6 Life Hacks for Glue Gun YOU SHOULD KNOW

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Hello my dear friends,in this video I'm going to show you 6 awesome Life Hacks for Glue Gun.

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Tissue Ninja
M.alimushtaq2 Mushtaq Ali
vibha mahajan
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Did he just glue a carpet to the floor what happens if you want a new carpet
AvGaming Tv
i don't get it.
Aro Ehsan
Tommy Long
one last: if your mom has cancer just glue it.
Alpha Beta
How much is that Nike✌️😂
Zosia Sztyber
ϟ KheiroN ϟ
I think this channel should be called adology instead
Buse Saç
Harika fikirler
Kevin Somosot
But it can damage the battery.
Zachary Newton
Iman Omerovic
bas si cool
tuba khan
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Igor Ratusiński
I;thing is stupid idiots @!!!
#4 was very bad because the dried glue become sticky glue if it touches heat.
aide montelongo
es la mejor manera que he visto para perder mi tiempo ,mi dinero y mi silicon
b b
ma poi come to gli la polvere sotto il tappeto se lo incollo
Mighty Justin Bumanglag
When you win free glue for a year
Kawaii Potato1399
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Singh Manjit
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samad syed
the thumbnail didnt matching to this video
Kylliefaith 17
At 2:03 in the video did anyone else notice the yezzys in the background
Layla Hawkins
he was using the rug one to show off his shoes
Slime Girlz
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2:40 y despues llegatu mama del trabajo y te manda en penitencia por haber pegado la alfombra al piso :v
Pedro Boff
Sonja Ivanovic
can you whrite like this
apifa akther
good idea
Positive Girl
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Ssk Boy
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McNear Treasurer
parkour studio
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Martyna Matak
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8 Bit Otaku
#3 completely removes the point of using screws
Francisco Javier Lujan Castellanos
guau que fácil es hacer todo esto 🙂
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