SML Movie: The Bake Sale!

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After Joseph breaks every bone in his body trying to pull off a crazy stunt, Junior and Cody have to raise money to pay for his medical bills!

naruto uzamaki
Climbed the roof of my house
MiniGamer5684 &CO
jump from my roof on a trampoline
GameMasterPlay GMP 2
Wipeuts 100,000 +jeffy s 99,000 its 199,000$cody and junior
PK Gamer
This reminds me of Terry Fox.
Liam Sanguigni
I want to see a new Bowser Junior videos
Fairly Odd Parents!
AceManBMX Gaming XD
Stabbed a big nife into my leg and filip on my head while downing BMX
corny critter18
One Of My Dog Die And One Of My Cat And The Dog That I Say And His Name Is Batista Now His On WWE Now
Griselda Cruz
Cut my head and it bloody
Reynaldo Fernandez
What the Hell jr!
ice master
Jump out of a car
Ileana RamΓ­rez
Kill my mom becuse i hate herπŸ”«πŸ˜Ž
pog mon
pog mon
Jonathan Mejia
Poop jeffy
King Spikes
Junior is such a dumbass I swear if I met him I would kill him for being stupid
Genesis Oliva
What happen to me is i put my hand in a grill thing my arm got on fire i was 3 but know im 9
BD 2213
My most dangerous moment was at Jan 6 2016 I fell from a 15 foot ladder/stairs I had injuries on my back and knee I broke half my tooth and I lost my memory then got it back
My worst think that i have done is go to wc to poop without toilet paper xd
Jr Salinas
Freddy productions
Stupid junior
Sandra Carranza
Put my haed in the car window
Billyplaysgames 100
What about chef pepe
wol yai
Jaxon Bremer
best thing I have ever done in my life was riding my scooter and my handlebars broke and it stabbed me in the neck
Emanuelli And Christian show
Got in run over by a car because I thought I was Thomas
Zane Habach
Put a fork on my neck
Virus Viper 5
The most dangerous thing I have done is jump out a moving car,I broke my leg and sprayed my hand
Rakia Nkaity
I ask my mom for the money but she just said 50cents
stephanie mccook
sMl cool
TheHackingPig 237
Savage Skellie Ikr!
RoundFarhadTheBest 103
1:41 you can see chirs at the corner wearing blue
i know this is a old video but my comment is I climbed my roof and fell
Skyrim Guy
The most dangerous thing I’ve done is post this comment
akame the assassin
gopal saha
At 4:10 it was sad
gopal saha
4:80 1:30
gopal saha
At 4:50 was wird
gopal saha
At 3:40 was funny
Alfonso Cats
I ate 100 dollars in sens
Laser Pugs
I got my tonsils removed when I was three
SwagPlayzMC09 Gamer
99.99999999999999% of comments are find the difference and people asking for likes
Nico Gonzalez
In haaaaallllffff!
ZwolfVlogs 09
3:04 ...
Amy Gibs
The most dangerous thing that happened to me was that I farted and passed out XD
MBomb Ngod
The Most Dangerous Thing I Did Is Played Dragon And Hit My Nose On A Tree It Hurt
Jay is king
I'm pickle rick
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