Diego Silerio

Donald Trump JR., an idiot... Like Father, Like son

Ooooooo baby... Trump is fucked
R.I.P Fake News
Irma Parker
Honestly, Donald Trump makes me want to vomit!!!! He looks FAKE LIKE "FAKE NEWS".
Dander Spat
Stephen Colbert's best defense is that he more stupid than an idiot. lol
t.v. sauce
Song of Trump Pooping with Vlady Putin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmt1twmg5E4
"Trumpcare doesn't cover that." Ha ha, sick burn! For the sake of Republicans, Obamacare better still be operational. Cause they're going to need it.
thai bao
hump day = wednesday
recap = summarize
explicitly = clearly
collude : work together to trick others
a full news cycle : a full news series
fallout : bad results of an action
bouquet of (n) : a bunch of
blooming headlines : hot headlines
paralysed : prevent sth from functioning properly
spotty : not good in all parts
inmate : person living in psychological hospital
bid a farewell : say good morning
mania for : desire for
treason : action of fighting against your country
Oved G.
Can't wait for mueller to destroy trump family regime drain the swamp
Reese Booth
Months later, we still see "fake news" everyday... so sad
I have some bad news for you about "fake news" from the future.
when u cant get get view without putting trump in the title this show is pathetic
Hector Cornejo
1, 2, Muller's comin' for you.....
You guys remember when you all believed this propaganda nonsense? How do you feel now knowing your queen was behind it all?
Kastras Kammer
Here in germany our right wing already uses lügenpresse(Fake news) for a few years
David Vergara
There should be a special "recall" presidential election to remove trump, keep pence, and paul ryan from gaining power, too many cowards that should not lead Nation of Brave.
fake news? how about the fake president
The TalkShow - JACKIE S. CHAN
He always keeps saying "FAKE NEWS," and I don't even believe this.
Betty Houk
I still can’t believe we aren’t in The Twilight Zone, actually we the people are not in The Twilight Zone it’s The Fake President that’s in The Twilight Zone.
Juan Serrano
walks like a duck,talks like a duck,it must be Donald trump ( I mean duck)😕😯😱😵😏
Crystle b
It's November now and he's still president...
Sondra Kaplan
It is fair to say that trump is the bullshit president.....he needs a brain transplant
Sondra Kaplan
Trump is the king of fake news....who could ever believe this lying piece .....trump you really are off the wall
Rebecca Rhodes
If trump gave Pence a golden shower you could say that Trump peed his Pence
Kate Allen
So why exactly isn't he arrested yet?
"if you elect a clown, you better expect a circus" said someone smarter than I..
lorna nunez
We love it too, ugly son of a bitch
-.- Cat
The kid is an honest kid lmao
Remove, repeal, replace team Trump - Pence - Putin
"Well you know Republican presidents have a spotty record when it comes to hurricanes" no sentence could be more true
SeeingRed Isaid2
People, real talk, just know if Colbert comes up missing (which will be too obvious), or he suddenly have charges brought against him, such as: rape, tax evasion, or whatever else they can "trump" up....just know where they're coming from folks. Watch. Hindsight is indeed 20/20!
Mindy Hitchcock
Wow. why is this moron still president? He and his ship of fools need to sail on into the sunset...
Tim Edmonds
Its reading CUE cards, come on who is going to listen to that? wake up its entertainment.
Stephen Dahlem
there is such a thing as good fake news
Is it just me or does he have such a shit eating grin right then?
Anna Pol
Debbie Gross
And once again, both Teflon Dons were able to slip right through this....
Mario Rodriguez
This guy is his own joke in his own show.
Easy to criticize and push your agenda when most of your audience are a bunch of mindless sheep. Very easy to tell shitty jokes to an audience that already agrees with you. Would love to see someone like Ben Shapiro (Who isn't a Trump supporter) curbstomp Colbert in a debate in front of Colbert's own audience.
lorna nunez
one word for u Don't. Delete..
Joshua Allen
Stephen Colbert's egomaniacal prickishness just fucking infuriates me.
Lynn Owens
I love Colbert's Trump voice!!
Don Rounds
Keep insulting 70% of America, his ratings are taking a huge dump,, Power to the Tool.
Don Rounds
Colbert = Tool
USA superpower and yet Russia is capable to interfere with your elections. How is this possible? Can you interfere into Russia's elections? (hahahahah)
Alpharius Omegon
they tried an exorcism and obiously failed
Bob White
Lucas Davies
audience sleep until earth sound black provision.
Brian Knickerbocker
How could writers for any of these late night shows ever get time off while HE is in office ?
Elaine Ouellette
This whole family just sucks
noxxi knox
grown man bullying a child....

Tashawnda Price
Number 45 is the most ignorant, unqualified person to have as the leader of the Free World. He actually had the nerve to question the intelligence/education of President Obama, when his own tweets prove he doesn't even have command of the English language. However, Trump's supporters will continue to make excuses for his many shortcomings.
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