Saito: The Sushi God of Tokyo

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Sushi Saito is a 3 Michelin Star sushi restaurant, and many regard it as the best in Japan.  We got to spend the day with Saito, to ask him about his work, and to eat his soul shattering sushi.

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John Morley
loads of comments, are we talking millionaires food here or is it a price within reach??
i don`t even eat sushi and now i want it :(
Biju B.
the sushi looks so good and made with so much passion it makes me want to cry, definitely going on my bucket list!!

also the person at 9:10 is so pretty wow
justyn france
Jiro"s suhi is the best
Jose Kalvin Velono
Chef is a chef. Not magician. Sheeeezzzzzz.
jay b
all shaved like shaolin masters
Claude Gremory
It is an art, of masterpiece
moua yang
by god it was amazing!!
I liked it, then unliked it...

just so I could like it again.

Beautiful mini film. Saito is so humble and dedicated to his craft and your desire to appreciate such skill is wonderful.
Great documentary
Deb Boy
oh come on - I am sitting here in Toronto eating macaroni and cheese - give me a break - love you guys (new subscriber)
patricia tagliabue
Saito san see you in
Kyurhee Kim
My soul is shook..... I need this....I have no more words.
Tony Chu
The video is amazingly done. You didn't just bring us a good introduction of the place but also brought this amazing hard work how chef is putting in the background.
12:34 filthy frank
patricia tagliabue
i was lucky to go there a few times, its the BEST sushi .
Jordan de Jonge
12:36 looks like Joji
was that guy speaking Korean at 5:35-5:37?
The Ismadi
shouldn't he be in an elevated position siting like buddha while making sushi and stuff with his hands?
They keep having full on foodgasms.
Ken-Wei Ooi
is that filthy frank
Terri Kelton
Amazing I want to taste Saito's sushi
Is this the dude that cried after eating one of these lil shits?
ᄏ ᄏ
Hye Song
Whoa, the sushi god of Tokyo!
this video would have been awesome without that guy in the starting.
I enjoyed watching this video thank you
Isaac Simmons
I was wondering he must have the real wasabi root, which is not green paste, also is his soy sauce small batch hand craft from Tokyo?
When sushi is real fresh and good and high quality it gives the flavor of the cleanest sea then lends it's own flavor to the palette.
Isaac Simmons
I could only imagine how good and clean taste this superior sushi is. I did not know that you can age fish like good steak. Wow if you are receptive you can learn so much. Thank you.
Mastro Toshi
She is a man!
Emyr Ilhan
You guys have come a long way, the production is next level compared to back then
Rin kagamine
wow i feel hungry now
Yna Avelino
All of these employees look like monks to me lol
Mako Dium
Dude it is raw fish on some rice, chill ^^
You know you will get the best food when a chef buy his own ingredients.
Whodini Jonas
You should try my banku and okra soup . U will forget all your problems .
Christopher B
I recently tried a sushii with a white rice bottem and a light pink solid colored looking fish slab on the top and it was delishious. could anyone tell me what it was? I would love to know!!
Yeah, but nothing beats a good Big Mac.
Dave Counts
The taste of great Sushi is impossible to explain. It's a transcendent experience.
nathan GQ
I'll freak out if it's 1 piece at a time
Sandra Carli
I feel sorry for the fish because I'm vegan but I got some inspiration to make my vegan sushi rolls tomorrow. The Japanese really have brought their cuisine to a high level. It is beautiful to see how much they care about the look and taste of food. I read that dark yellow is the perfect colour for restaurant walls because it makes people eat more ;) I liked the editing and the colours of the video. Thanks for sharing it!
Alex Lee
Oh my god.....

They know how to use chopsticks
Gabriela Gonzalez
every time I watch this video, it makes me want to try sushi
Amazing video ♡
Josef Antoni
What a ridiculous hairstyles lol
Sushi is like chewing gum, u want to swallow it but u can't
Sushi is life
Bikramjit Biswas
look the best is jiro and not saito
kp lkol
l think this guy is high lol
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