Lion Shows Tourists Why You Must Stay Inside Your Car - Latest Wildlife Sightings

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Tourists hanging out of their car at a lion sighting. This lion felt threatened and barked at the tourists. If he had decided to attack, there wouldn't have been enough time to get in the car and close the window. 

SANPark's Rules: No part of the body may protrude from the car, either through the window or a sunroof, unless in designated areas.

Taken on the S1 near Skukuza in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

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Tini Mini
Those creatures in the cars are so dumb . What lions have to deal with .
Will Tirad
I've seen adults being gored by bison at yellow stone. Not a pretty sight but it happens all the time because they think they're at the zoo and get too close
Ana Ramírez
So sad, i want the lion eat them jejeje
Long M
So fucken stupid people!
t2300 w001200
Lions don't bark.
thanh le nguyen
ghe qua di vl
Leoni Days
White people I swear 🙄
AmeRicanItalian Israel
MF Ignorant people. So damn STUPID.
Or San
ignore white people
Noble Puker
Parks. We've pushed these animals for decades, for generations, into a corner. Now we drive ourselves to these places. Screw the cars. I wanted to see that lion go 100%. Not to see them harmed, but to show how tough a 400+ pound lion can be. I wanted him to latch on to the door in a full charge. With him camping on their roof.
Jas Adams
Keisaun Carano
yeah I hate when people stare at me to...the nerve of those fucking people dude
Iten D J
I was hoping them to be eaten alive - because they are stupid!!!
Enjoyvideo Channel TV
So only I will not give my car
Olivia Ryszka
Did anyone see what the lion girl did when the boy roared or only I saw it lol??!!??!!
Mikey likes video games
then why did a lion open a car door on a safari?
Alemão lemão
esse povo tem que se fuder mesmo
So stupid parents.
Just goes to show how absolutely foolish and stupid people are to open their car windows up, kids hanging out with their iphones and ipads. crazy is an understatement!. reminds me of that woman who got out the car to argue with her husband getting herself snatched up by the tigers. people are really really stupid.
HSN Dias
Puppy Love
That's like dangling a cat you in front of your feline friend. I'm shocked they didn't get ripped out of the car.
Lion King
loking for the lioness when she weak up she walk like a qeen the lions the real king this is right the qeen walk
Fart pants
YEAH please stay inside your car with the mother fucking window UP. I mean what morons let there children hang out off the window in a situation like this ?
david beckenbaugh
Momma lion likes like she is going to be a real momma soon.
Clarissa Glez
Lions can kill a thousand pound wildebeest with one strike.
And you, like a fucking dumbass, have your windows down.
Joe Smith
Wat scene from 'THE LION KING' is this from?
Martyrd ForJesus
There is a video of a lady having an argument with her husband, getting out of the car and immediately attacked.
Angela Florin
the car sighn is not blured
Robert Robertson
Let's sleeping dogs lie. Apparently that applies to lions too.
Prudence Rweikiza
so idiot
I like his voice.
george norris
close the windows!!!!
Darth Vitiate
READ THE SIGNS PEOPLE it says stay in your car for a reason
Mauro Meneguzzi
caro amigo esse se boro nas calças
Llc Aandm
these son of bitch are the same ass wholes that come to my side of the world kill off all the animals an go back to the states starting donations to save the wild life sorry bitch
Jonas Strömsand
I would like to know how to feels to have the balls touching the road
After all Lions Are Lions!
rajani nemani
Sukwa Sinkala
The female lion behind him was like "U scared me fool why the hell are u yelling?"
Rahimateh Haddad
All these racist black boy morons saying white people are stupid because they have no life and nothing better to do than sit on their poo colored asses and judge people doing stupid things if they're non-blacks because OF COURSE it's sooo racist when non blacks says something, but when blacks says something like cracker, honky, white trash, it's definitely not racist because these poor "innocent" blacks are black and "blacks can't be racist". Fuck yes they can. Infact they're probably the most racist race in the world now days. I'm not racist, but heres something I need to tell all these stupid racist black little kids:

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And by the way, why was the smartest man in the 1900's, Albert Einstein, a white person if we're sooo stupid? And why is the now days smartest man Stephen Hawking white? Also, why has one of the most shit and poor cities in the US, Detroit, most blacks? Obviously if these black supremacists are so intelligent why is it the shittiest and most dangerous city to live in?

Oh and by the way, why is it that when a white person in a video does something stupid, racist liberal blacks start making racist comments about because he's white, but when a black kid in a video does something stupid nobody cares about his race? The gorilla Harambe, was shot because of a kid that fell into his exhibit most people in the beginning thought he was white and started making racist statements, like "_Poor gorilla, that white boy should have been the one that should have been shot_", but later they found out he was black and said that he fell in because he was just a little kid?

By the way, I'm not talking about all black people, but please explain why some of you black people have to bring skincolor/race into every single video if there's a white person doing something stupid?
User 568701996
When you interrupt Lions' mating process, you'll hear the deafening roar!!!
Those kids might start bed-wetting again.
Tip: Watch the tail of a Cat, it often warns you before lunging.
Xaira Camacho
baby in car seat sits by the open car takes pic/video...WoW!
Hector Segoviano
Jack Ass POV! Headline should read: Way too many brain dead people going out of their way to encounter then harrasing wild life to take a fucking picture then posting it while pretending to create awareness of "danger" of wild life encounters. Go walk into a death forest or take a selfie atop an erupting volcanoe instead.
Sivaslı Yasin
Shreedhar Solanki
what the fuck......😴😴😴😴
Klee N
Moin Ansari
nice 😣😎😥😣😅😆😘😚😙😗😙
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