Recently Divorced

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Occurred on December 17, 2016 / Tijucas do Sul, Paraná, Brazil

"On our way to the beach, there was a Brazilian vintage car with a 
surf board and the saying "Just separated" in the glass, with quite a happy guy driving it..."

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Silver Pig
someone's going MGTOW
Project -iFi-
I wonder what's sprayed across the house she kept and the dog she took
this is what true happiness looks like
Audios WhatsApp
Thanks for use a boots youlikehits helpyou
He looked genuinely happy and now has the freedom to do what he wants, good for him.
Jocelyn X6
I wonder how the ex wife is handling it
Brandon Blount
well he didnt have kids or money lol if he had he be at his second job with a big frown when 500 a week child support goes to his x in his house while he lives in his car
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