The Whipped Cream Challenge! (MattyBRaps vs Liv)

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MattyB & Liv go head to head in this weeks... Whipped Cream Challenge!  SUBSCRIBE!

Hey BNation!  This week, MattyB sat down with his close friend Liv to challenge her in one of the most fun challenges yet... The Whipped Cream Challenge!  Special thanks to Liv for joining in on the fun!  ;) 

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Keep following your dreams!


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Adriana Salas
Matt cheated many times. Liv wins
i like when he does videos with liv
samurai 18
matty b raps stop cheating please!
samurai 18
stop making it say cheater matty b raps
samurai 18
omg matty b raps how many times is the screen going to say cheater 100 or more
samurai 18
And agien u cheat OMG?WOw?
samurai 18
wow? matty b raps i never new you were such a cheater
samurai 18
matty b raps your a cheater
eduardo enrique garcia ruiz
Crazykitty Kat
okay here are the Rules:1 spin 2:bake a pie 3:apply the whipped cream on the pie tthenpit the pie on the thingymagiger
mani vuciri
is liv your sister you guys are terrible at maths and mbraps cant sing you really suck and you look ugly
Luz Rubalcava
matt the cheter
john Warden
Juana Martinez
that was not fare because matt cheated:(
Ziaire Johnson
AMG Gutierrez
Do u like her ๐Ÿ˜—๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธ
Kateryna Popadiuk รฉlรจve
Liv your Not cheater
Tracey Bray
matt is going great I have a krualsh
Hailey Calderara
yes I thenk that she is a chetr
Krittee Danphasukkul
Baylor Alred
liv won
Kyla Carryl Camtan
mattyb is a cheater
jashar brooking
liv win
Kateryna Popadiuk รฉlรจve
I mean Liv
Kateryna Popadiuk รฉlรจve
Yay Liz
Super HAPPY together
Torpedo Pickle
Check out my beyblade tutorioual
Fashion Nati
terry walker
Kateryna Popadiuk รฉlรจve
Mattybraps You Didn't win
matthew rosales
bye piss out..
cole eason
cole eason
liv cheats.
Its Manila Khadiri
Matt you are soooooooo cheater !!!!!
Canuck Kids TV
Best game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ramesh Vijayakumar
What shampoo do u use...
mattyb should of won
Megameno Josua
we love you Matty we love you so much
jonathan cervantes
neki lik iz srbije
you have 99999999999999999999999999999999999999 girlfriends
ruby Saifi
#team liv
Brooke Jones
Matt b is a cheater
Camila Frauwallner
the boy cheded
Leslie Espinal
Tata Fofana
Matt's a cheater and liv is a wi8nner
Tata Fofana
Sara is soooo cute
Becky Donaldson
liv is so pretty
Christian Fariapokemon
Shaylyn Streeter
Matt you cheated three times
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