Saito: The Sushi God of Tokyo

simonandmartinasimonmartinasimon and martinaTokyoJapaneatyourkimchieat your kimchieat your sushieatyoursushiSaitoSushi SaitoSushiBest Sushi鮨 さいとう

Sushi Saito is a 3 Michelin Star sushi restaurant, and many regard it as the best in Japan.  We got to spend the day with Saito, to ask him about his work, and to eat his soul shattering sushi.

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Hassan Jassim
i booked on the year 2072
Beat Shin
I'm trying to find the song that starts at 1:50, does anyone knows
Love this guys~ Can't wait to see more of these kind of videos. :)
Why have you got sushi on your head man??
Rachel Vallery Do
Sushi is one of my most fave food omg ;-; and can I just say how handsome Simon has gotten after he worked out and changed his hair style haha
Big T Ardoin
His barber missed a spot. Where are my scissors.
Is sushi really that good?
what whatthefuckisthatbrowhatthefuckisthat
His bold head is shiny.
vag sam
That nigga in 11:40 almost fainted , he literally looks like he gonna c*m. Bruhh. I thought everything was exaggerated until i saw this, and i believed
Laurence Kavanagh
so much sushi, I bet there Hg levels are crazy
Ben Walter
Saitou? No he is Saitama!
saito dreams of sushi
id need super sized pieces lol
Error 10110
Why does that chicks face annoy me so much? Anyway, good vids except the proper lack of description of flavor.
11:29 - 11:33 A statement worthy of a master craftsman!
Rasymi Warraduhita
What about Jiro Ono??

Wait...he's Japanese agent47??
vhina feronica
Been watching you guys a few months now and now I can definitely say you are my favourite youtuber!
I love you guys! Your videos are amazing and touching. How you edit them are so beautiful.
Totally inspiring \(^o^)/
William Kim
lol the dude in 5:34 was talking in korean
frank todaro
Oh its just sushi, this is B-Food porn
Hey I ate here once, that was 1 hour ago and I'm still getting an orgasm from the food...IIIII WWWAAANNNNTTT MMOOORREEE D:
Anchor BRO
is the tuna fresh?
-No its aged, Sir
Anchor BRO
Saito-ma :D
lipe of juan martinez
Heavy breathing
If 90% of the flavor from Sushi is from the rice... Why don't I skip the overpriced Sushi and just make me some good rice and eat that?
Drie Pongs
so whose the best Sushi Master? Saito or Jiro ?
Douglas Mathieu
Am I the only one who was really creeped out when Simon ate the sushi while staring deeply into my eyes?
Steve Adams
I don't understand why so many unlike 🤷🏻‍♂️
Lets empty the oceans FASTER!!!....unconsious id***s ;)O
anthony Tonno
Shika Shika
11:37 it's so good dude had an orgasm...
Unbelivebly good video. You guys are just awesome <3
Using chopstix?
There is nothing more gross than watching people put food in their mouths and eat. This video was perfect apart from that. We don't need to see the guys tongue every time he eats a lump of fish. Just saying.
Hey Guys
the autistic neil degrasse tyson of sushi without the degree
Albonker Goon
You can't tell you eat sushi that often :')
he handles the fish as an artist handles the colors and the easel. no wonder his sushis are a work of culinary art.
Miss Clark
Wow watching this video has made me a sub. Thank you
Is he the son of Jiro?
hadouken_1289 av
guys how safe it is to eat sushi in japan given that this anisakis parasite is dangerous
xpatp jtpkptm
Stan van sundert
How can you be so hiped about fish and Rice?
SO. I just scrolled through almost until the end of time of the comments on this video and read through almost every single one. Im not sure if you'll see this, Simon and Martina, but you're both incredibly strong to not let the haters get to you. Just reading these comments as a long time subscriber made me so frustrated and sad :"( But know that at the end of the day your NASTY family is always here, and I for one will love each and every single video you guys do. Your point of view in life is something special, and I freaking love this vid - its so artfully done. Thank you for being unapologetically yourselves, its people like you who bring something special to the lives of normal people like me :) - Carmen from Sydney Australia :D
who's watching this while eating sushi
Sebastian Restrepo
I feel like everyone in that room is stoned of their mind enjoying that sushi 😂
what is that violin????
alejandro vargas
Relax is not so much, it's just sushi, it bothers me so much exaggeration, if it's very good but not for the fancy orgasms they had
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