Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Crash Conan NYC

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Watch CONAN @ - Nice to see these guys in the audience, but don't they have shows to do?

Momoko Hanasaki
i wanted them to fight tbh..Lmao.
Pranava Chaitanya
When Colbert walked in with so much panache, he reminded me of Robert Downey Jr.
donald clark
That's cool they support each other like this.
sexy korean girl
he didnt high five the black guy. racist
kevin polvo
Top ten anime crossovers
Holey crap! ppl were so happy to see Colbert, don know what year this was but clearly at the height of his popularity.
Javier Fernandez
baba BZNZ
2 untalented hosts trying to be relevant again, lol
William Lautan
If i have a chance to meet celebrity the first choice is stephen Colbert seconh is conan and trump is in the bottom of my armageddon list
I'm surprised Jon didn't get a standing ovation. - Carrot-top is the worst. Is this the Beacon theater?? The stage props are the same ones George Carlin used on one of his last specials!
logan gabe
i love conan's genuine reaction
I was like wait a minute, John Stewart retired from the daily show then I saw the publish date of the video...
Martijn Bosmans is this funny?
Melissa Keating
Did anyone else notice the T-shirts of the guys in the back row??
Teutonic Knight
Is that guy in the back of the audience at 1:36 wearing an ISIS flag as a shirt?
Hugh Mungus
I miss the old Colbert
Alpha January
Bravo Jon. Bravo Steven. Ewwww Louis C.K. You may drown in excrement. Trump excrement. Nope. Not sorry to lose Conan after all.
Phelan Christopher
Exactly how I would act if someone famous came to see me
bacon not cripy
not everyone was using iphone
And now Colbert has the number #1night show
OMG.. Digi cams! And phones that can take pictures.
Angela Perez
2011 an Stephen Colbert was that popular already?
chunky monkey
What was the crowd chanting when Stephen came in?
Willy Souza
James Muratore
Anyone notice the people with the ISIS shirts in the background
Gabriel Florian
3:32 Did anyone notice the ISIS flags in the back ?
dipesh bhatta
1:45 that is excited so much 😂😂
Damn talk show commercial break music is astonishing
Steven Colbert is amazing and he is fully aware of it
Bobo Umia
Are the guys in the back wearing ISIS shirts?
Chathura Silva
It just they have no political awareness of anything, just they selling news as entertainment and every1 buy it ... sad lolzzz
Funny how every late night show host used to be based in New York, then they all moved to Los Angeles
Aagya Shrestha
I wanna be that lucky lady to get to sit next to these two greats... <3
Noah Muskarovsky
Some of the audience members had Isis shirts.
Jonald Balingit
Kaarel Habakukk
stephen host late show on CBS at 11:35/10:35c
Tim and Bradley Cigar Review
It's hilarious how Stephen comes in acting like, "I AM A GOD, AND YOU ARE ALL MY DESCIPLES!!!!!!!" Lol 😂
Daniel Kudela
I miss the masturbating bear
I love those 3 genius!
Jamal Dantata
Samuel Jackson
Yes but have you investigated 911?
Don't like Stephen Colbert
Ma Sa
My 3 favorite guys!
cole Snyder
1:14 did anyone see the guys in the upper right corner wearing Isis shirts?
chunky monkey
Woah, Conan has a huge audience. I've never seen that many people at an American talk show. Good for him!
will he want cups
Boul Shyte
1:35 I've watched this so many times and was so distracted by jon and Stephen that I've only just realised the guy with the chicken beanie
Colbert is dorky AF
Margox P
I just looove Conan....
That audience is scary these people are just talk show hosts.....
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