How to Husk and Open Coconut without Tools

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Jukka Jamukka
What if you are an amputee and have no feet?
Mohit Mhatre
Dude why wadte so much energy get a green coconut more heavy ut is more water and taste it is then use a 🔪 knife to cut it from lower side
Clueless2me 3756
He used his shoes
Jordy Nico
This was awesome!!!
Who's dog is that?
You like your coconut how you like you wife?
Revanger Gt
Man vs coconut
Cargo Shorts For President
Use your teeth like a man
CamCam's Biggest Fan
How to open a coconut: takes a coconut and starts bashing it everywhere
Tommaso Gallo
Where are you??
K.R. productions
I call these Survivor coconuts.Greek people will understand.
ulysses l
what county is that
I love you crazy Russian haker
Marcos Rodriguez
How much laboratories does he have?
Kyre Ross
He said pilling the coconut was simple but he breathing like a dog
Misses the coconut and cracks his finger "oooh, looks like i bloke my finga"
Henry Onion 04
Bye bye shoes
mohamed wael
sorry bro. you used your shoes. and that can be a tool. you lied.
He lives in heaven :O
NJ Ainuu
The island way of husking a coconut is way easier.
Vairea Mana
Hello from Polynesia ! :D
Goku Limitbreaker
Loki ive been on that island
Breaking good
all you need is a stick with a point stuck in the ground you can husk it like that
Barek Obema
Nice skate shoes
icey wolf
Black Dragon Ops
I was in the middle of falling asleep while watching this and for a second i actually thought you were stomping on a puppy.
Alfredo Peña
What brand is the hat??
Alexander Hamilton
Good way to slice your flesh open on a coconut shell
abhi trusty
But you are so intelligent, i heard that russians have more amount of gray mater
abhi trusty
It consumes so much of our energy
kettukamera / fox camera
Delicious jews, huh?
luky nuryadin
dude... you forgot your safety eyeglass
Zarek Mora
For every like this comment gets a coconut will be saved.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Brian Smith
Literally dripping sweat all over ahah
Radovan Jelaca
Respect,filming on a vacation
Boom squad, where you at?
lenmarc Dio
Lol have you ever tried the flesh of green coconuts? Cause if you have you'll never eat the brown ones again :)
So is another coconut or something heavy..
a shoe is a tool...
6:49 Can you imagine smashing your finger there? 😂
teris players ???????
nick_ Luigi
How to break your ankles
Mandy XD
Bora bora!!!
beth borden
Bora-Bora so nice of you seen any Iguanas
David Ladlad
Maannn you like tom hanks
Greendragon 4343
I feel sorry for the coconut
Jun Dai
Logan Palmer
And then you can use the empty coconut shell as a bowl!
Breaks every bone in his foot "simple"
Daniel Vsrgas
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