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Hey everyone, it's me Emma Watson! I created my very own Draw My Life so I could tell you all about the woman behind that very famous witch Hermione Granger...

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Samantha Anderson
Did anyone else notice the cartoon characters at 2:17-2:27? Like...Adventure Time?! WOT?!!!!!
fake voice hunny
Aris Poulopoulos
She has a really fat arm
Lena Yang
Emma is my FAVORITE actor!
Who noticed the vid game characters and show ones in the backgrounds!!
Charlotte B
She good at drawing , she is my favorite actress
JA2 Football
It's not the real celebrity! They tel there life
hello Angeline
why is the sound so deep
_ .cornflake. _
0:48 IS THAT SALTY BIRD MOM??? (aka Pearl)
sasha levesque
this is not actualy emma its someone els. she was never a straight a student
mahtab mohamadifar

she is not supposed to be, this is a ytber just talking about peoples lives and talking about it as emma watsons pov!!!
This is not emma
Millie Blakesley
My name is millie as well lol I am your biggest fans ever
Darrell Anderson
*Lovishen* JKC
she is not Emma Watson
H C Willard
What she said about womans rights was so awesome. I think the same way
Noora Seidou
Did anyone realize pearl from Steven universe at 0:45?
Sara Shimi
it isnot emma Watson's hand and also not the voice!!!!
Ashley Barajas
who else saw pearl from steven universe at 0:49???
ShadowGuide Gamer
I like turtles 🐢
Sebastian Titchen
Best harry potter charecter EVER!!!
Flower Ink
1/4 of the comment section: "THAT'S NOT EMMA!"
Me: "Gee, you don't say".
Asbel Barrientos
Little Potatoes
-you are not emma
-weird drawing
-you are not emma :(
Gisele LPS lover
Your not Anna watson!!!!!
Grace and jasper roblox and more on laptop
Miss Emma Watson you're the best person at Harry potter and Belle and drawing!
Daisy Ridley or Emma Watson???
Mick Royster
Emma, you're cool. You're a great actress and a wonderful person. You're all of it
Rachel Monaghan
This is soooo fake
flag Ukraine
Lean Ermac
0:43 is that pearl from steven universe?
philip laren
this isent emma i whante to see emma not ramound person
Elysia Denny
Did anyone else see the guy from adventure of a lifetime?😂
Becca B1
0:46, that's Pearl from Steven Universe?
there are steven universe characters everywhere
ROBLOX land!!!
WTF THAT ISNT EVEN EMMA SPEAKING! This random girl just blabbers Emma's life on YouTube? How about if some of things she said was personal?!
Ryan Vlogs
I live in Oxfordshire! Chinnor, have you ever heard of it?
Awesome Ashley
French Fries
How dare you pose as the best actress of all time go sit in the corner and think of what you have done!!!
And Emma was NOT a straight A student so be4 you go trying to be this big cloud of awesomeness that's is Emma Watson,do some MORE research on ber
zhara jones
Emma I have the same birthday as you!!llllll
NhiiTQ_Q fse
personne parle français c'est triste 😢
Cassidy Perkins
I loved bell in the real person Disney film emma whatson I love u
I watched that speech!!!!
Hermione Granger
Im passionate about women's rights
can you give me the exta lily Fruscella
Katelyn Touzeau
Your not Emma U liar
Nikoleta Iakovatou
Είναι πολύ ωραίο όπως και η εμμα αλλά δεν τη ζωγραφίζει ωραία
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