Toni Romiti - Imma Dog Too (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

toni romitiimma dog tooimma dogromitimusichip hopr&bvine singersingingrapi'm a dog tooi'mma dog tooif he a dogmusic videowhen you love someone you pray that they will changebut you soon accept they'll always be the samekylie jenner snapchat

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Kiarah Montaque
I love your songs
Sania Baybee
oml💯im playing the game🎮 to if he a dog🐕 im a dog 🐕to
Tyeisha Hammond
Where the fuck have I been? I love this shit.
True Wolf
so sh is a bitch a female dog right
Luna Lane
I love this
Jdog Game'z
basically she is talking about how of a how she is
Latorah Dorty
if he got herpes I'm fucked too 😩
Jaylynne Croston
jaYlynne. Noelle. croston. to. croston
exsaviana jones
Tavariya Campbell
ima dog to if u wanna act like a fucking fool
Jakhiya Catledge
I like her music
armed dane
Fuck i really don't understand how she can get 7k 👎. She is just so talented. Look how many of the Viners, now are successful at YouTube. She could have done that to. I am sure. TR a shout out to you, from the other side of the 🌍. Love your songs girl, keep going for the top 🔝 you deserve it. Have a nice day from 🇩🇰
Catherine Jinks
nikkos the gamer03
like if fire
angel mabry
Is that a real gun like omg he lucky he almost got smoked she a killer
lol I'm weak
imma dog 2
Cici Cray IDK
Toni Romiti The Shit 💖💖
Infamous Success
i would love to collab with this woman so rare to find substance truly
Jasmine Nails
This is my new Shit. added to my playlist.
cwb squad
That butter face thoe
Samantha Moore
If you thought she was gonna shoot him like this comment????
Trista Rose
"two wrongs don't make it right, but I'd be damned if I dont put up a fight. "

my favorite part anyone else?
Maria Serrano
Love sog like
Demara Burley
Savannah Rae
Safa Assad
She slayin them outfits tho!! yusss you go girl.
Victoria Johnson
this my is my favorite song out of ever thing
Hánnah Smyth
Can someone reply the lyrics :))
our genoration parker
What's the name of the guy ?
if he a worm I'm a worm too
Kaya Ensminger
jamya brenshae
fuck him
houston dope
omg this song os what happin to me to love it
Brandy Boling
I love you and your sogs
Brandy Boling
hey guys
Arianna Rattanayong
The first few lyrics ❤️💕
Jamilla Harris
where she can get that peckerwood
Tasha Guy
Artisticsz YT
Nadine L
if he's a dog 🐶am a loyal queen 👑
savanna Cornell
I could deactivate this song to so many guys. but your shit fire.
Carmine Santos

You thought you had a fool that's cool you went behind my back that's cool but I can play this game like u if he a dog bitch im a dog too ain't nobody got it like me did u forget that all these niggas me and if they lucky they'll let me be wifey so how could u be sooo damn trifflen when u hear about the dirt that I've done u gonna be so fucking hurt cuz im the one u thought that u could just go out and have your fun but I can play the same game but I wooon 2 wrongs don't make it riiiiight but I'll be damned if I don't put up a fight u say im wrong cuz I cheated out of spite I say your wrong cuz u cheated everynight soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo​ if he a dog im a dog to if he a dog im a dog too oooooh u try to play me but the jokes on u if he a dog im a dog too if he a dog im a dog to if he a dog im a dog too 2 can play this game u call love if u love me than u wouldn't be a dog if u loved me than u wouldn't creep at all if this is love than this ain't what I waaant so u do u and imma do me no sense of playing with eachother's feelings but Everytime I try to go u beg me not to leave so what the hell am I supposed to think when u love someone u pray that they would change but choo soon accept I'll always be the same and I'll always try to treat u like a lame so in return u treat them the same waaaay 2 wrong don't make it right but I'll be damned if I don't put up a fight u say im wrong cuz I cheated out of spite I say your wrong cuz u cheated everynight soooooooooo if he a dog im a dog too oooooh if he a dog im a dog too he tried to play me but the jokes on u if he a dog im a dog too im a dog im a dog if he a dog im a dog too oooooh u try to play me but the jokes on u if he a dog im a dog im a dog if he a dog im a dog im a dog
Da MercilessMerc
this bih ugly asl
Unappreciated Beauty
This my shit and I'm not even a doggg.. although I should be
my mom like this song😄😄😄
Harlie Douglas
Love it and my cousin only took a second to love it lol how listen to this in 2017
Jailyn Maliah
if he a fish, ima fish too
Janice Johnson
🎶love that 👑song😍😍
Jaylan Lee
I could and I'm just 10 but boys tho
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