Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love (Live Session)

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Ed Sheeran performs Give Me Love, live and acoustic on Nigel the guitar - performed all the way back in November 2011 for In Demand

Yomin Jeong
How old is he😊😊😊
Wendy Lu
Oh my dear angel, what I have done to deserve you..
AGdoll PH
Ert D
(drop mi pants hearing this voice performer),.
Ert D
(where can I find this singer the youu?),.
Jadden Ortega
who still watching this 2017
what chords is he playing?!?! πŸ˜₯ cant find them
Richie Lew
i love the scruffy look he has like how it looks like he just woke up
GΓΆzde O.
How did he moved out to London when he was just 14 and how he lived on a couch with no money for too long.I feel the pain when he sing and I really can't imagine how he felt the pain.This guy is something else.He is really strong and it's because he is too emotional to pass through all of these things he had but he made it.He really worked hard.
And here I am looking myself,who is a 17 yrs old girl desperate about life.
Ed is such an inspiration for me.I'm just thankful for he did that "runaway" moved to London,left Alice and made music for us.
Alice Wong
No one can top your voice Ed Sheeran πŸ’– No cover is better than your singing πŸ’–
Arabella Fritsch
I love watching his old live preformances his voice is still incredible but you can hear his raw passion for his music in his older preformances. He was and will always be my favorite artist
Arabic 8
Even drinking is getting fat, music does it taste good but sometimes I blame the lylics, cause life ain't stop like death, I wish Everyone's wealth and health...living at the corner of my room...Love is the most dangerous thing...
Saf Salvador
look at his little blue Peter badge. he's too cute!!
Hye Yeong Jeon
wow he seems really young at that time but what an appealing voice... I'm crying
His voice is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.
Artyomka Ne Skazhu
Maybe you say whats tabs he play?
Sean VΓ­ctor
Chris Tine
he's skinny before
Anders Nedergaard Larsen
Does he use standard tuning?
Miguel Maturana
the closest I have ever felt from heaven.
Midori _
this song will go down in history
Shanaz Aktar
Omggg I'm dying. Luv him so mich can I have his voice plz
Shanaz Aktar
I love him so much. Kiss kiss ed sheeran
how does he strum so effortlessly without any pain?? i wanna be able to strum like that ahhh
little fairy
Doesn't he look somewhat like dean ambrose
Erika H
im obsessed with this pls check out my cover
Gorgeous! Love you ed
Karina Silva Costa
muito bom
There's a few things that makes me adore this guy for his music. 1. He's so passionate about his music, you really feel how much love and thought he puts into every single one o fhis songs. 2. The lyrics of his songs are just beautiful. They are prefectly relateable if you end up in a common situation based on ralationships mostly, and it really help getting over people, or help out your relationship if you like the same music or even learn it yourself for your significant other. 3. He's so down to the ground, he's charges very little for tickets, shakes the hands of people in the back and all over the place because he knows what it's like to be poor. 4. He's such an amazing person, always walking around with a smile, he doesn't shy away or walk past fans, even if he is in a hurry.Deffinitly one of the top reasons why i haven't lost my faith in humanity yet.
Hah, good to get out some of the feelings...
Maria Hi
i cant i cant i cant AH
Aakash Sandhu
Ive seen my whole music in him
this songs hits me so bad everytime
Stacey Ryder
serious talent.....respect
Isabel ez
Alexis Whitt
June of 2016 and still obsessing over him even just at 16 😌
carole nimpagaritse
love you ed sheeranβ™‘β™‘
Dakotah Chelgren
LOVE this song, but loop pedal is crucial
Mirele Souza
Amoo essa musica 😍
Cassie Allred
My baby!! He was so young and little and precious!! Not much has changed, he's so perfect
Higor Florentino
meu Deus πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’˜βœ‹
Liam Owen
take guitar lessons ed πŸ˜‚
there standing normal not even famous 20 years old man just performing hes song .2016 one of the best musicians in the world
Ana Carolina Amorim de Souza
Ed Sheeran have one beautiful voice 😍
Sagar Pavani
he looks different in here, bt his voice... still as magical as it is nw
"give me love like her"??? is the girl lesbian or is he singing to a man ???? just asking no hater tho #edfan lol
Nicole Mereles
maravilloso.unico.increible.ed sheeran
Iris Oliveira Dantas
Poderia escutar a sua voz todos os dias e nunca enjoaria
Jessica Wong
he looks like a baby here! only 20. so young.
Michelle Schmid
oh god he looks so little
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