Saito: The Sushi God of Tokyo

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Sushi Saito is a 3 Michelin Star sushi restaurant, and many regard it as the best in Japan.  We got to spend the day with Saito, to ask him about his work, and to eat his soul shattering sushi.

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Elielson Fonseca
Sensacional... Gostaria de ter esse privilégio .
Beverly Achermann
"Connecting heart and mind expresses my passion for this work..."
This sentence says everything...
Quite Indeed
is it wrong to think that: if food isn't cooked, it shouldn't be consumed?
The way they are acting when they eat the sushi is not by any means an over reaction. Coming from a person who isn't the biggest seafood fan, when sushi is prepared by someone who is really skilled, it's an incredible experience for your mouth.
Kati Tza
minute 12:33 ... hottest asian person ive ever seen!!!!! <3 :O
John Rocker
Doing it all wrong...Fish side down to the tongue. Paying to taste the fish, not the rice.

Also sushi is a finger food. Chopsticks are not needed
Sajjaad Francis
what a magnificent chef
Albion Tusha
So this guy makes sushi like walter does meth
Dave Huff
Martina, Simon? This may be your most beautiful piece ever.
Dave Huff
This is fuckin' BEAUTIFUL.
Kenan Elci
im straight but i wanna mary that guy and pat his head for the rest of my life
jesus galvan
Jiro is the best
Linda Apple
i like this video but it's a bit lacking in my opinion - i would love to know more about Saito-San and how he got into this level of artful sushi making .. how long did he work for before he opened his own place .. how many customers he serves per day .. how much the prices are .. etc ..
Clashing with Thunder
Wow its like Martina is taking 90% of the sushi
KaaruKUN 16
i didn't know saitama can make sushi
Lucy Helen
exceptional video!!! loved every second! 🖒🖒🖒
dean hurley
hello japan love your food .I'm a vegetable eater and crave your food sushi . love how you show respect .we have Anzac day soon . forgiveness comes too mind . love you muchly
Jason Kim
Haha, the random korean guy
pata gila
damn. . .

im drooling atm. . .
it's been a while since I ate my last sushi...
Shylie Arzouan
it seems like a spiritual experiece
Paul Shangkuan
Heathens, the fish should directly touch the tongue so it warms the fish up. If you weren't video taping he would have kicked you out
watching this guy is like visual asmr, i just want to watch him serve sushi for an hour. his passion and concentration on his work is amazing
Carlo Dinglasan
Here I am watching this while eating plain white bread and jam >_<
everything up to the point where those two actually appeared on screen was great. the lack of etiquette, behaving like pretentious hipster children and speaking as such took all class and dignity away from this otherwise beautiful video
Melinda Coria
Mouth watering 😭
I like the chef, the video production and the sushi...but I could headbutt those two annoying americans all day. 1 mil subscribers though +1
Gorilla Jones
A craftsman, a master of his art. We are losing so many craftsman of the world. Please younger generation, stop all trying to be financiers. We're losing our craftsmen. Losing excellence.
Der Kugelfisch
I'd actually consider this an art.
CARRB Gaming
He looks so young
mario msm
Jiro´s sushi is the best!! 3 star Michellin!
To the ones who made this video

I honestly love this beautifully edited video. I am Japanese but I didn't know about this Sushi restaurant, so I thank you two for telling me and the world about this wonderful place.
Last thing, I do not really care what people have to say about this video because people has different perspectives. but as a person who lives in Japan, I want you to know that talking while you still have something in your mouth is very rude in our culture. (sadly some or many of Japanese kids even don't know about this...)
Thank you again for making this video!
I thought Jiro Ono was the best sushi chef in Tokyo.
Night Cross
Yukihira Souma will easily beats this guy.
Hifumi Takkimoto
im planning on moving to japan in the next few years after i get myself a steady income with my career, and dude, you're making me with i had all the money in the world to go to that restaurant, just to try that sushi
I wish they'd put this in a tray and drop it in stealth at Costco and film who picks it up.
Daniel Anguaino
Damn you ever had shushi before or what
August McLaren
that Martina repeatedly doing the elbow down thingy with mouthful of sushi ruined it a bit but still, good work guys.
Bri Ng
When eating sushi turns in to your mind exploding
Andrew Felix
exaggerated reaction! very dramatic
un arte comido por un nacote
The Case Master
I don't like sushi but I love this video because I feel calm and happy from the energy from Saito the workers every one in the video ❤️
Those knives he uses probably could shave the balls off of a housefly.
Daniel Breslin
William Marcoux
Everyone has such a distinct facial expression when eating sushi.
denisse chuco
Is amazing
Cory Newsom
Love the guy making the food. The people eating it are pretty damn dramatic, though.
Winter Mute
Jiro still holds my heart as the greatest sushi chef in tokyo and the world.
Gianluca Rossi
the girl have lovely cheek when chew
Ace Victory
Who immediately thought of Saitama from One Punch Man when looking at saito lol
Guard 5.0
Ain't got nothin on Jiro!
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