Asians Get Earwax Extractions For The First Time

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"It looks like a cockroach!"

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Dr. Kian Karimi

Rossy Rose
This was satisfying
Zahra M
This is so disgusting bruh. How can you let so much dirt build up and not realise?
this satisfies me so much it's insane
Kayla Glenn
I could not let someone in my ear
I'm Asian and my earwax is like dry but it looked nothing like theirs
like this and -ill show u how to do this
This is creepy Kane looks like my uncle
Micheal Tao
why tf am i here
Boy Toy
If only we could poop out our earwax when we feel like it, maybe it's the next addition in evolution
Boy Toy
If only we could poop out our earwax when we feel like it, maybe it's the next addition in evolution
Twami Plays
They say Vietnamese have dry earwax eh? I AM VIETNAMESE AND MY EARWAX IS LIKE MELTED BUTEER
Døbby!The PhanElf
I get really itchy ears, so I think this would be a great thing to do, and I can imagine it feels kinda nice
13th Evergreen
so you have a mix of people?
that looks so statisfying
Megu X
Asian earwax is drier and just seems less disgusting than a gooey one
one asian, a milotto and a white girl, not asians.
Acake_ 7467
There so frekin satisfying
CatJulia 2006
Why was this recommended for me?
Clorox Bleach
It's a bald Asian... .-. ._.
Rainbow Gaming - gaming & more!
Mikala is a panda! She's "black", "white" and asian!
John Carl Taishi Susuki
disgustingly satisfying
Sounded like "i'm doctor creamy"
Anna Fay Apao
McNeonKid4 Neon club
Jacob Pike
And I hate asians and buzzfags even more
Ashie Bear
they ruin soo much things for me😂😌
dese graffiti
lolllllll only one asian
Omgomgomg the half filipino like if your filipino
Holy tony. Now I have to do this. How much does it cost and where can I do this, I NEED TO KNOW HOW MUCH WAX THERE IS!!!
Girl Cousins V.S Boy Cousins
Omg I never knew that the real smaller size would be that tiny
Comedy Girl and Pranks
Why does earwax look like poop? 💩
Random Doge
John Leatherbarrow
They should do a hearing test before and after.
LeForte XL
smell it
This was so satisfying to watch!
It's so big in camera mode but it's small when he take it put
Smartypants24 Nerd alert
She ruined corn flakes for me
Shavell Pouncy
she must mean the cornflakes in her mouth after she chew it up... dafuck
Spongebob loves Patric
It looks so big but when it comes out it's a baby
glue boi
i thought the doctor said his name was kian creamy
Chelsea H
This video was really gross but really good at the same time
Marie orlando
im half filipino and half canadian👍 my boyfriend is youtuber his name is johnny orlando
I am 100% Filipino
firmly grasp it
I got waves of goosebumps throughout the whole video
firmly grasp it
That title though ROFL
Peter D
the doctor guy is creepy as hell
Omg I really want this done
duck films
Asians get a da earuh waxuh exuhtracitionoh for da firstah taimuh
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