I was nearly kicked out of my high school once when a new Resource officer was brought in. He thought I was 30... I was 16. Just last Christmas my Fiancée and met an older woman who thought I was my Fiancées dad... She thought I was 52. Im currently 22. The horror of rapidly graying hair and a full, thick beard.
I enjoyed the video.

i left a comment that was related to the video. SUE ME.
Wyatt Cusick
He said that she was 9 and she was 24
Eric Mann
That just shows that 21 is a stupid age just go with 18 like every other normal country
Looking In With Victor B
Murph should get that champ stamp tramp scamp as a permanent tattoo
The curse of having a baby face and being unable to grow a beard..... I have never not been carded ever and everyone thinks I'm like 16-17 and I'm 20 (legal age in Canada is 19 btw)
Ben Mogensen
My bday is actually st. Patrick's day
Ex Machina
you simply need to ask for their blockbusters membership (it already worked)
Sporky The Man
The first guy has the same birthday as me
Jelly Bean
Hahah dude who likes NoDoubt in 2015 is 34....bang on. So they did that math! Now we know how old the bouncers are...:)
bjir kang
Champ stamp, bro thats a Tramp Stamp
Ghost Girl
I'm never gonna look older and it sucks. But I'm like 5 so
My friend is 14 and he has a fucking full youngstache and a yeard
Ozca Fidgets
It's Julia from the bullying grant video
did you guys see the polo Association product placement
Monday's insanity
beard guy is definitely ryan Reynolds
Peyton Darville
how did I get from minecraft to this
Bork The Swedish Chef
lets in 2 babieface, guy with full beard comes"your not 21" 😑
Jamie Holding
Having finished uni at 20, I have no idea how people go so long without pubs/clubs/bars/drinking.
can't tell someone's age from their facial hair, i'm 17 and i got a tony stark goatee
Lucas Klein

Vibhu T
That last person is as old as my teacher
Murphs show came out october, this vid to promote it came out november, doesn't match up sorry
Radke Vids
12, no 9!
Dr. Eggman
So many Clinton Supporters pissed off from the 1 in 5 video
Iyas Al-Talafha
I was 17 when my beard grew to cover most of my face, I told a shooting range I was 26 to let me shoot real guns, and it worked
Caleb Boatman
Well this was ripped off
Jaromir Pavlat
"he has a moustache" so what? i have a Full beard since i am 13.......
Bianca Taylor
That chick is the same person used by buzz feeds version of this game
Pleb Blud
these 20 year olds look so much older than me and I'm their age
Literally being 18-20 is so shitty. I'm 20 and it's sucks when all of your 21+ friends are going to bars and the best clubs and cool venues and events, but you can't even go
I just flicked a booger
Balling Like Choji
is that the dude from "happy endings??"
I have a crush on him, but he's straight so..... lmk if you wanna try somthing new
Cheesycurve 54
champ stamp
I've had a full beard since 6th and a moustache before that.
AngelNeko Cosplay
I'm 16 and people always think I'm iny early twenties.
Malafreakay y
how is Murph a bouncer
as a bartender it's just something you kinda get used to doing. I was right with all of them except for the black kid.
This reminds me of papers please
OOOOR how about you ask for ID?
A Bundle Of Sticks
At the bar:
person walks up
Person: Can i go in?
Bouncer: Rather than seeing your ID i will guess your age!
Jordan Randall
Is this a practical joke parody
Cole Bilbrough
I was born on august 6th
Jarin Jk
ohhhhhhh my god that last gal looked so uncomfortable wtf why would you say "haha ur 15!!!1!!!1!!!! lol!!" dude not cool
My problem is I'm 6 foot 3, 15 year old and still growing and I get charged frequently for adult tickets.
cha np stamp
I'm on a never-ending quest to find comments that are actually about this video.
Emelord emeralds
The first guy born in august of 93 wasn't 21, but the guy born three months later was???
Kevin Kem
Adam Pally!
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