Is PewDiePie a Racist?

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This has honestly gone too far, and I felt the need to defend my friend.
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We Used to be Drug Dealers ►
This is an attack on youtube by the media, it doesn't matter if they fight dirty, they're desperate and will kill babys if they had to, all for the sake of selfish stability. For a while now, these organizations are losing to these top internet search engines.
Z .Puddy
Someone should make their own newsletter shiting on other newsletters when they take something out of context
The One-Fister
You know, pewds is actually pretty handsome in that nazi suit
logan kienast
You cant spell wall street journal without sjw
That's what the media do, takes few parts of a story then mixes shit to benefit them self and they fucking LIE ALL THE TIME, keeping people in fear and distracted from any thing of shit people should really be concerned about
Edward Fabian
Yo ppl calling the news and media "fake news" but they're just postin fake news cuz the candidates paid them to do so 💁🏽‍♂️
news paper used to be to cover news. now it's like the tabloids but much worse because they talk BS about actual thinks that matters and spin facts to their own needs for extra $$
pewdiepie wasn't wrong but if you want to loose sponsors and change your public image that is exactly how you do it. plus dysney is desperate for ways to look less antisemitic. if pewdiepie wast arian it would have been hilarious imo.
Adam Henry
gdi ethan, i think i’ve watched three hours of your videos today. go away
Docktor Rock
He's not even on Nazi uniform!!!!!
Danky Leg
10k butt hurt people disliked
He deserved what he got because he was joking.
Had he been an actual nazi, he should have been killed.
Killer Memestar
It's just poor cuntbags trying to punish the successful and the people with the money.
Jared Diaddigo
Best channel on YouTube.
Burhan Diwan
Google should sue the wall Street journal for libel and slander that has led to billions in damages for YouTube and Google.
Christopher Hernandez

more like SJW...
Matthew Kolonics
Walt wasn't an anti semi lmao
SJW's and Feminist's
Kicked off the adpocalypse
Farah Aryan
i fuck w that last part. u real
Joshua Nesdahl
For anyone who wants to read the article. You can just open up wsj in an incognito tab and you don't need to log in
roke tataroğlu
Jewish ethan. Steel/Grass type pokemon
Brynley Jones
It's so insane how some people WHO ARENT EVEN PART OF A PARTICULAR GROUP get offended for the group that could be offended!! It's insane how SJWs act nowadays!!!
Muffled sound of H3h3 dropping mic in the distance
Jed Weir
Lenny Carden
enyone who subs to me and likes this comment I will sub back
jelica yeptho
"People getting offended for people who are not offended"
DARK HUMOR is what some of us like them there is NORMAL HUMOR that is like knock knock jokes. We have preferences on what we like.
The Fox
Wall Street Journal...


Jay Coop
Weaboo McOrangeJuice
10k ppl who disliked are WSJ staff.
Dean Nixon
This is exactly what happened with trump!
Mukadas Bazarbayeva
Rpp Wing
The joke wasn't even funny. It's something some 14 year old edgelord would think was funny
Brian Hogan
Disney has no business firing people for being antisemitic.
Seppo Kupari
Can' spell SJW without WSJ..
Lucas CW
Felix is an idiot. His humor went too far.
Marisol Lopez
Also, a good reference for how bad a joke is, is having to explain it over and over...
Giv meh liks
Rikaze Edits™
WSJ? more like SJW
Michael Coleman
Why would anyone dislike this?
This was the Miami Indians and the issue with the Indian team, the Miami Indians didnt care that a hs team was called the indians.
Kelly Kaos
Not to mention how many of his YouTube "friends" threw him under the bus after, it was fucked up.
Derick Salguero
FUCK THE ME DI A (clap clap clap clap clap) FUCK THE ME DI A (clap clap clap clap clap)
Butt Less
10k dislikes more like 10k PewDiePie dick suckers pobs most of them are pewpew fans
it looks like "hentai-semitic"
Bizzy inthemoshpit
The only times I've actually watched Pewdiepie was on this channel.. I've been around since 04, and for some reason Ive just never watched his content.
The Eargasm Lab
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