Saito: The Sushi God of Tokyo

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Sushi Saito is a 3 Michelin Star sushi restaurant, and many regard it as the best in Japan.  We got to spend the day with Saito, to ask him about his work, and to eat his soul shattering sushi.

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Siti Raidah
simon & martina marathon is making me hungry!!
Tom Zhang
I first learnt about your channel watching the video 'the Best Sushi in Japan'. Watching that I was like damn, that's some really good sushi. But now this... this literally made me cry. The music, the editing and the storytelling..... are beautiful. I could feel your happiness through the screen. Thank you, Simon and Martina, for making these great videos!
Drevin Cook
This is honestly beautiful.
Eren Gök
The peoples act like a stupid. Just eat and enjoy. do not shake your head or open your eyes like a freak. İ know it s looks very good but the guys stupid :) i m sure japanese chef think ' baka ' :))
fatma wati
can anyone tell japanese to stop killing whales?
GamingExpert HD
This was on my recommended for some reason, anyways looks cool , the guys sick at making sushi and all, but I want KFC.
Shawnrick Hu
Beautiful video..
OMG the level of the editing is PHENOMENAL!
Ist van
One punch man...
Lucy Fae
Is that joji vlogs?
omg is just food, boring
Jean Wang
i want to book reservations for this place but heard they stopped taking new or foreigners. Is it best to ask hotel to book? And when is the earliest? I would book months ahead but also read that they only take bookings a month ahead.
8:28 when sushi so good it let him poo after eating it
Fucking hipsters
joaquin mendoza
Inspiring AF... wish i could meet that man.
Sean Pangilinan
5:56 is the start of the thing, thank me later
Merry Zar
well done on video editing guys. It's very top notch 👌👌👌
Jason Reedy
When are new videos coming?
Firda Maruf
ben hargreaevs
how much did this meal cost
what is this exaggeration? Come on man, it's uncooked food, end of the story.
Will Knight
I can't appreciate the food when every minute or so the camera cuts back to that horrific top knot
omar aftab
Has something happened to them? Any idea why they havent upload any more videos?
Arthur Drake
12:33 Filthy Frank
BellRain Chan
Miso soup has a lot of sodium in it and it's not the healthiest thing to drink. My parents tell me not to eat raw fish but I love it!.lol
Georgi Kaua
The guy and the peoples working for him, all have something in common => bold head!
Way to eat nigiri completely wrong mr. and mrs. eat sushi once a week.
I was afraid youtube unsubscribed me from Simon and Martin. I was glad to find out it didn't but now I'm sad there's no new videos.

Hopefully they're just having time of for the holidays.
Anyone else wondering where Simon and Martina went :( ? Hope everything is ok!
Mary Elizabeth
he feels the food doe
The whole video is nothing different from ordinary people eating some delicious food and showing in front of cameras like WOW...OH.... sort of actions. But I honestly couldn't tell the differences which actually makes Sushi Saito to become the Michelin 3 stars restaurant. We didn't see how it does.
Jay Hanneman
Backround on 11:50 does anyone know?
Ann King
Just now saw you guys and two minutes in I subscribed because the editing and general presentation is just honest and exceptional. Keep up your excellent work
kurtog kurt
So saitama is also a sushi god
Christian Robert
the sushi and chef is good, but the customer is over acting
semih oguzcan
I hope people would get so much excited about feeding hungry children in Africa. They could eat those fish skeleton...
I promised myself I would never watch these two idiots again. But the clever editing in the beginning fooled me. When the two idiot's faces popped up I knew I was gonna hate this video. But I thought I'd give them a chance. Nope, bad idea. Soon as they started eating they both turned into blithering idiots again!
Trolly Trollsteen
You can pick up the sushi by hand. Don't need to use chopsticks
george diaz
it seems that the woman eating is having some orgasm.haha
Liquid Freeways
Where are ya'll. You guys upload less and less. Is everything ok?
adam chamberlain
this can be an move
Smantha King
I can't count how many feelings I experienced while watching this beginning to end. I loved it
Bill W
Wow there's so many haters in the comments and I'm freaking getting hungry watching this. Lol they're probably hating because they don't got no high quality Sushi in their shity town LOL.
u arent supposed to use chopsticks btw
They're really trying to hype up rice and raw fish.
지식도 없이 한국 욕하면서 한국인을 상대로 한 돈벌이를 하다가 욕 먹고 안 되니까 이제 일본으로 갈아탔네요 전범기 올릴 때부터 알아 봤어요 이전에 올린 케이팝, 한국에 관한 영상들로 한국의 이미지에 부정적으로 큰 타격이 있었으니 그 영상들은 제발 삭제해주시길 바라겠고 다신 돌아오지 마세요. 안 반겨요 씨발
Like I understand it is good but there is no need to have an orgasm about it
Of course I love videos like this, but I'd much rather see 3 or 4 EYS episodes showing your more quirky sides and random interesting information about Japan than just one episode that's extremely well shot and edited. Every once in a while is nice, but I miss EYS...
Isagani Concepcion
How much it cost?
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