Why People Are FREAKING OUT About Men Being Banned From Sweden's New Music Festival...

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Girl Sees Racism in Strikeout Counter:

Woman Fights Off Man in Bar:

Man-free Music Festival:
https://heatst.com/world/sweden-planning-man-free-music-event-after-rapes-sex-attacks-at-festivals/ http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/07/05/swedish-feminists-organise-no-men-music-festival-prevent-sex-assaults/

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Philip DeFranco
Very excited to announce my No Gregs Allowed Music Festival,GOFUCKYOSELFGREGVALA! It will be starting tomorrow somewhere in SoCal! The Planning of Fyre Festival, but without the Greg problem. <3
John Cool
the lesbians are marking their calendars to rape young women......i bet you it will be a disaster since women cant afford it.....they eventually come to us for money....you aint getting shit unless you suck my dick and make me a sandwich.
John Cool
kkk is 3 strikeouts dumb women.
John Cool
4:31 the reason women should never be leaders....too emotional and too stupid.
dylan bellerose
Well, let's just wait until the lesbian rape reports come out.
Michael Groesbeck
Culturally people should be shamed for denigrating any symbol of Unity FOR BASIC IDEA'S, NO MATTER HOW MUCH PEOPLE SEEM TO CONTRADICT THEMSELVES.
Alvin Reynosa
Alvin Reynosa
Go serve in our military then speak on this subject
Yonas Getu
I think one huge question is if only women are allowed to attend as guests, what about performers and others associated with performers?
RgabbyC :.
Dereck Casas
Im curious to see the outcome of an "Ladies only" concert.... will it sell well? will It reduce assaults reported?.....fuck it! social experiment time!
Scorpio Syndrome
The festival is fine. People are allowed to host whatever they want as long as it does not physically harm someone.

Men will not be harmed by such a festival taking place, no victim no crime.

However all the extreme criticism and hatred in the form of comments on the internet is also fine, as once again no one is physically harmed.

I think this woman is insanely sexist with a delusional point of view, and probably shouldn't be allowed to host events due to her mental ailment that causes her to think this way.

Unfortunately however, aside from criticism there's not much we can do to change popular stereotypes, and such it shall remain: All men are rapists, all women are sluts. All men are pigs, all women are snakes.
Randy G
How did Swedes go from being Vikings to wearing pussy hats?

Petra Rosenberg
Bråvalla is not a rock-concert btw it’s more house, rnb, dj’s and some pop artists... and I think it’s a good thing to make it men-free because of all the situations there have been the last 2 years. People who go there are drunk all day and night and that’s why its happening. They are there to party and not for the music, and the attendants are teenagers and up to people around 35 max in age (of course there can be some older people as well but not so many). Compare Bråvalla with Sweden Rock Festival. People are drunk there too, but they are there for the music. Sweden Rock Festival tickets cost 5 times more than a ticket to Bråvalla, that’s why people are there for the music and there is a very small numbers of fights and I don’t ever heard that someone has been raped at the Festival.

Sweden rock Festival have attendants is in all ages, kids with ear protection, teenagers, young adults, middle age, and also people that has passed both their 70-s and 80-s birthday. Sweden Rock Festival is expensive to go to if you want to be there all four days, it will cost about 300 USD just for entrance. Then you need money for food, drinks (water, beer, wine etc), and off course you need to pay for your stay there. Most people have tents but it cost to get a tent place, but some has campers and it costs for their camp place too, or lives in hotels in the nearest city’s (Sweden Rock Festival is in a little small town called Norje and there is not a hotel there). When me and my husband used to be there we were lucky to have a friend who lives in Norje in a house not far away from the Festival area so we stayed at his place, but we paid for it of course. There were lots of people that was living in his garden, either in his two old campers or in their own tents and everybody paid for their stay there. And he also had a big driveway so people could park their cars there for about 10 bucks if they was only there on the Festival for a day and should drive home after. And every year we have been at Sweden Rock Festival it has cost totally (for me and my husband) around 1200 USD and that includes the 4-days passes for us both and the cost for our living there, and the rest is for food and drinks. We didn’t buy more that 5 or 6 drinks when we were in the Festival area because we didn’t wanted to be drunk so we could remember all those awesome bands that was playing... (for example Kiss, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Night Ranger, and all the other bands. They always have big bands coming and they have seven stages whit different bands on them from 12pm to 12am or something like that. Next year for example two of the headliners are Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne. And totally there are 80 bands and artist performing. Everything from death metal, melodic rock, hard rock and southern rock (like for example Lynyrd Skynyrd). So there is something for everybody. I can’t wait for the next time we can go there but I have cancer and I have to get free from that first.
Anna Elise
Women molest and rape too. :/ I dont feel secure as a woman because men are not present. In my experience excluding men in events enbolden female rapists because their victims have the illusion of safety.
Idk if men did a ‘non-female’ only concert i feel like it would be portrayed as sexist and discriminatory but a lot of people but its ok for women to do it? Idk it just doesn’t seem fair
jordy plays games
Fuck your music, I don't need to go to Sweden I have fucking YouTube
Mr Gory Giant
I don't like America neather
Zakaria Moradi
No men=no humans and I really can deal with DEAL WITH IT!😂 ok back where we what were talking (having some problems here guess WHAT deal with it) about wait where was I?😂 ok ok look I’m a girl AND DEAL WITH IT just DEAL WITH IT! #tomanyDEALWITHIT 😂 if some man came and touched ma booty (BOOTY😂) I would say...BOOTY I’m joking I would say....Touch ya own BOOTY how bow dat mate 😂
Northern Light
The problem is probably real, but the men doing the harassment are not Swedes, but they are Muslim men. But because they cant ban Muslims, they must ban all men.
Joey Blight
that's what happen when your government and the people can't face reality and keep importing rape culture. only europe is stupid enough to import people from uncivilized countries. specially from war torn countries why the heck did saudi arabia(muslim country) ban all immigrants from entering their country? think about that. safezone would be much safer than endangering your citizen. check how many children got raped in europe thank merkel for that. now sweden is the rape capital for europe NICE!
aquariuspro gamer
i thought this was a joke
Ilija Akopov
I live in Sweden and I can say that 99% of the people I associate with don't give a shit.
W. L.
It's more like the music festival equivalent of the Jim Crow laws.
Peyton Robinson
I literally remember in Kindergarten my teacher told us all that if anybody wants to join in a game or activity, you should let them or offer them to join no matter what race, gender or age they were. It honk we should all go back and learn what respect is.
Peyton Robinson
Excluding all men is just downright stupid. It'll cut the sales and many females will probably feel disgusted by this. I know I would, even though I don't live in Sweden. No matter what the problem is, you can't just blindly point a finger at a man and claim he's sexist, just like you can't point fingers at one random kid who didn't do anything. See, this is why feminists aren't taken seriously. It's because we take every little thing and make it into a mountain when it's just an anthill. A guy doesn't lend you a pencil? Sexist. An employer picks a male over a female because he's just better? "tHaT'S sExiSt!" No, it's because your incompetent and should work harder instead of expecting things to be handed to you on a silver platter.
Sweden is filled with SJWs, feminists,and ofcourse FUCKING IMMERGRANTS..what did you expect
Christopher W. Hearne
Why don’t they just ban the Muslims from the festival? Wouldn’t that solve the sexual assault problem? This also happened in Germany
Kevin R
Just a thought, but why not let both genders into the concert and simply keep them separated, like with a divider or something? Or would that be impossible to enforce? I mean, we have separate restrooms for similar reasons.

Also, I don't care if 95% of men are sexual deviants. You can't punish the 5% who behave themselves for the actions of the majority. And I am so tired of people assuming men have advantages women don't have simply because they are men. I don't assume that any woman is always going to be physically weaker than any man, even if that's the case on average. So don't assume that every single man has opportunities that women don't. You don't reduce a person to their race or gender. Just don't.
Antonio Leyba
How can they have a female only rock concert when most rock bands are filled with men
Really? Self defence? Come on. If you truly believe that then this is a case of exceeding the limits of necessary defense.

But lets talk about something more interesting. The festival.
Let's focus on rapes first. Fun numbers time. Sweden has highest rape rates in Europe. I was surprised. In 2010 it was 6,3 and in 2014 it rose to 6,7 per 1000 citizens. That's per year. So during 4 days of the festival we get a 0.073 rapes per 1000 citizens during 4 days. Now the stats from the entirety of the festival look like this: 0.089. Quite literally, those women were as likely to be raped on their way home from work as they were during the festival.

In Poland we have a similar problem with our little free festival of 250 000 people (this year alone). It's considered a high risk event, even though it's one of the safest, if not the safest festival in poland. Especially when you consider how many people attend. Btw. There was only one reported rape and one attempted rape. 151 other crimes, some of them being battery, mugging, theft etc. etc. And that's still lower crime rate then one of our biggest turist destinations. Kraków. Not by much. Like 0.01 or 2 per 1000 citizens, but still lower. And then you have the allegation those were done by refugees. Honestly, after what happened in Germany on 2015's new years eve I would not be surprised.

But real talk. When you go to a big event like that. Keep safe. Stay with your friends. Don't wonder off. Don't drink too much. One woman reported she "changed her mind." And then there's the fact that the women reported it after the event and because of the time passage were unable to describe their attackers. Really??? Honestly, to me it seems like a case of regrets.
I'm not a big music fan. I go to festivals for the camping and having fun with friends part. Rather then standing in one place and listening to some terible quality sounds comming from oversized speakers. And a lot of people are like this.

Here's a fun anecdote. One of my friends this year was camped near the supposed rapist that was reported. She said she saw the woman and the man drinking. She also saw, that the guy went to his tent alone after they finished. Maybe she was mistaken. But if she's right then I guess his farts raped her. Do you guys remember this? Hilarious :D

I also wonder how big this women only event will be. A lot of people come as couples. There are even families with kids. Then there's the fact that, although not by much, men still come in noticably greater numbers to festivals then women. Then you have people like who don't care about the music and just want to camp with friends.
I think if they were to take whatever percentage of this years women who came to the event and try to set it up to accomodate those women, then they will fail spectacularly. But those are just my thoughts. I bet I'll forget about it in a day or two.
Ryan Bindner
this is Sweden and it might be their new guests https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPtNON6sHXw
Seth Farmer
to quote brad pitt dont diminishes a culture then speak of its customes.
Ryan Bindner
it is the Muslim migrant problem all crime in Sweden has increased by 80% since the refugees showed up and the government isnt calling it out because they don't want to be seen as Islamophobic.
Gabrielle Ford
That girl is stupid. If you don't like your country leave. We don't want you here. People were also using free speech back, free speech works both ways you know.
victor gaudu
The festvial thing is fine so long as they allow in parallel an all guy festival. But non mixed festivals are super boring imo.
John Dragon
Rock in rio is larger than this and they dont have much problems
Zion Pena
This sweetish bitch is sexist I mean It's not good some guys are rapists but you can't just ban guys I mean she advertises this festival to be completely safe but you know women can commit coolant crimes to so I'm sorry I don't want to attend some people but fuck this tupid sweetish bitch
Richard Scott
Will only women musicians be allowed at this festival? How about only women truck drivers, electricians, stage riggers, lighting techs, audio techs, security guards, etc? Since gender is a choice these days how will they know who is a man and how isn't?
You know what, shes right.. lets segrigate women, lets make them cover their entire bodies in public, lets keep women sheilded from men. Lets make the west just like Syria or Afghanistan
Great idea ladies! Sharia law for all, because of the criminal few
I hope the raw footage is available. 😍
Linda K.
I would never cite the Supreme Court. They allowed Jim Crowe laws. And the murder off the unborn.
Old Gregg
because of the shitty black and brown people destroying sweden #islamisdumb
Rapes happen every 1 hour in Sweden and that only happend with the great muslim migration happend
Jess In Comments
Because refugees muslim men are raping Sweden woman. Yet they still attack American people lmao.
Gomez aws #2
No women allowed because women hate our community
Wobbe gong
What if you go to the festival and Identify as a woman?
I dont care about an idiot making a video that harms no one. I agree with her that your feelings dont count (Symbolism is very dangerous if followed in a "faith based" manner, if you dont believe that, look at other cultures that do this).

The Female only festival:
Question 1: Why do they have specific amount of cases, but have no data on how many of those cases were due to migrants?
Seems very disingenuous to me. However I have heard reports on Sweden silencing that sort of data, but since Im not there myself, cant tell.
Question 2: how many females are going to even go to a female only event? Will it even be worth doing it if few females show up?
Question 3: What stops those who are sexually inappropriate to assault females outside of the event? (Especially since no men will be there to keep them safe, since you know... there are guys that will help a woman who is being attacked by another man.).
Question 4: Is this sex segregation in its early stages?

I dont think people are actually thinking this thru, just saying what sounds "right". Not like that ever turned our wrong, right?
Hal Heywood
way to much bullshit . .
Hal Heywood
Emily Lance . needs a spanking . a stern lecture on what's right and a good ass fucking .and whisper in her ear it will all be over soon . she will love you in the end . ..LMAO . just saying .
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