Recently Divorced

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Occurred on December 17, 2016 / Tijucas do Sul, Paraná, Brazil

"On our way to the beach, there was a Brazilian vintage car with a 
surf board and the saying "Just separated" in the glass, with quite a happy guy driving it..."

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Felipe Martins
Meu Brasil é foda kkkkkkkk
Silver Pig
someone's going MGTOW
Project -iFi-
I wonder what's sprayed across the house she kept and the dog she took
this is what true happiness looks like
He looked genuinely happy and now has the freedom to do what he wants, good for him.
Jocelyn X6
I wonder how the ex wife is handling it
Brandon Blount
well he didnt have kids or money lol if he had he be at his second job with a big frown when 500 a week child support goes to his x in his house while he lives in his car
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