If I Lived in a Candy Store

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This is "If I lived in a CANDY STORE!" I hope you guys had as much fun watching the video as I had making it. This video is a collaboration with Sweet like Candy by Ariana Grande.. because, you know, candy. 

You can get Sweet Like Candy at Ulta here: http://bit.ly/SweetLikeCandybyAG 

Thanks IT'SUGAR for letting me film in your store!

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HUGE Thank You to IT'SUGAR for letting me film in your store! You guys are awesome!


Disclaimer: Sweet like Candy by Ariana Grande is not edible. lol

Karen Sanders
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Karen Sanders
Peoria is the most people are the only
Lynn Salido
Live in the bathroom
Lynn Salido
😭😭😭😭she's so lucky
caitlin myers
lived in a pool
Talking pug Sports
In the mall
Logang Pauler
Pet store
live in a school plz
leith doherty
In a candy store
Cristine Sings
so Ariana Grande let you film in there
Cristine Sings
To Ariana Grande fans today is her birthday so go to her channel and say happy birthday
Angela Nguyen
Live In Starbucks? 🦄
Ehmed's Channel
The hairdressers
sabryna Santana
Sidsel Fluffy Gaming
If I lived in an castle
Sidsel Fluffy Gaming
You should live outside 🐞🌲🍂🌻🍃🍃🌼🍄
Niffie liffie The Marshmallow
She got diabetes after this
Allison Cardenas
I think the mall
Tim Davies
i would die bc i have diabetes
Loverminecraft Ochoa
Im eating candy as I speak
Seda Lee
Live at my house
Taliyah FordTv
Holly Cramsey
if you lived at an amusmentpark
Sara Colin
If you lived in the mall
Grace Lipari
If you lived in a pizzeria
Sakairah Sterling
if you lived in the shoe store 👢👡👠
Emily Clare
I would buy the whole store! 🙃❤
Leo Chavarria
you shood live in a bank
Armani Mundell
the movie
Christina Lawrence
if u lived in a candy store cavities will live in your teeth!
Lexi Tobin
If I lived in a pet store
Jessica Wilson
Madison Chouest
if I lived in starbucks
Dennis Patalingjug
live in toysstore
Dennis Patalingjug
live in toysstore
Emily Govea
she is at Universal studios
Venice Joy Villaruel
at the park
Daniel Lugo
if I live Petco
Ana Delia
in the mall
Simran Dandiala
she's so lucky TOO rat all that candy, my dream🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬
Riley Hodges
Movie theatre
Giovanni M
What if I lived in the 50's
Emily Roth
Starbucks or Mac donalds
Jillian Naugle
Movie theater
Jillian Naugle
Do if I lived in a snow globe
Jeanette Pikachu
How does she not have diabetes?
paige connlly
wow i wish i was her
Ava Salamanca
Toy store
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