Saving the Lobsters!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote and crew are back for another addition of Coyote’s Cribs! This time it’s the Maine addition as Coyote gives a tour of the teams waterfront accommodations in Harpswell Maine.

In addition to giving a tour of the house Coyote also uses this opportunity to set free all of the Lobsters that made last Friday’s “Pinched by a Lobster” video possible. To us it’s not just about saving the Lobsters, it’s also about having respect for our co-stars…we couldn’t make the videos without them!  

So with that get ready to check out Coyote’s “Maine” Crib and save some of our pincher clad friends! 

HUGE THANKS to our friends in Portugal the Man for allowing the use of their new song “Feel it Still”. Great tune guys!  

Also thank you to our Lobster friends for being a part of this adventure. May you all swim free and never find yourselves in another lobster pot again! 

Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT encountering wildlife…or at least not by choice!  

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Dexter Laboratory
I waited 10mins to see a freaking lobster
Dexter Laboratory
"Addadahdah dont touch" lol
Nakara Franklin
Holding the blue ring octopus maybe?
Samantha Mitchell
I live in ME 😁
Anyone else notice the snack mix with Fritos and Doritos? At 3:41?
Raymond Shores
coyote is acting pretty weird
envo apocalipse
he honestly sounds like he's on crack
ethan moak
a tinny crab got on nodist at the end
edgardo castillo
coyote if ur reading this ur way too energetic than ususal
Hunter Games
Who saw the crab when angry Andy was released
Andrea Seanez
eats a handful of blueberries
3:51 "let me finish my carrot"
Okay coyote 😂
Jamal Ford
Lol Red Lobster ad Came on right before the video
Memecrafter 666
When coyote releases angry Andy angry Andy runs over a tiny crab
Sara Vonahnen
I think he's on blueberries Love this guy
Leanders Orchids
Coyote on drugs?:D
Jayson Hawkins
Baby hermet crab by angry andy foot at 12:46
Riley Aaron
He is entering the Jake Paul zone...
Jessica Del Rosario
what's in those blueberries? hahahaa
Coyote you're sounding a bit to crazy
Im coyote peterson
And im about to get bit by Mark!

mark mauls coyote's arm
Mark:did you feel anything?
Mazie Mitchell
Are you sure you hade no sugar?
Swood Dood
Not to be a hater, but 10 minutes in before you show off the lobsters?
Jessica Stars
how is he still alive from doin all these dangerous things
big gaming Metz
Hi whassup I'm starting to think there's no lobsters
Robbin Ledoux
lol red lobster was my first add for this one, and not the other one
Amaterasu TV
Só os brasileiros curtem
david unknown
Coyote on afetamin
Abbhay Keenoo
Not enough caffeine this time...
Syed Madina
Whenever cayote goes on a adventure he should show his crib more often
dude man what did you smoke 😄
My name Jeff
Are you vegan
Diet Cola
Can I have what he's having?
I love blueberry's
Coyote is my lord and savior
I pray to him every day
People call me weird but i do
Me lord pls reply
lukas pokus
Coyote Peterson reminds me of Charlie day
abdul doorani
whats in the box
David Pham
0:00 dude perfect has nothing on that
Ethan Huynh
Ethan Huynh
You are on tv for real I saw you
Harry Begg
Brave Dudes
Landon Barnett
Your hyper
Do coyote even know whats dank memes
Alanie Haynesworth
12:02 did anyone else see that crab?
Allie Webster
Big lobster small crab. 12:02
I usually love the videos y'all put out, but I can't stand the cribs videos they're so annoying
Clorox Bleach
Watching this vid right after a red lobster commercial
Angela Barron
I love this
Are you coming to Nova Scotia in Canada soon
From Reese brooks
Coyote low-key a savage
Female Nightmare Sans
The lobster was doing the Titanic thingy in the thumbnail
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