bodman 12345
Guess you couls say they are feggots
Sophia Zhao
omg but did they even kill that lobster before they put it in the pot
lenny face
The Sali Network
I don't like eggs...
A Human
Steven has a pure heart.
A Human
I like Adam.
Ellen Kiberd
i eat eggs for free from my mom's kitchen. how's that for 'worth it'
Love the Liebestraum
Potato King 55
Omg at 8:14 that the background song of a hostel in the dying light in old town
Wampa Stompa1
You know what's good.........................Fryed Egg + Toasted Cheese. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm :p
Weeky kid
Ha! I just ate a gold plated truffle TOPPED with one caviar roe
lmao star ainesz
Leilani Camacho
Adam is my favorite, hands down.
adam coco
try ramen episode please!
shahar levi
More more more more!!!
Intelligent Owl
A stoner and nerd walk into a bar. Or a egg restaurant
adam is so quiet it's adorable
Liltwisted Games
"...Szechuan peppercorns..." My mind went to Rick saying, lemme get dat Szechuan sauce!
From someone who hates eggs, this episode made my mouth water...
Zanita Harrison
Star Anus XD
Miguel Serna
cecil le
adam is hot
Laura Teoh
Tea eggs in Malaysia cost the equivalent of like 50 cents maybe XD
Adam needs to actually eat with them lol
Minh Tri Doan
I just love the way the other guy pronounced star anise XD
Ildefonso jr. Magbuhos
$ cinnamon rolls vs $$$ cinnamon rolls
kijk niet naar mijn profielfoto
i thought he said anus!
Sophia Harrison
I think Andrew is yummy! ;P
j4cK1TuP b0I
$1 quark vs $2 electron vs $3 nucleus vs $5 atom
Dakota Cheung
that cemera man looks like seth rogen
Satisfaction With A Destiny
Balut anyone?
steven and the other guy is like "blah blah blah egg stuff" then adam is like"...... derp .... " love it and that steven feeds adam XD
Elizabeth Lagattuta
Seeing them kill the crab made my heart break a little 😯
Star Anus
Emad Quraishi
I bought 8 eggs for 99cent 😂😂😂
Emad Quraishi
9:24 That plate is disturbing and cool at the same time
Karina Bantug
Chik Devi
you should try salted egg from Indonesia....
Gabriel Hernandez
You should do three different strands of weed at three drastic different prices
Viktor Nikiforov
Benyamin Gaming
stop eating corrupted eggs
$coffee and $$$coffee
Gg 73
Can you try prostitutes? diff prizes
Melanie Barksdale
$95 for a runny egg with truffle? You got ripped off.
Melanie Barksdale
That omelette looked gross
Man can you imagine the farts in that car afterward?
Colton Temple
Did Steven murder some one?!?!?!?
Astrid Ball
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