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Yesterday's Vlog -
Today is Loaded with so many things! Both perspectives too. My day was filmed and Brittney filmed her day as well. Kind of a new idea that we thought we would try. Let me know if you like it. From filming new pranks to getting our new home for Empire our Donkey! He comes Tomorrow for Brittney's Birthday :) Thank you so much for being here and for being a huge part of this family. Thank you! Smile More


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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. 

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

So much in this vlog! Tried something new for you. Thanks for watching and always taking a second to like and share:) See you tomorrow. Love ya!
Ahmed Ahmed
Britney Atwood
Smile more get our shirts
Michelle Willet
roman: brick vs gtr windsheld * throws it *me: omg whyme later in the vid : its foam...
John the lema
Watch my new video
David Stahl
Would like to see u and the family I watch your videos every day u r one of a kind smile more
Sam Cornell
Zeus awwww I miss him.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Omg him and his ball!😢
G vlogs
I have a duck
i got a 3 chicken not for sail
get chickens and ducks
Alex Gimple
sorry roman
Carmela Rosace
They planned it
Donielle Chyreck
PurpleMan Games07
Wang Ting Lui
Lucas Mullen
Roman can you please get chicks 🐥🐤🐣🐥🐤🐣
Elnaz Roshannai
omg happy b day even thought I'm late but I'm so exited to say i have the same birth day as u. Your family is an inspiration and u keep me on my feet when life and people put me down
Rachel Dively
Hi you guys are awesome
Jayden Roof
you should have got the checks
Victor Martinez
my heart stopped on the intro and ive seen this vlog already
No ne will probably see this comment but if you do I came to this video to remember Zeus I remember sues I been subscribed for years bye
Cooper David
do it
Connor Muskopf
my wish is to meet you
I like turtle vb
if you have gass problem just get a ram truck
Amber Lindwall-Thomas
i was supposed to get a chick from my class this year but where we live we cant have them i was so upset when i found out i could not get two :(
Maggie Sims
get it
Jaeleen Stelly
My heart stopped when you threw it 😳😂
Mason Huff
We are at the beach
Preston Rowe
most comments are like

1 like to pry for Zeus.

I'm so sad give me a like

it's my birthday one like plz😭

do yall agree
Oscar Ortez
Who else is playing catch up?
deadkiller 909
bid she make the baby
Xile Frosti
luke scarpitti dude wtf she doesnt want her best friend so shes asking for prers its like you losing ur best friend
JJ Ldub
If you get chickens you will get eggs and a lot of them I have 4 chickens and I get so many we had to start giving them away
Vortex gaming
Hunny can we get a couple ducks, how bout chickens lol u guys should have a full fledged farm in ur back Yard lol
Zene Harris
Happy birthday Brit🎉
Hunter Shelton
happy birthday
Hunter Shelton
Martrez Lopez Plays
TheNeonUnicornPotato Is #DaBest
Oooh this was posted on my birthday.
Cristina Hernandez
I loved farm animals and farm
Ryan Jarrell
Savage 4627
Jerry Gaming
lol when the vlog start i saw the brick then i just realized he won't do it so it must be foam or somethin else
person 55
did u get your barn at millersburg storage barns because it looks like one of them?
David Childers
man love y'all's stuff y'all do.
Bennett Davis
Actually Doritos have no sugar
yousef Alkhalaf
hi roman
Troy Gates
thumbs up if you think roman atwodmneeds to be executed
chris coubert
Flash and Brit were so cute in this in the chair
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