$2 Egg Vs. $95 Egg

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“Egg-cited, egg-ceptional… yummy.”

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Made By:
Josiah Citrin
Sam Baxter
David Wang

Bryan Plays
Why is Adam so silent
nigger faggot abusing the system
$ slave vs. $$$ slave
poor adam
Jedidiah Suntheimer
Does the video at 8:23 trigger anyone else's phone to Google for them?
PG Studios
Adam is the best thing that ever happened to this show
Casper Rah
Camera guy makes this show
Just Me
vivek RS
when are you guys coming to India
$95 for an egg? nah man
snail _
$Sandwiches vs $$$Sandwiches
Alyssa Frantz
Steven's squeak laugh gives me life.
Alexander Engeler
4:50 is that mcjuggernuggets
Jakob Louka
1:54 "Star anus" yuppp
pudding plays
adam is the cutest human being ever and stfu thats not gay
That's more like an egg crepe than an omelette. Looks bomb though! (Better than an omelette to me)
MasterRoyale Coc/Cr
Why Adam doesn't talk he looks friendly
John Eng Woo
All these talk about eggs ... lol
John Eng Woo
Are these guys gay ... lol
Doğukan Payza
why the 3th guy like a bastard?
Farida Yesmin
I made the two no
Mrstates Theobvious
Adam always seems nervous
David Huotkeo
Milk tea!!!!
Ben Wu
Come to Chicago. Deep dish pizza at 3 different price points at 3 different places.
Adam is eating $95 cloud egg with truffle -STILL. NO. REACTION
Messi 10
I wonder how many plp tought them two were gay
Moe Moradi
lmaoo he said star anus at 1:52
Mi'Kiera Graham-Young
Is Adam the highlight orrrr ..? hahahah
Drew Herman
This video EGGceeded my EGGseptations...
clash htoo
You know its good when Adam likes it
Letho Kunene
am i the only one who hates omlettes
Compliments for the editor who made a eggs look exciting
Hunter Gustafson
Does anybody think his car is pretty eggonomical?
great trio
Super Awais Messi Guy
Dat hairy armpit 7:33
Dash Lol
What song were they playing at 8:04?? Someone please
Crispy MelonHD
I'm hungry now.
$ burger vs $$$ burger (I think there's a video somewhere out there idk)
Star anus.
Lian Verdeflor
adam looks like josh groban as pierre
These guys are the worse at reviewing things lmao.
Not because the content is bad. Not because the ideas are bad.

They don't know how to talk.
So neat seeing Maine lobster all the way in Cali, makes me think different catching them and selling them wondering where they could be off too..
All this love of truffles, you should go to Alba, in Italy, and basically bathe in the stuff.
gaming king
i love Adam who with me
Joshua Sweat
The blonde dude looks like the singer from Johnny hates Jazz-Shattered dreams.

look it up.
Sean Erin Rogers
'He's just that damn sack' OH WHAT KIND OF SACK!!!
Funny And Awesomeness
$$ food is the only food that will serve expensive and great food without gold,caviar and truffles
Charafly Dreemurr
August Burnett
0:25 Look at the guy in the middle, he looks possessed XD save his soul
Brittany Guthrie
Adam is just so quiet and cute!
NewAsianMustache 777
Lao Tao is actually means old man in Chinese
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