Is PewDiePie a Racist?

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This has honestly gone too far, and I felt the need to defend my friend.
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We Used to be Drug Dealers ►
2:33 yes. I hate when people do this. I have a speech impairment and there have been some people who have tried to "defend me" which was actually insulting. Like don't say retard around her or don't kindly ask why I speak and have a different accent from everyone including my family. It's really dumb when people do that and I feel when they do that it is simply because they want to seem holy or some bs
Cloгох Вleacн
1 day a journalist is going to say h3h3 is an anti-semite.
Maryam Dadar
Hands down best video on the topic, even better than Pewds'. Well done. #WSJsucksdickforviews
Shabby Golem
There were no official war documents with A.H. ordering the extermination of joos in gas chambers. The Holocost has been sold to you as a marketing, with trademark words like Holocaust, Holocaust Denier, and Genocide. It was a big mistake for the jooish community to market the Holocost and push Denial Laws in Europe because it lets me know that 1. Joos have something to hide, and 2. They have the power to write it into law.
Shabby Golem
Tbh the way Disney, Youtube, and Google keep fearmongering others into conformity pushes me towards anti-semitism. Plus it seems that this certain tribe that have persecuted others for over 3000 years never take the time to look at themselves in the mirror and ask why they always find themselves being expelled out of their host countries for sudden anti-semitism.
Kirk Findlay
The news understands that normal news doesn't make money, making fake news, overhyping, and stretching the truth, or hiding half a story to fit their views is how you make money. You can't even trust the news anymore and it's pretty sad when Youtube is a better source of unbiased info(Depending on the youtuber) than a news channel.
Kirk Findlay
The music when they are comparing Pewdiepie to Hitler is the russian music from Command and conquer red alert 3
Quantum Blaze
That uniform was british
Make a video on pewdiepie saying the N word with a hard R. he called someone that on twitch. Pls.
random person

Good work h3h3 you have defended the next king of Sweden
Jay Vin99
Ethan is the kind of friend I need in my life
Pewdiepie is a nazi lol
Retro Stoner
People are pussies nowadays its pathetic
how much did he pay ourmine ??
Pewdiepie started all this adpocalypse bullshit
Clements900 _
"Whoever controls the media, controls the mind" - Jim Morrison.

"The mainstream media is really the key, the gatekeeper. It effectively ensures that truth stays in the dark, and lies and distractions remains in the bright lights of public interest" -Justin Steckbauer
Zer0 ffuRy
rip Disney rip WSJ
mahamudra mahamudraa
Hi. Im a binge watcher. Just found your channel. Gotta say you guys are legends, myths and your channel is as good as tits :p Jokes aside you are knights, jesters and the voice of sanity on youtube simultaneusly(i know its spelled wrong, not native english speaker). Much love. After watching 3 vids i got the message. You guys are the real deal. Now before i binge episode after episode i prelike everytime. Havent dissapointed yet. Im about 20 vids in and ill never stop:D
Der's a snek in mah boot
AND he wasn't even the person who told the Jesus guy to say that Hitler did nothing wrong. PewDiePie only told him to say something about
Jacob Morningstar
wall street journal makes an article about Ethan being anti semetic anyway
Weddy Wanderer
Ironic, given the podcast he did about Pewds recently.
HottSavage 水
MY TOASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pewdiepie should sue WSJ for libel.
They Don't Reply Back
lol the real problem is the people actually believing the articles
I like how he proves everything wrong to prove that people are stupid
4:02 did they just use hell march from C&C red alert?
Matthew Kennedy
The media is fucking retarded
Justin Jake Tabasa
LOOK YA RETARDS PEWDS IS NOT A NAZI! this is one reason why i dont watch the news anymore
Marlon Harris
shut the fuck
Acid Angel
also how he used to joke about romanians, im not offended tho!
Dirtiest Devil
I knew it was bullshit the second I heard it. Everybody loves a witch hunt, don't they?
Headless Dan
Really? All this time an no "shmear campaign" jokes. C'mon.
Antonio Rodriguez
Amen sister i love you
zain naqvi
Etho got seriously mad, I'm thinking
#IStandWithPewDiePie Just went and subbed that magnificent bastard. Hope he never changes.
I Am A Bald Person
Yes, finally, somebody at least somewhat influential is defending Pewdiepie!! ✊
Tues Sunshine

Ali Ali
اللهم ارنا بهم عجائب قدراتك الله يأخذكم يا كلاب

daria mitchell
isn't all this crap defamation anyway? like he could seriously sue these fuckers
Shot Slinky
Leme be you gardener plz H3h3
Mike Oxbig
I heard you're such a raging anti-semite that you're actually going to commit suicide. Woah.
Who's more to blame: the editor at WSJ, or the "journalist" who wrote the original article, and all the other "journalists" who copied it without watching the whole video? All those writers deserve to have their careers ended, but instead they were probably congratulated for all the clicks they brought to their publication.
Elizabeth Medina
Hi, I just wanted to say that children cannot tell the difference between jokes like adults can and Idk if ewdiepie knows this but he has a lot of kids that watch his channel so maybe he should like take that into consideration? Thanks
Brian Shcwagginz
This just goes to show no one is safe from the accusing finger.
Robert Benjamin
Clearly what happened had nothing to do with PewDiePie or even the YouTube/Google corporation. This was a retaliation by the FOX corporation against the Disney Corporation... because the Disney Corporation that includes ABC News has reported about the SEX ABUSE that is an epidemic at the FOX Corporation News division (that now owns the Wall Street Journal). Why is that such a bid deal??? Because there is still a huge amount of sex abuse that has not become public that has happened in recent years at the FOX Corporation News division.

Don't believe me??? Write down what is in this YouTube comment that is stated, and soon you will hear about more and more sexual abuse of power scandals, at FOX News... because Rupert Murdoch requires this kind of sexual abuse from his top managers as a condition of employment.

Why??? Because Rupert Murdoch is a Satanist stooge of Banker-Gangsters... the very same Banker-Gangster Families that financed Hitler and the NAZI's before and during World War II. Oh the irony!!! If you don't believe me, you will find this out because this all going to become public soon... in bits and pieces as time goes by. Trust me. You will see.

vargo hoat
Bric Eernard
Your parents are fucking retards for believing in everything they read on the news
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