Zeno Shadow
easy on the closeups Yikes!!
Sorry, I might be a pleb, but I cant see how this is a difficult to prepare food. It just comes down to Quality... Everybody can prepare that
I thought Jiro Ono was the Sushi God
Kristofer Singzon
Using katana as a chef's knife... Awesome...
ебать жируха, убери ее из кадра
좋냐? ㅎㅏㄴ심하긴 ㅅㅐㅇ긴것 봐라
Heather Rodrigue
You guys have amazing editing skillz. Wish I had this experience haha
Woppo 13
Do any of the both of them speak Japanese fluently? Or do they have an interpreter with them all the time. Just wondering
Arnaud Deraine
Thanks a lot for this video !
Joe Lambeer
Aging a tuna is also very important to increase the possibility of bacteria growth woohoo!
Joe Lambeer
LOL they're all bald. Like a bunch of monks.
Love everything except, personally, i don't wanna see you stuff the food in your mouth, totally not why i'm watching this. It's awkward.
John Battye
Oliver Andrews
This guy lol
Tasty Lime
song name at start?
Saito made my day without me even eating his sushi.
i think there is more difference in one's mind than in one'e tongue.
Иннокентий Новиков
13:35 - she is so hot
Роман Никишин
вот ты чревоугодия тварь потом не вени себя за показуху !!! ешь чтобы жить а не живи чтобы ...ЖРАТЬ
Nerdy KEV
I love Martina's nails
Brian H
best sushi are the ones at 7Eleven, hands down.
fx green
0:23 was the gayest shit I have ever seen lol.
These guys need to focus on the video and then shutting the fuck up.
Richard Ma
Any suggestions on getting seats here? I tried last year by having my hotel try to book twice but no luck. I would really love to dine here. Thanks !
Bret Perez
he looks like jit lee
The Japanese perfect everything!
Semi Jang
I hate her reaction. You should stop YouTube it's clearly not your thing. So rude and obnoxious.
That girl is so annoying
I see Jet lee 3:39
julle huu
im gouing to sushi buffet soon
AizenOtaku !!
Oma Kicks
?? ??
Saitama season 2 is amazing!
Try watching this on ambien... you wont get it
Why are all people ages 24-35 so pretentious
Mads Peter Ølgaard Madsen
why so pink eyebrows
American cringe
Why the fuck am I wathcing this on an empty stomach trying to keep a diet? I feel like I wanna eat 10 hamburgers right now.
Squirrel TV
мерзкая баба.. блять аж тошнит...
Nacho Mateos
Pareceis mongolines pero buen video :D
You can just see in his face and his actions how hard he worked to achieve this level of food crafting
Cá sống nào cũng tanh ..
Sushi is so gross, seafood is bad enough, but raw.... Savages....
Flashback Forecast
I love people being great at what they do
Flashback Forecast
Professional fish critic and wholesaler, what a job
Also, imagine an online tuna age calculator that tells you how long to age your tuna
D Kim
I loved watching this!!
Mark Kim
He seems like such a nice guy
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