The Whipped Cream Challenge! (MattyBRaps vs Liv)

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MattyB & Liv go head to head in this weeks... Whipped Cream Challenge!  SUBSCRIBE!

Hey BNation!  This week, MattyB sat down with his close friend Liv to challenge her in one of the most fun challenges yet... The Whipped Cream Challenge!  Special thanks to Liv for joining in on the fun!  ;) 

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Keep following your dreams!


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Nowsheen Tarek
the boy cheated
ليا وهيكا
كتير حلو قناتك
Katheryn Herbertson
I vote mattyb
Zachary Spivak
Matt has a crush on liv. he said that in the lie detector test
Jennifer Bournes
tiej8debo c ebtd
Joanna McElroy
I love whipped cream 🤗
Nemesis Ramirez
matty cheated liv won
aldrin cortes
you are wasting my time and i bet john cena can beat your ass
aldrin cortes
fuck you. m
Princess Jordan
u cheated
Mostafa Hassan
fuck you donna
Joao Jojo
Morgan Klein
just do it maddi
Samantha Laug
matty is a cheater but I still like him
Imane Largou
mad was atcheater
ShaToni Hayes
Matt is a cheater he always cheats
Maria Solange
i'm from Brazil!
Shadow slayer
It just looks like he cumed in her mouth 🙈🙈🙈😄😀🤣
Victoria Gamez
Matty cheated
Brian terrones
Matt is a cheater because he wants to win like if you agree
Priscila Souza
oi eu sou a rayssa você é lindo
Emanuela MattyB
Hana Matty! 😘😘
Arold Nansamala
mat is cheater
Youth Singer
ch ch ch cheater
Susana Arena
He diez what 😶
Natiela Dorn
desculpe não falo na língua de vocês eu falo português
Mariela Montoya
Merjen Baricuatro
in gunna tell mother's mattyraps that he cheated
he cheded
Virgilio Pascual
dont be so fast mattyb
Nadia Bonneau
Thug Shot
did she say her name was live
Agustín gameplay
matty contestame
Layla Patterson
Marry B was cheating 100% of the game
Jessica Mc Carthy
matty b and liv are perfect for each other
Linda Santiago
Matty Matt MattyB you cheated
Eimilia Nikola
angelrhafael villaluz
chetter MATTY 😋
Lana nasser
Matt cheated and he likes her
Rita Cantanhede
love sorry
Jessica Lindstrom
MattyBrabs is a CHEATER!!!!!!!!
Szymon Jaworski
ale bym ci zrobil ts ts ts!!!!!1 <3
Lps Eva
sou wow
Fatima Ahmadi
Liv will never cheat like if you agree 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Bridgette Hadley
I'm The
Eliana Cruz
Ohhhhh he cheated 💏💏💑
" I have the toilet paper ready for you "
My bestie backing me up in the chipotle bathroom
Katerina homolkova
chiter ;D
Katerina homolkova
chiter ;D
Tarik Džemidžić
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