10 Embarrassing Fashion Trends We Want To Forget

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top 10 worst clothes people thought were fashionable in the past
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Andrew Ogles
leggings are good girls that are ugly and dont work out shouldn't wear them
Siavash Pourmonir
Why all the legging hate?
Quick fact about the sagging pants. "It originally began in a prison in New Mexico to designate the homosexual inmates."
Aylin Zamora
I only wear leggings because their comfy
Michael Talbot
I agree 100% with 10 Embarrassing Fashion Trends We Want To Forget but, I would change "want" to "must".
The "craucou" shoe (I misspelled it I'm sure) has made a comeback in the form of Mexican dancing boots. The toes are even longer and don't seem to be a spreading trend.
Valerie Buller
bitch I will always love leggings who u takin about?
Little bean Alien
Zanieski Sophia
Leggings are awesome but people need to wear longer ones so that their behinds won't be hanging
go to any hood around me and everyone is still sagging their pants. that shit isnt going anywhere fast.
Beleszove Foldlanya
leggings are the best!
Aubrey Tenney
I love leggings
Happy Happy
Saggy pant are coming back nnnnnoooooooo
theglittergamer xoxo
I have OCD and even the first one nearly killed me
Elizabeth Rilea
Crinolines are really flammable and often led to the death of the wearers
Simmer Boil
Really? Thats strange because where I come from if a cop tried giving some gang banger a ticket for wearing (B)aggy pants not SAGGY, but uhh, yeah. That cop is getting shot about 20 times multiplied by however many thugs he's rolling with who are ALSO all wearing baggy pants. Give him a ticket PPPHHHH that's hilarious. That's suicide only a complete retard would, oh wait he's a cop. Nevermind, carry on.
Irela Charvaria
I LOVE leggings and I'm wearing a pear right now! Anyone else 😄😂
Am I the only one that thinks Leggings is slutty-lookin'?
Aphmau_Senpai FNAFLOVER
Destiny Baltimore
sometimes people should pull they pants up all the time
DD putzicker
"saggy pants" originated in a san fransisco prison where wearing your pants as such meant u were available to rake the schnitzel up the schnitzhole. real gangsta faggots.
hey! i loved david bowies mullet!
beirano ariano
1:42 How you can't see the Satanic sign (inverted cross) lol
lethalbacon _
Emily Chemly
Leggings are the best.
Angelic Phoenix
Leggings are fine if they aren't too tight and some of these trends look good on some people.
Your fat Friend
who df would want leggings to go away? Jeans make me kill myself. And skirts don't even get me started.
Gavin Mudge
Raccoon Proof
Leggings were never something we'd wanna forget about, they're so comfortable and great workout pants
There was a goat ad at the beginning XD
Alvina Chilson
my brothers still do the saggy pant trend
As a man, I have no problem with most women wearing leggings.

Unless we are talking about the women who are so fat leggings are the only thing they can fit into, then I am against it 100%
I'm a reenactor and actually hoop skirt are quite fun to wear and quite comfortable you'd be surprised
Solineis Rocha
I love saggy pants
Andrew Mayo
#1 you mean, anyone who went to highschool after the year 2000
Anthony Smith
Hell no.............sagging should definitely be number one🤔
Lord Xephos
Brenda Bobo
Give it time .all of the styles will be back
hypnoteak 68
only black People Weaving saggy pants for the gangsta look😂😂😂😂
Linda Arabian
some of those "mullets" are actually tuffties.
Air tempest
I saw girls doing the saggy pants.
Alberto Marcillo
My 5th grade teacher had a mullet
The Harem pants are in fact Traditional pants in Turkey
since centuries ago
Creative Cookie
Crakows look FREAKY!
Leggings are awesome,,,, lol e it when my girls wears them in White. Sexy as hell.... Not when fat chicks wear them though... Errgh.
Kawaii Penguin
Leggings aren't going away for a LONG time so don't try to forget them
destiny phongmany
Harem Pants bb.
Alexa Nicole
shoulder pads have barely even gone away lol
Let's RANT
I love leggings and I'm especially when they're on women
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