Is You."

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Eesha Butt
justin bieber should have been in this this is so cuteee
Morgan Krupp
Please have karaoke with Shawn mendes or Ariana grande pleaseeee
Morgan Krupp
Do Shawn Mendes karaoke please
Music lol
pls Fifth Harmony 😍😍😘❤
Joris Agtereek
please do one with little mix next
Mystic Pierce
K james
LMFAO Adele ❤Class 👌🏻
Doreen Zhao
Laura Crown
all I see is Mariah boobs
Like a boss
for saint nick 할때 닉 졸귀ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ♡
J enny
2:03 Who is she?
Mariah is the best, not just this song but best female singer of all time if you ask me
That_cute_alexa Lopez
Do one of Melanie Martinez
marcus larson
I feel like the answer is going to be quite obvious, but who are the 4 guys? The ones with the hat, the bald one, etc?
The Dan Howell Whisperer
Oh Nick! Hey buddy, are you in London?
Libra Fleur
Oh Mariah, put those sad old saggy chicken fillets away. No one wants to see them.
진짜 이mc아제 노래 개잘불러
Maybe next Jared Leto
nikolas mattos
2:52 lady gaga trying to add something ...... try again boo
Seriona Derevestav
Who else thinks RITA ORA needs to be on the next carpool karaoke?!
Its Emmanuele
Ariana grande please please please please please i love you pleaseeeeeee💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Ufenkt Louisa
I want a Ariana carpool
Britney Princesa
Decepcionada. Cadê a Britney ?
Oliwia Sikora
When will I Carpool Karaoke?
dat clickbait xd
Mirna Simatupang
i want a ariana grande carpool 😬
Arte & Vocal
Faz com a Taylor Swift
Melanie Martinez
I want to see the video of Gaga and Adele Doing this song.
I love watch this vídeo,it's so beautiful.
Aurelyus Jewel
i wish i was in that video singing
I Love Sasuke Uchiha
Mariah so serious
Matthew Barrett
The only time she didn't lip sync tho😂
idk and,,,, BOOBSSSS,, O,.,O
Jamie Ribeiro
i came here because of her big tits
Sarah Alton
Hon. At a certain age, you have to put away the cleavage. You have the voice, is all you need.
Rodrigo Lopes
pls, do one carpool with Ed Sheeran or Gnash
Nontapat Techopiyakul
Why can't Mariah even smile? Did she have a botox?
This video is proof that adele cannot sing at all. Shes an amazing songwriter, but her singing is absolutely terrible.
Latenightowl KM
Come for gaga but....
Gaga x Adele = I died
Fuck Mariah Carey
renato iberico
Its too funny when adele imitates mariah at 3:05 xD
Plzz Do a Carpool Karaoke with Panic!At The Disco
Ellie Mason
Brendon Urie next!!!
Cassandra Albrecht
I want to see Tini Stoessel 😍
Haylee Mae
Adele is a queen.💕
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