surya k
especially slut and bitchy indian woman always marry for money,property,bank balance,status.indian woman are bitches of world.
Mohammad Ishtiaq
Money Is Honey
My Little Sunny
Rich Man's Joke
Is Always Funny.
Techno Storm
dimple and rahul who have money??
Nanu narayan
How Juhi Chawla liked a BUDDHA for money! I'm surprised!
Salman Khan
No people know the husbands. like Jay Mahta (Old Guy), Bony Kapoor, Shakeel, Siddarth Roy, Farhan Azmi, Ali Punjani ----- Ambani's Couple is an exception.
Michael Peter
why there are some?? u guys should have added all actress...
Rose Bhatti
juhi you are crazy lady . why did you marry with old man . i don't like shri devi she broke some house .
Zahid Sammy
boney kapoor and shridevi is soooo bad as couple even boney looks shocked that how did he manage to get shridevi as a wie :-P :-P
Himanshu Sekhar Pradhan
Abhishek Kulkarni
Das alles! Nur für Geld! Scheiße!
Kiran Bisht
All of them are hungry
of money .
Ahmed Altaf
total bakwaaassss.....
Bonny Pareek
ab is duniya ko khatam ho jana chahiye
Doll Chett
its amazes me to read all this nonsense that bored fuckards post on the net.How is hell's name would anyone know what is between 2 people who wish to marry.Mentality of these idiots is zero so pathetic !!!
dhruba jyoti sarma
disgusting ! I am flagging it.
$1 Million
nice video
Chirag G
Saali randiyaan paisa dekha aur choot nikal ke chali gayi chodne
Chirag G
yogesh yadav
nai aisa nai hai aur aisa b hai
Roshan Raj
shri devi husband like a father also juhi husband... hahahahahaha...👌😂😁😊
srinivasa Rao damirekula
Very nice information
Sadiya MirZa
its not pyar its paiso ka bhukhar
Only when you married hobo or crackwhore than its true love
Kaur Kaur
sab kush bagvan ki marji se hotta hai bai
Kaur Kaur
sab kush bagvan ki marji se hotta hai bai
Het zit wel de liefde in.
en 108
Kasu Panam Thuttu Money Money
ethel chibeya
Its their Choice
Benjamin Razzio
Boney Kapoor reminds me of a koala.
M. Imran K. Shaikh
I want to meet shreya sharan
M. Imran K. Shaikh
I love shreya sharan south queen
salman moody
I feel sorry for juhi chawala lololo.
Bahma Siva
Such a horrible horrible video
Abhishek Abhishek
so many people are telling that the actress were rich enough to lead a luxury life ok agreed then why did they married rich businessman they could have married a common man the truth these actress always wanted to lead more luxury life without earning for that the only way is to marry a rich guys so that they can enjoy luxury lifestyle not only heroines every girl dream of marrying rich guys in today there is no true love girls just love money if these actress husbands get loss in business then automatically these actress will leave there husband and marry another rich businessman these is the truth of every girls
Meenakshi Singh
kisko paisa ni chahiye????!!!
Dhammika Bandara
I think that, Sri Devi had to marry Bobby because she had no option to solve her problems.
Arman Khan
... ..
Pooja Santani
disgusting news..
how can u say this about those superb actresses
Parthasarathi Mishra
Bhainsh aur Hiran ki sangam
Imrul Farib
where is Karan singh grover and bipasha
Jennifer Marak
its fake
Purnima C
and r u also writing this for money?
Mohammad suyeb Asger Ali
Atul Bodkhe
vanshi satija
please don't speak lies
how do you know
you don't have any right to interfair in someone's persnol life
Itteeq Rahman
Most of these are obvious. But some husbands are handsome and equally young to their wives, so how do we know!
sri devi is disappointing, what did she see in that old tart, she looks granny now.
Ridhi Rajput
Juhi is crazy women married such an old man
Amandeep Aman
Shame on you! for uploading THIS KIND OF STUFF. Why don't you think the other side? The millionaires must have married for the sake of her beauty. Why to blame the actresses only?
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