Saito: The Sushi God of Tokyo

simonandmartinasimonmartinasimon and martinaTokyoJapaneatyourkimchieat your kimchieat your sushieatyoursushiSaitoSushi SaitoSushiBest Sushi鮨 さいとう

Sushi Saito is a 3 Michelin Star sushi restaurant, and many regard it as the best in Japan.  We got to spend the day with Saito, to ask him about his work, and to eat his soul shattering sushi.

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Capitaine Haddock
Blowjob lips
Ryan Astley
I wonder how japan deals with the fukushima radiation contaminating their fish. It's why I'm scared to eat fish from japan now.
imagine eating this high O.o
wow you can just feel the silent joy in everything he does for his craft. wow, just wow.
Abhideep Singh
a ersonp who takes pride in his job!
Nora Dunn
OMG makes me wanna cry a little bit. ;-) What an experience!
chris L
The dedication of this man is truly inspiring. Makes me want to do things better than before, which I'm thankful for.
David DiNenna
This was hands down the best documentary I have ever seen in my life
Vince Gallardo
When Simon puts that sushi in his mouth at 0:24, I got jealous
saito reis bi arada hamsiden yap.. tokyo usulunu bende yaparım trabzon usulu yapta ustamısın görelim... ayrıca balık dedigin elle yenir ne öyle cubuk falan nimeti mındar ettiniz mk
is not just good food, is the experience. You can feel the love and respect he feels for his fish. Well done, great video
Владимир Ларцов
Почему они так корчатся, так сложно оценивать без этих противных вздохов и взмахов руками? Можно лишь представить как стыдно было суши мастеру смотреть на их реакцию.
Jonatan Lantz
i have found saitama
santosh mb
Japanese are Amazing ppl.
Pat Brown
Comparing the street huckster David Blaine to this sushi master is an insult to you sushi chef.
Pat Brown
When eating all nigiri sushi, the piece should be inverted so that the fish hits your tongue first. The initial taste of the fish is then slightly later joined by the taste of the specially prepared rice. This is part of the elegant simplicity of nigiri sushi.
How about Jiro?
you know theres a reason why we heat up meat?
Thanks for the video guys. Your passion and sincerity transcends. Would really love to try the place out. I'm actually drafting my itinerary to go to Japan.

I just love Martina's feels. ❤️
Matthias Boettcher
holy shit its too late american hipsters have invaded japan.
Sohee Kim
omg! it's 4am in my country and u make me so hungry! lol
5 thousand people disliked this .. what a shame they must be so bitter inside
So this is what he did when he got back from Halkeginia.
Shihun Chan
Wait... is one of the sub chefs Korean?
Adi Sembiring
This is amazing, I felt like I'm join with you eat that sushi and experience that feeling while eat the Sushi piece by piece
Aidan Horne
Do they realise they're eating it wrong
Justin Jiang
Dear Simon and Martina, I'm wondering how the hell did secure a reservation? I've tried 10 plus times but failed. I heard they are a member only restaurant. I've always want to have sushi here. Hell, I've even heard people who eat at sushi saito EVERY WEEK!!! Just how did you get in this restaurant?
Net Cars
Enjoyed the trust aspect of fish seller and Saito. Video was too long with too much commentary by the narrators. Would have preferred just the facts being presented by Saito.
jon M
these 2 r ripppppedddd
vicky oktanov
imagine there is an indian with full beard and mustache making sushi like that
Yet these all will turn into poop
The rice is simple rice
Gigantic hands!
8:14 sushi is eaten by hand. the chop sticks are meant for the palate cleansing ginger.
irvine s
damn.. you guys are so lucky you can eat there, looking at the chef passion and how he made the sushi is satisfying in it's own way, i suscribe your channel just from watching this video lol, hope some day i can go there :D
I hate watching people eat... I still hate watching people eat...
giovanni sarcone
So, After eat in this Sushi's restourant, if you want to eating in an other place?
mmm... I won't it
Popescu Rene
what about Jiro Ono?
Okay. For real though. I think that even Saito would not have exaggerated as much as these guys in the video. Even sushi has its limits. Not trashing on the food or art, just saying, your reactions were too much.
dave jentapa
I have never eaten sushi in my entire life. I want to eat now!!! thanks for the amazing video and sharing this to us.
The legend says she sniffed cocaine and the drug dealer was never found again.
MaddiesMad World
I understand it's really good and fresh sushi but you guys are so dramatic. chill the fuge out you 2.
鮨 さいとう にいきたいと思います。
Peter Overlaet
Now start cleaning up the Fukushima nuclear plant.
"that'll be 4000$"
Gema Qalbuana Raya
I love,i like sushi
Bryan Raymundo
jet li is now a chef?
LGD FiberOptix
he might be the best cook in the world even tho i hate sushi lol. hes perfectly on point, he watches each grain come out of a shaker to make sure it has the perfect balance of flavor
ulises carrillo
i had a fight with my girl last night, my girl told me i was enyoing sushi more than her company at the sushi place
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