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Well, we tried twice hahaha, hope you guys enjoyed this! :) Also, my next video will be the "Never have I ever" challenge with my siblings and then i'll be heading down to Texas for the weekend!

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If you've read all of this I love you

US Diet Coke
Jon Dumas
You suck
Rihana Quigley
I love you so much
Benjamin Clark
its diet cole
กะผม นายน้อย
I Love you5555
Kaiyue Yong
Emily Gleason
you. are. very. cool
This was so cool and I'm definitely going to try it. I'll probably end up making my own video of this around New Year's
nancy hernandez
Hi random people
Ernie Maschka
jm-foxy omg
hi tan
gabby marshall
u use diet coke..
Sarah Sawka
I miss old tanner so much and the old golden trio so f-ing much
Geraldite Dugue
Not sure if you remember this
Geraldite Dugue
Ok is the most important part of the time that you are there to help you with your own personal life
Geraldite Dugue
Geraldite Dugue
Ok is the most part of the time that I have to be in a relationship or live with a man who is not a place for a single mother or mother
Geraldite Dugue
Cool thanks for the recommendations though but I think we can get a good day of good time
Squish Jiggy
Andres Mendoza
Use Diet Coke next time it makes a better reaction😂😊
Katy Wise
aren't mentos chocolate
Perky Productions
what happened is that the mentos create chemical reaction sending forcing the coke out of the bottle in a fizz. Since the bath tub was so big the coke had some where to go. But with the bottle it is a little hole that it is trying to get out of forcing the coke flying in the air. So fill the tub with coke, cover the tub with seran wrap right above the coke. then add the mentos. how ever you need a small bottle top sized hole in the wrap. just a tip I love your videos I even copped that merch.
Perky Productions
Im re watching
Cheerful Jules
That coke will stain your tub.
jake Ceredon
the pic wall remind me if my gf
adam thompson
Clean the car it is very dirty
Rachid Dz
bust a justin rice
Your vidios suck
bust a justin rice
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Jackson snapchat Taco Bell Man
Nothing really happened it only bobbled
Jackson snapchat Taco Bell Man
I bet he was sticky after that
Jake Paul Fan subscribe
It is diet coke
DodoDude 38
When the comments are just cancer
Steven Helton
Please Two more bath tub challenge
Joey Soon
Carter Drake
Hunter Horton
Diet coke dumb a**
Niki Simons
You bought the right mentos but it is suppose to be diet coke
SuPeR Toxic 986
go sub to my channle its new!
Joseph Carlucci
Pause at 0:47
Jude Bandstra
That was so lame
Basia Kowalik
Kimi Viitanen
Why you dont have subtitles in your videos
that was fuking gay
Christian Hill
I hope you do more of this and you are cool
Say What You Mean Out Loud Sara K. Howard
❤️❣❤️❣❣❣❣u tanner
John Smith
Soon as the soda is poured out, it fizzed, and the carbonation is mostly gone, so won't work. That's why when in bottle works.
Avery Ross
your an idot
Dj Bolden
can you buy me some mint
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