How to impeach a president

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What we can learn from Reconstruction, Watergate, and the Clinton saga. 

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[2:31] CORRECTION: A previous version of this video misstated the year of Andrew Johnson's impeachment. He was impeached in 1868, not 1863.

The founding fathers included impeachment in the constitution so that Congress would have a way to remove leaders who had "rendered themselves obnoxious," in the words of Benjamin Franklin. But the way they set up the process, it's nearly impossible to remove a president from office without substantial support from the president's own party. That's what happened during Watergate: some congressional republicans protected Richard Nixon, but others demanded to know the extent of his involvement in a break-in at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, and the subsequent cover-up. In the words of then-Senator Howard Baker, a Republican from Tennessee, "What did the President know, and when did he know it?" It was pressure from Republican leaders like Barry Goldwater that made Nixon resign before the House could vote on articles of impeachment-- Goldwater convinced Nixon that too many Republicans were willing to vote to remove him from office, he'd never survive a Senate vote. 

The opposite was true during the impeachment proceedings for Bill Clinton. After it became clear he lied during a deposition for a sexual assault suit brought by a former employee, Paula Jones, about his relationship with a different employee, Monica Lewinsky, Republicans in Congress argued the offense was serious enough to be impeachable. Democrats disagreed, and although the House voted to impeach Clinton on a party-line vote, not a single Democratic senator voted to remove him from office. If a President still has the support of a majority of his political party, history suggests the chances for impeaching and removing him from office are slim to none.

While legal scholars, activists, and some Democratic members of Congress have pushed for articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, it seems unlikely at this point that a substantial number of Republicans would break rank in the Senate to create a 2/3 majority in favor of removal from office. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. 

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greateist gry
uzun adam
Loaf No. 1
Leon St.
Let's impeach that goddamn orange !
ola owo
so bill was never impeached? he resigned?
Huntersmoonx Grim
Abi Loka
Does murder fit in the third "high crimes and misdemeanours" group?
Trump is untouchable...
Tj Hariharan
You know...generally if I design or make something intended to do X and it repeatedly FAILS to do such a thing every reasonable chance it gets, the general common sense thing to do would be to take a look at my design to see if it needs to be revised...
Haha, funny. But Treason can become "collaboration" and bribery is just called lobbying.
Camilo Mella
I'm loving all of these Vox pieces. Really great scripting
Esther Parker
A step-by-step procedure.
Easy, fun and simple DIY.
Learn here!
Chris Brantley
trump might be the 4 to be impeach
Gakell Kag
lmao look at all the bot accounts that thumbed down this video.
The crimes that Donald Trump has committed while in office fall into all three articles of impeachment, and are massively more extensive than any other example.

Unfortunately, the GOP is also implicated in a lot of those crimes on a schockingly broad scale, so they'll throw their weight behind him as long as possible no matter what.

The Republican Party itself, as a whole, is an enemy of the american people and of the american political institution.
Michael Clements
impeachment trump Mike pence now
trump has won in a democratic election and there's nothing you can do about it without being a fascist.
President Ayoola
Get ready Trump
Jo Jonin
draft galosa
How to stop a rogue newsmedia hellbent on sabotaging the country?
Phillip Glass
Hilarious how bad you guy are taking the 2016 election. Remember all the fuss about whether or not Trump would accept the results.. Well.. funny now seeing mass hysteria every day from Vox and the leftists. Only 7.7 years to go.
Shashank Sriram
Who is watching after Trump got impeached.
My advice to the Libs? Spend this time cleaning your own house. Come up with a viable message for a better way and sell it to the public. Answers instead of insults. Right now? You all look like a bunch of sore losers who will do absolutely everything you can to undermine the Presidency. You have lost a LOT of respect from the general public. This is NOT the way to earn it back.
LOL - The LIBS are truly pathetic. Still can't get over losing the election. In a way - I hope you do try to Impeach Trump. Although now with the Independent Council - that will no longer happen. Lucky for the Libs - because IF they had tried - and lost - which absolutely would happen - you would lose whatever credibility you have left. The Democratic Party would no longer exist.
nick chavarria
I'm pretty confident that trump has rendered himself obnoxious
socom 2
but its legal to bribe in the usa they just call something else
Pocket Fluff Productions
Something to bear in mind about Nixon is that both parties were going through an upheaval of what exactly they stood for, which had started as far back as the '30s. The first Republican challenger to FDR's reelection could barely muster a bad word to say about him, because neither party was united in opposing the policies of the New Deal; and a similar phenomenon happened with the Civil Rights Movement; there were a lot of racists opposed to integration and the like, but they were split between both parties. Being a member of one party or the other didn't mean as much as it eventually would, so party loyalty wasn't nearly as strong either. Eventually they settled into their current roles as representatives of the left and the right respectively, and became the immovable objects we know today.
Why the squeaky voice?
Arsalan Anwar
why the hand that you showed during bribery & treason looks exactly likes Trump hand ?

Ms Phoenix Warmwood
You guys gonna get more views on this one suddenly. :D
Demian Hume
So interesting
David T.
Trump just did all of those 3 😂
Joshua Verbitsky
Visiting leftist hysteria propaganda videos just to HIT THAT DISLIKE!
Pono Kaleikini
We should practice with trump
Jake Alex Mathew
Well we have treason now!
Stefan Mitchell
Needed the refresher
If 67% of the Senate has to vote for impeachment then Trump is never getting impeached. The Democrats won't get close to 67 seats in the Senate (they'll be lucky to get 60 in 2018) and Senate Republicans are very unified.
Nathan Soper
interesting how the pronon "he" was used to describe what the president would do. strange considering how biased towards Hilary vox was.
Amelia Garland
I hate how I recognised Hamilton in the first 6 seconds
Sam Enrique
Impeach Trump
David Feitzinger
Frankly I think the decision wether a president is impeached should be made by an independent group of judges. Party involvement will only lead to an even bigger mess and the truth will never be found this way.
Mike Adams
Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Joe Citizen
does anyone know who put forth the unconstitutional bill that was passed by both senate and congress that almost had johnson impeached?
Hush Hush
Trump just got elected and his enemies in the media are already thinking: 'How to impeach a president'
Syed Hasan
Come here after watching Trump Fired FBI Director while FBI was investigating his inner circle 😂
sheldon DJ RATIO martin
@Vox keep up the good work,i lean alot watching your videos
honey owen
is it anyone's opinion here that trump fits into at least one of these categories? if a president wants to become a dictator and destroy democracy how can this be done, are there legal loopholes that a president can use? he made a comment ;last week that he's trying to "help" the people but the current democratic process was getting in the way and making it almost impossible to " protect" americans. that scares me.
The video didn't even mention or hint at Trump yet all the downvotes. Why?
So we just need to make moderate republican mad at Trump and we should be good to go.
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