Emma Watson and Rupert Grint - Life after Harry Potter

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Actors Emma Watson (aka Hermione Granger) and Rupert Grint (aka Ron Weasley) talk about finishing off Harry Potter.
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Jordan Leach
Currently searching on Amazon for a cast of Emma Watson's Ass
Roman Darius
Emma, take a lesson from Rupert and stop complaining!!!!
Real life Daenerys Targaryen and Jorah Mormont.
Dj Donut
I like Emma watson
1:14 Emma: we're just like brother and sister really Rupert: Hello darkness my old friend
Andrés Cabrera
1:11 Rupert: "Yeah... horrible... exactly..." (Fuck i should had repeated more times the scene)
Kemp Isabel
rupert looks soo gorgeous😍😍😭😭💗💗💗
7years ago
Eevee Da Best
Violeta 10000000000
Emma and Rupert most by a cople they are makes for each others!!! Emma says: Broder and Sister!!! Ruper: Hearts break... They are MAKE FOR EACH OTHER!!!!
Violeta 10000000000
efsef ewfew
Emma: We're like brother and sister really 🙂
Rupert: cries inside
Arno De Pauw
Quentin James
Emma Watson elle est trop belle Emma regarde aller Paris
Joselo 27
Alex Purnell
1:09 Ron is hiding his face lmao
Colonel Walter E. Flirts
that"femenist" really bugs me
Harry Potter
Like si t français
Why his eyes like that?
Reese Honadle
Lol Rupert just got freaind zoned
Gabe Ratcliffe
Emma... we both thought it was horrible

Rupert... fml
bet Emma has a really hairy fanny
god you're fat
Taylor Handley
Im such an harry potter fan
Minecraft vids
the duration of this video is dank
dennisgaming awk
Rupert is so funny
VeeTV - Minecraft and More!
HeLLa SwaGGa
When she wasnt fuckin feminist !!!!! :'((((
what does rupert mean he joined the quiddich team? that didnt happen in deathly hallows!??
Erica Taglietti
qualcuno che traduce,ahaha
Maria Ouroumi
Maria Ouroumi
Liebe Emma Watson kannst du nach Deutschland kommen 😆😆😇
Zachary Balov
i would like a butt cast....
Emma way better than J Lo
Vera Lloyd
I bet they liked it
rupert is like LET ME KISS HER
Ghost Hawk
Damn I cant wait to marry her
Ghost Hawk
Thomas Kwon
ron doesnt deserve hermione seriously lol
Paige Cote
2:19 Rupert realizes the pit he dug himself into
2:21 Emma also realizes
2:23 Tries to get out of the pit
2:24 Emma pushes him back in the pit
2:26 Emma covers the pit
Ron got friendzoned
soccer makeup n' idk
Sarah lyon
I love you ron
rupert:....my...chair area
emma: CHAIR AREA?!

Dominic Glover
Rupert Grunt seems down to earth. Emma well she's just gorgeous (y)
no one can tell me he felt unconfortable to kiss Emma... still she is in a whola other lvl.^^
Jenny Carter
Aww they're both so cute 😂❤ ( not together as a couple,separate obviously) but THE FEELS
They just look so cute together.
Makani Fernandez
I don't want Ron and hermonie to be married I want Harry and hermonie to be married
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