Braun Strowman savagely attacks Roman Reigns: Raw, April 10, 2017

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As The Big Dog talks about defeating The Undertaker at WrestleMania and the Superstar Shake-up, The Monster Among Men strikes.


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at 4:13 clear seens the shadows back and in last door are closed..
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fakeeeeeee lolz
piro midis
Umar Shaikh
Roman was not inside the ambulance
Felipe Thomaz
Braun fdp
A. Maulid Zakaria
he's strong tho
Alessia Prestifilippo
batter kic kac😂😂
Tapori Giri
he needs apple 🍎
علاوي المايسترو
ماكوووو ولا عربي هنا
Ronaldo Tarek
It's fake because if you look closely in bottom corner you see roman reigns 's shadows
Little Timmy
dude they need to put braun in thor ragnarok
Caleb Lyda
hell yeah!!
Кузя Матвейка
guber n
braun🐐🐐 you are bad *
umair ahmad
Fake. See at 4:14 a man's shadow is running away.
suraj rajput
all scenes are scripted, look when Braun strowman lifting the ambulance. totally scripted
Soufyan Hilali
hes not that strong bruh
Soufyan Hilali
its all fake you know
Maxwell Romeo
How WWE plays with our mind. at 4:02 Braun got out of the Ambulance and left back the door open. at 4:15 someone's helping Roman gets out of the Ambulance you can even see the shadow of the feet then at the end 4:30 we see the back door closed. Roman was never in that ambulance when Braun flip it. Hahahaha I'm not stupid WWE!!!
Gowthaman Gowthaman
vantha Roman adipan da
Gowthaman Gowthaman
Gowthaman Gowthaman
otha punda brown Stroman omma punda otha Roman Reigns vs brown Stroman omma punda otha punda vantha punda kiluchuruva
Emran Afghan
omg voll cool
Sunil Panjwani
Fake!! :P
When strauman shuts the middle door, Escaping of Roman reigns is visible in the shadow near the back tires of the car.
Sagar Dahiya
Argyris Argyrou
who is that nut
Mohit Parashar
Roman was out from ambulance . you can see the shadow when he was picking ambulance ...
Robert Harris
I love wwe but thats fake sorry
fake- braun left the back door open so roman can leave the ambulance
Dieser hurensohn ich fucke sein Leben ich bring denn um diesen
Arpandeep Singh
they did this so Roman Reigns can Go out of the scene for a while so that they can cool off the Undertaker situation but I dont think its gonna change anything.
Gmaal Lfaas
How the doors of the ambulance closed
#chrisjericho you know what happens when you flip ambulance.. Braun, you just made the list
Alexander Gomez
4:02 Braun Leaves The Ambulance Back Door Open. 4:11 Bottom Left Corner. You Can See Roman Getting Off The Ambulance. 4:30 The Back Door Of The Ambulance Is Closed. It All Fake
saqib khan
i left watching wrestling when i came knew that its fake
Edmundo Valdez
Anyone else see Roman leaving the ambulance at aroun 4:16
roman empire
awesome feud
Zahira Safdar
Throughout the whole video I was like dean Ambrose where are you man
ᴘᴀ-ᴍᴜsᴀ ɴɢᴏᴍ
3:48 when you keep killing someone in GTA online but you still ain't satisfied
Leo Lucero
I wonder how many times he farted once lifted that ambulance
George Daoud
Look bottom left when strowman flips the ambulance and you will see a shadow of roman coming oit
Ban Kyo
Dm tui may cccc
Manuel Gonzalez
Look from 4:10 to 4:20 and look the back of the car is roman going out of it
Golberg destroysssssssssssssssssssss Braun
Basu Maharjan
yolo younis
Cheap shot
1:25 He just molested him!
unicorn Elvis
Why is it Romans hair is always wet
Ravi Luke
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Braun Strowman
Is "not finished with you"
Ileana Bell
I hate brounstrowman
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