Braun Strowman savagely attacks Roman Reigns: Raw, April 10, 2017

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As The Big Dog talks about defeating The Undertaker at WrestleMania and the Superstar Shake-up, The Monster Among Men strikes.


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Evrething Hapens
his like kratos
Evrething Hapens
ysabella nina san juan
why braun strowman always attacking roman reigns
Coen Schutte
4:20 you can see that roman left the car
Adam Lovin
can and jar
Nice feake
Liamgamer Lol
minecraft roblox
that is not coo
Ethan Merritt
so REAL not fake😴
ajit khan
hii every one
ajit khan
hii every one
IcookieOn YT
Why don't they call the cops
Andrei Sombillo
Tripathi t Divyansh डी
it is a fake news from wwe
AizenBrukes Oii
i think his the strongest men lifting a ton dayuum
The Mr.W Channel
3:48 when you're almost done with your video game boss battle after saving where you left off.
Dj Styles
this was fake
when he pushed him off the ledge his arm didn't have any tatoo
Prince King
When they kept on saying Braun I remembered that scene from Finding nemo with the Seagulls 😂😂😂 Bruan? Bruan? Bruan Bruan Bruan bruan Bruan bruan Bruan bruan bruan Bruan bruan Bruan bruan bruan bruan Bruan Bruan Bruan bruan Bruan bruan Bruan bruan bruan Bruan Bruan bruan bruan bruan bruan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Roman Bliss
that guy us a add hole
jay dogg
lame dumb fake gay
Rosine Danon
strowman cet fait reigns au diner
simo05 Ciarcelluti
vai John cena Gabi
wtf wtf wtf
Joshi Laxay Laxa JOSHI
facu men
Hossam Rokho
lol how the door that ambilance get locked in 4:30 . strowman didn't close it when he get out
Andrew 1059
3:08 Camera fail!
Stelios dabiaris
Jolker Contreras
that is not funny
ManTheMagician 14
4:10 you can see Roman's shadow of him getting out and when Braun took the stretcher roman had no tatoo
ManTheMagician 14
this was fake
Floyd Halilintar
from behind, braun looks like roadhog from overwatch
povre roman reigns
CoolHayd 14
Was I the only one to expect Braun coming back with a machine gun and say "IM NOT FINISHED WITH YOU!" And shoot Roman
dark lenny !!!
Milan Kunwar
what a fake attack
Manpreet Bhangal
Wow that will hurt
wwe is fake
Sai Vura
This is fake. You see that at 4:01, Braun left without closing the doors, then at 4:11, there was a shadow at the side of the truck. Then at 4:29, the doors are closed, the referees helped roman get out of the truck before braun pushed it over.
Supendra Sirpali
Can I want
Ammad Khaicer
no w
Jeremy Lintz
couple words you can't flip a car I mean what the Frick
That is so fake 😂😂Roman reigns got out of the car when Braun cuz getting the car up
Luis Castro
f**k all bruan fans
Aaliyah Gatt
if I was there i will help you roman reighns
Syed Tamzid Ahmed
4:11-4:14 see roman is getting out from Ambulance :)
beanie girl
he should get fired
DeQuan Waters-Smith
i THink him losing was a bit too much, Roman Reigns, in aftermath.... its is all over.
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