Trump Team Freaking Out Over Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Skit

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Donald Trump has made it clear that he hates Saturday Night Live due to Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him on the show, but when Melissa McCarthy impersonated Sean Spicer in an SNL skit this past weekend, the White House apparently lost their mind. Not because it portrayed Spicer as erratic and buffoonish, but because he was parodied by a woman. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

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R Arbuckle
Excellent skit. Bad review. A collection of overused annoying clichés. Not an original thought in there.
Tlielt Huddab
Red Menace
People need to hit that thumbs up button, the paid russkie trolls are working overtime trying to save their massive failure of their investment in Trump.
Sean Spicer is half a man at best. So I don't see what they're upset about.
Can we just have another vote and if 75% of the popular vote is anti Trump, throw him out? They can just leave the White House empty til 2020. No one will notice.
Lol..... !
dictator traitor Trump
John Taylor
Why are they upset!!!! They Give Saturday night live "All" their Material" This whole Administration is a "Joke" waiting to happen!!!!
Blakk Bonez
another spot on impersonation by snl.
Tom Chapman
-- It's an exaggeration but it's actually quite accurate and is more likeable than the actual Spicer
Angie Tribeca
Who cares what the Trump administration thinks and what Trump will tolerate! Trump is a thin skinned asshole.
Carole Ann Davis
This is the reason why I and a few of my friends don't watch SNL anymore!!!! When I hear that they stopped impersonating President Trump.Sean Spicer I may go back to watching it. P.S. I luved the original SNL from years ago!!!!!!!!!
Cyndi Foore
Insulting is insulting and Melissa McCarthy is a foul mouthed idiot. The only movie I saw her in was Identity thief and walked out at about the first 10 minutes and from there pledged to NEVER watch anything with this foul mouthed pig in it. I want to puke every time I see her.
David Jacquez
trump is the biggest pussy i have seen.
Valerie Lloyd
...but what happened to Trump having "nothing but respect for women"? Even his daughter said so. I guess as long as it's not an actress accurately portraying someone in his administration. Hypocritical Gropenfuhrer
Trump doesn't like ppl making fun of him? What happened to the old story that he's an attention whore who just wants publicity? LOL
Robert stevens
This is nonsense. Spicer himself said he thought the skit was funny.
"According to sources within the White House" – sounds like a fake news... ;)
Elizabeth newburn
Lighten up, Trump!!
MrLTD1100 Steve
Must be time for the muppets to do a sketch.........Maybe Miss Piggy could do the Trump ?
hakima saghir
thin skin prick....
hakima saghir
she s funny .....
Kenneth Durham
A source inside the whitehouse.... That means absolutely nothing at all.
Joshua Rosen
It was absolutely brilliant. Melissa McCarthy was hilarious and spot on. I cannot wait to see a woman portray Trump - that would be fantastic. That said, Alec Baldwin is doing a pretty good job already.
faye martin
Kudos to SNL -can't wait to watch it again Saturday...
Love it !!!😆
Laura Grainger
I cant believe no comment was made on the fact that women aren't weak? The most worrying thing is that this is Trump's main view and issue here.
Alixs Beach
People should listen more... they would learn! (Words) People comments or responses, makes it clear how they feel about whatever! Trump truly thinks FEMALE or second in line... if second. Maybe he has a dog... not sure.
Mommy Garcia
Thin skinned !!! People in the White House !!!
Tarzan M
Funny as hell. U cannot just make this up.
Desiree Singleton
Question: Why do they have tiny hands??? Is it a cult thing?
Tamsin Mc Cormick
Melissa has used her talents and tools available . She is a consumate performer and Sean Spicer is a tool !!
Hopeful Deplorable
BULLSHIT! They all laughed. I did too.
Anna Mullin
The dislikes are the hillbilly trump supporting whinny little dip shits
xristos kalandrias
comedy is politics nowdays, even more!
HAHAHAHA! Freak out all you want, you cry babies. Wah! Sean Spicer is weak.
william sarocka
who said they got upset about it? You did for ratings and to be heard....funny there is no video or audio about anything you said....oh is that because there is none
Joe Martinez
Hitler and angry white men for got there past. The whole of the world will put you back in your kissing cousins closest
j r
Hahaha. "Spicy needs a big boy nap".
family one
this shows just how this administration is so immature and dangerous..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................they see comedy and free will as an enemy.............good luck America !!!!!!
I fear for Spicer----he might get fired if, Trump doesn't like this. Trump is just being weak.
the only thing melissa can get an audience is by playing a man. Lets not forget the over the top acting she had with ghostbusters. Hmmm...over the top is what can best describe her
Clara Mendez
F*Ck trump
Roman Jansen
What a bullshit story
Cynthia Cangiamila
Don Iwans Jr
I agree, I think comedy is comedy, and President Donald Trump shouldn't be so sensitive about it.........Though I think all Liberals are assholes, it is what it is.....and that is a fact....
Sarabella Gignac
Yes I love President Trump ❤️ but this is funny… Everyone should be directed to watch the real White House press conferences everyday then on YouTube for public record ....library for referencing chronological events… at 11 o'clock EST > It's a red pill event…

Truth feeds your soul... because you're soul doesn't get hypnotized by fake news .... So Imagine getting it from the President secretary himself ...source before you read about it from fake news CNN NBC CBS .... all the fakes are loyal to their advertisers .... motivated by money and their need and want to rule the narrative to propagate through out hundreds of media Banks simultaneously ....

The more people that watch the daily press secretary for 30 minutes… will definitely elevate awareness to real news ... at a level of about 3 to 5% or more angle of awareness daily…. Then it's a vertical climb straight up…

Truth is at the end of (Open Source Style transparency Government) tunnel ... let's just make sure the masses get to that press conference .... let's get this conversation started ... let's have critical thinking be the go to response again! Critical thinking will make Americans smart again
Sheila Nicole
President Trump Asshole!
John Doe
it was fantastic!!!
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