10 Embarrassing Fashion Trends We Want To Forget

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top 10 worst clothes people thought were fashionable in the past
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FallOutGirl 321
there is a kid in my school who still has a mullet... i am in 6th gradeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Troll Lo Mein
Leggings better last till the death of me, shit got me doing 360s on my neck
Autumn rain
leggings and jeans are all i wear
Alec Fortin
Yoga pants on girls never need to die out
Dat Boi
What about those ugly azz sandals that teen girls wear now-a-days.
Yeah back in the 70's and 80's we did wear crazy hairstyles and outfit's but atleast our asses weren't hanging out.
Sandstorm xox
Let me say, there are 2 types of leggings: the one that the hot girl in math class with the big butt and a new boyfriend each week wears; and the skin tight (non see through) pants that everyone wears.
OK, I really do not have an issue at all with leggings-as long as the lady in question is suitably equipped to wear them.
Stacey Baez
well i mean, leggings never left. tbh i want shoulder pads to come back in 2017 idk thats just me lol xD
The leggings one can stay as long as the right person is wearing them! But the first old person I see wearing them I'm done!
Mullets worn right:
Kurt Russel, Escape from New York.
Roddy Piper, They Live.
Mel Gibson, Leathal weapon.
And oh yeah:)... RAMBO!!!
Evan Thanus
Leggings are awesome
I don't agree with the saggy pants but it's ridiculous that there are laws against it while there are none for the legging "pants."
But people still sag their pants here in the UK, and it is not illegal
Ella-May Bleasdale
I'm wearing leggings right now 😬
1:42 I still wear leggings!
you guys are rly fucking boring lol and some of theese trends arent as bad as you say ooh and also ADAM SANDLER IS AWESOMEEEE
Wolfgang15 AJ
Tbh leggings were not that bad i wear them lol im 12 :3
Whitecotton World
Saggy pants is still very much alive today. Your head stuck under a rock?
Kevin Wakeland
I believe I speak for all men when I say let us never forget leggings
SF-A2 Miki
I'm a lolita and I wear hop skirts sometimes....
Jake Bolling
leggings need to stick around forever
Scott Hall
I never did any of them
Saggy pants trend needs to die, but, I will never let go of my leggings.. lmao I hate wearing jeans so I usually wear leggings with a hoodie πŸ‘Œ
Electric Grizzley
no one wants legging to go away. Trust me
Daniel Ortiz
Why I love girls so in leggings any guys agree lol
Nope nope nopety
The saggy pants trend is STILL AROUND
iTumble Cheer
BRO leggings ARE pants. I wear them everyday... and in my opinion, they look ugly under shorts πŸ˜‚
Sweet Treats
Laura & Delphi
But leggings are bae!!!!!! why would anybody want to get rid of them, seriously
Butt Shark
sagging pants is still going. also why would anyone want leggings to go away?
Peon34 Playz
what the fuck are crokaws
Peon34 Playz
leggings are awesome
Peon34 Playz
what is so bad about leggings
Daniel Anter
0:11 why is Bill Ray Cyrus here?
Summer Butts
nathan butterfield
they lure you in with a picture of a hot girls ass and then never show it,
Wxflie Mix
Nooooooooo leggings!
xxxIzThe GOAT
sagging aighnt that bad
Jared Wullschleger
Leggings aren't that bad actually.
leggings are a blessing from the heavens when properly utilized by the ahem right women, you bite your tongue voiceover woman reading from a script youmwere given lol
leggings are a blessing from the heavens when properly utilized by the ahem right women, you bite your tongue voiceover woman reading from a script youmwere given lol
Trinity C.
i guess moms need to help pull some peoples pants up
Iwka Iwanowa
well, I think that most of these can look nice when done right ;)
Pug lover307
leggings are awesome
five nights at arianas
I wear leggings and there fine I don't see why they are a bad trend
ati's greeneye
i really hate the saggy pants thingy 😬😬😬
Luis Galindo
"saggin is faggin" remember that ...
Shay Martin
Uh I'm pretty sure sagging pants have been around way longer than that
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