Sanchita Dey
I'll go Elsa or Jasmine probably but in my school there's no prom btw I belong to an Indian school (eng medium )

1 like = helpful please ???
Kim Filippi
Hey, Snow White deserves one, don't you think? Of course it would have to be updated. She's one of the OP's (orig princess)πŸ‘Έ
you are 100 / right Shaikh
Elsa n Cinderella my favorite
Cute Luna
I am a little low on cash... do you take 1$ bills? No? Ok, might aswell buy a dress at thrift town then. πŸ˜‚
Marta M M
Horrible!!! Not even similar... just the color ahahaha.. :/
Saghar Alizade
her voice is so weird
They don't even look anything like the dresses I could do better looking for dresses
Maria Lopez
Maranda Remillard
I'm my future prom I would either do Elsa bell or repunzle.but if I had to pick one it would be repunzle
Melanie Doty
Are they really expensive or not I really love yourself
Mallory Bond
Never went to prom
Sally Lemon
again girls, your body and the models arent the same. dont trust their sponsors
Jenny Lousie grant
These are dresses I can only dream about...aren't few these bit too revealing for prom? Just saying
Abigail The Sloth
Just get to the pictures. Stop giving us the dresses life story
N 786
HbbbhhB !!hb. Z shh
cookies and cream
is it me or am i the only one addicted to Beauty And The Beast live action movie
cookies and cream
whoever didn't watch the live action movie Beauty And The Beast you need to i watched it 6 times it is amazing trust me
food and games
BOI princess aurora was asleep for like an hour NOT ALL HER LIFE
Andie Miller
u do realise that Moana isn't a princess. she's a chieftain
The man In the Box
Ummmm~ interesnting, there wasn't any snow white dress
Mollie Asher
Tbh that poofy tiana dress looks more like the frog
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Texting Storys
How about something affordable
Yara Sleiman
I wish
Gloria Hernandez
beautiful dresses but no money!
Josephine Sybers
I think the prom dress that I wore was either Cinderella or Elsa but it was a ballgown kind of dress and a very light blue one
Ruth Pierrelus
None of these dresses where on my must have list
Jasmine Tucker
i'll try a jasmine one
Beverly Park
N a lot of these just suck
Abhilasha Rai
These dresses doesn't even look any closer to Disney dresses.
Ramiro GarcΓ©s
NeverGo FullRetard
I'm so ugly these prom dresses will make me look like a try hard
Alyssa Martinez
There are 3 Quince dresses........
Scarlett's Lifestyle
Wow I loved belles dress the second one β˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€
Madhavi Badole
just becoz the colour of the dresses match....dosent means that they are inspiredπŸ˜‘
Mega Meg
I'm wearing a belle inspired dress and tying a ribbon with a rose around the waist
Aarushi v.
We don't have prom 😟πŸ˜₯
Anna Paula Dutra
I liked the 1:28 dress better.
on every girl's list? belle's dress from the live action movie??? i hated both of those movies, im sorry, so thats not on my list.
My wedding dress is going to be a huge gown inspired but Rapunzel. Esmeralda is my fave though so I'll do somethin' with that lmao
Sri Harya
I think Moana she is more like Elena
crying noodless
Moana will hunt you tonight if you don't give this like
Daisy Alonso
Beezy Oliver
I would try rapunzel laced gown
Apple Pie
Oh gosh the Tiana dress was hideous
Keyrah Musgrove
Melissa Meier
Can I have the long Elsa dressπŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ‘―
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