How to impeach a president

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What we can learn from Reconstruction, Watergate, and the Clinton saga. 

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[2:31] CORRECTION: A previous version of this video misstated the year of Andrew Johnson's impeachment. He was impeached in 1868, not 1863.

The founding fathers included impeachment in the constitution so that Congress would have a way to remove leaders who had "rendered themselves obnoxious," in the words of Benjamin Franklin. But the way they set up the process, it's nearly impossible to remove a president from office without substantial support from the president's own party. That's what happened during Watergate: some congressional republicans protected Richard Nixon, but others demanded to know the extent of his involvement in a break-in at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, and the subsequent cover-up. In the words of then-Senator Howard Baker, a Republican from Tennessee, "What did the President know, and when did he know it?" It was pressure from Republican leaders like Barry Goldwater that made Nixon resign before the House could vote on articles of impeachment-- Goldwater convinced Nixon that too many Republicans were willing to vote to remove him from office, he'd never survive a Senate vote. 

The opposite was true during the impeachment proceedings for Bill Clinton. After it became clear he lied during a deposition for a sexual assault suit brought by a former employee, Paula Jones, about his relationship with a different employee, Monica Lewinsky, Republicans in Congress argued the offense was serious enough to be impeachable. Democrats disagreed, and although the House voted to impeach Clinton on a party-line vote, not a single Democratic senator voted to remove him from office. If a President still has the support of a majority of his political party, history suggests the chances for impeaching and removing him from office are slim to none.

While legal scholars, activists, and some Democratic members of Congress have pushed for articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, it seems unlikely at this point that a substantial number of Republicans would break rank in the Senate to create a 2/3 majority in favor of removal from office. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. 

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Try to impeach trump snowflakes, ya know I like pence too.
we need this video now , thank u
Everyone's saying that everyone's saying that the video is about anti-Trump. I still have yet to find a comment like that...
Smol Angry Muffin
The cancerous comments here are simply horrid. Trumpeters didn't even think for a second about South Korea. Sorry trumpeters, you're not special.
Trump hasn't done anything that merits an impeachment.. yet
Cool potato
Trump should stay, USA being controlled by a shirtless bear-mounted guy is kinda fun
UnbEaTabiL pErson
Mass Killing of Iraqis, afghani, Libyans, Yemeni not count as serious crime? Welcome to USA.
Lol Americans who do not understand English and think this is strictly an anti-Trump propaganda....uneducated swines.
Lol if Hillary were president this video wouldn't exist lmao
Brett Brenner
If it's illegal to help our enemy's... how can we ever make peace with our enemy's? Wtf is this
When a president survives an impeachment trial, does jeopardy attach to the impeachable offense?
The president has indeed rendered himself obnoxious--well said Dr Franklin. Can't we just get rid of him already? Living under him is as terrifying as being in the back seat of a drunk driver's car, and liberating ourselves from this dangerous predicament is just as urgent.
Good luck in 2024!
Colby Ballard
Aren't the lobbyist bribed everyday, can we impeach them?
What about a new video called "How to accept the american election result like an adult".
Anderson Clemente
Fora Dilma!
Blazed and Confused
Bernie Sanders is a scumbag.
k Aminé
Donald Trump, here's looking at you đź‘€
Alex Cudwin
i only came for the trump jokes
Trumptards are as paranoid as their supreme orange leader. This was a really well-done video. Really informative. But I guess trump supporters are against an informed citizenry.
Such an innocent time. Now we've got Donald Duck lying every day.
Jason Holtkamp
I would trade 4 years of Trump for 16 years of Pence, 20 years of Paul Ryan, 20 years of Bill O'Reily, a lifetime of George W. Bush, or 2 years of Carrot Top.
Jake Ryan
Good luck, kids. This isn't happening any time soon.
Arthur Paiva
wanna know how? check brazil ;)
green machine
Still deep in Vox's @nus, loving every minute of it. And they do to.
Impeach Tramp and deport Alt-Reichs.
Needed this eight years ago! Not now!
Ja va
too bad Vox is a democratic front
Scot Lemay
This should be a video about how to liquidate a company and give its money to all the medically disabled homeless people. Such a trash company pretending to care for clicks.
It's so frustrating that the right people cannot get impeached because the other members of their party are to greedy for power. The American Governing System is very good, but also has way to many loopholes.
Vox is a MESS!!!
Sarah Mongie
Oh the good ol' days when presidents only had sexual relations instead of relations with Russia.
Great timing on this video Vox :)
Carter C
Obviously you did this after Donald becomes president but sorry this is not happing cause he isn't doing wrong y'all only think that
Trump will never resign, he'll go down in flames on his own till the end... cause he's stupid!
Karl Goldthorpe
4:28 "Determined to impeach the President at all cost." Kinda like now, pretty hypocritical
I came here purely for the comments XD
Pryse Anderson
All I see is comments about dumb trumptards, but haven't seen a single one.
Who came here to find out the steps to impeach Trump?
Kennith Dixon
Is the Office of the President exempt from the laws governing libel and slander?
Seems to me that Vox saw the ridiculous amount of uninformed (and often liberal) people calling for Trump's impeachment and decided they should inform them of the actual impeachment process.
Jose Noriega
Oh, what a surprise.. President Clinton was still popular while the impeachment trials were going.. proving again that Republicans doesn't know what the American people want..
Jose Noriega
Oh back when a president got impeached for lying under oath.. my! how the times have changed! Now, lying under oath ain't a big deal just as long as you scream "dishonest media" loud enough and ignore questions until they stop..
Can't Stump the Trump!
Martin Amarilla
Senate: dude get out
Trump: lol nah
trump is my president
long live emperor trump
Magi Auer
now that we know how who wants to help impeach trump
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