Kim Ankersen
Rolling up the window, maybe ? ...just throwing it out there, as something to consider..
- *
People need to respect the lions and other big cats.
ابو سمير زاهي
Lion: hey lets take selfie together Kids: my dad said no Lion: tell you dad to take selfie withe me Kids: they scared from you Lion: forget it am leaving you make me mad
Basudev Kundu
meb meb
There are ALWAYS a few jackass's that will NOT keep their windows or doors shut and you risk losing kids, dad, mom or friends and really, if people are this stupid they have no reason to live.
Cool toshi
Actually the tiger didn't like that the people taking pictures apple company tablets he's used to take pictures with DSLR's that's why he roars at them(self-respect) 😂😂😂
Jimmy Langdon
His missus is like, 'C'mon, they're not worth it.'
Barbara Jenkins
Stupid humans- and the lions would have been killed had they attacked stupid tourists who are harassing them
Jr S
cant fix stupids
Aylani Laremont
Good idea
Shane Pedrera
Well thats was scary
Amy Rangel
dang 95 million views
Vamshidhar O
you could have a selfie with lion having you as dinner...
Debjyoti Sutradhar
cant they take pictures from inside of car. Are they stupid
Grant Goldberg
People so dumb you almost hope they get eaten.
Ash Smith
he said get your ass back in the car
Alexandre Martinez
Soooooooo stupid!
oh my
Mohit Sharma
Georgie Man
I wished the lion did attack. Bite them stupid kids in half.
Yathrip Sagda
حزمة ياولادالجزمة
Sao Salazar
his bitch pregnant lol
Lucifer The Morning Star
Good Cat
mohammad ali Esmaeilzadeh
No one should be sure of a safe walk among the wilds in a habitat.The tourists who indulge to have the windows of their cars open while roaming in a wildlife park,may be faced with a bitter encounter with the wilds.
Dede Solehudin Dede
Idiot people
Cat G
What is wrong with the parents? I was hoping to see the kid crack his head trying to get back in. If that lion attacked he would have been killed. Shame on all of you for putting the animals lives at risk along with your own!
A. BrightBart
Lots of potential Darwin Award winners in the area.
Mister M
pourquoi prévenir les imbéciles? laissez faire la sélection naturelle, la société se portera mieux ...
Jimmy Chambers
I was so scared I had to sit and pee.
Eden Wodajo
The window is clear just take a freaking picture when the window is closed
Darth Vitiate
That's a good way to get killed
Julia Yenia
Isn't it fascinating how human being have the same behavioural patterns as animals? If all is calm, stick your nose out and look. If there's a threatening noise, retreat and hole up.

To everybody wandering "why aren't the parents doing anything!!!!" ?
Because the parents were busy taking pictures themselves, you can see it.
I am deeply, deeply disappointed that the male lion didn't use the opportunity to scent-mark the car, preferably right through the driver's window. Can't blame the kids for following their parent's example.
Gabriel Bastatas
Sure I agree but not in Zoo's you can't take your car with you.
Fabian H.
Jeah he has totally shown them!! Like.. nothing happened.
Shieda XiaoMao
The lion teach them a lesson tho.
Henry Bemis
Stupid Tourists would taste like......chicken....
Wily Bazyn
Natuur kan wreed zijn doden om te overleven
Stephanie Thompson
The level of stupidity of people never surprises me
مايتي بيروني قلبي
So scary, the lion could have easily taken the girl's iPad.
Blue 1
That was just a roar.
Mutum Sanjit Meitei
They want to die.
Ajit Kapadia
It is foolish 2 go close to animals and disturb them.They R born free,V hv no right to interfere in their privacy.Man tries 2 show off his bravery = ego.In the bargain get killed.
Barbarian Mapping
Animals used to people inside cars? Animals shouldn't have to be USED to humans at ALL.
Esmeralda Ureta
Why so suprised? There white!
Dodgen Francis
The lioness pulled him away...”Stop showing off, you’re scaring the kids!”
LeVert-next big thing in NBA
Wish they were eaten by that lion. That would teach them.
Emily Hufschmidt
Check out my essay contest! You can win a HOUSE!
Sister Mary Clements
I was hoping to see those kids get their shit ripped apart. Stupid is stupid does. No pitty for stupid behaviour when they should know better. Stupid parents
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