Watch Closely, They're About To Transform

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The time has come to open our homemade Pokeball molds and check the results of our wax castings.  What do you guess happens next?

Food Grade SmoothSil Silicone:

Endcard Links: 

Glowing Scorpions:
Making Charcoal:
Hot Coal:
Bullet Shell Survival Whistle:

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This video is only for entertainment purposes.  If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results.  Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

nilofar saidi
PKMN Trainer Extreme Soul
Couldn't you make them into candles
Paul Layton
You may want to use a large massage device during the molding and casting process... constant concussion near it will drive the air bubbles up to the surface
Derrick Lau
Grant; to remove the bubble; use a dessicator with vacuum.
Ninjakid Wilson
Hello. Great video
Samuel Escobedo
Pokeballs are supposed to be thrown around in the wild with dangerous creatures around. I'm sure that some pocks and scratches are accurate.
3:32 rape face
Samuel Avila
Who is your Daddy?? 2:53
Amaan Raza
Why dont you make 3D printed casts??
Suhail Hassan
your videos are so interesting
Ella Nelms
Can you make chocolate brass knuckles?
Nolann Robin
Represent criticize system vulnerable above mood stare.
Ishida Gorou
Now make a chocolate pokeball :P
Squirtle M
Make a pokécandle!
CraftCat Kid
No - Yes - maybe - who knows?
well you, before (and after) you made the video. But we knew too after you made the video
Richard Greenleaf
Bad idea using the microwave to melt the candles.
Felix Maier
Impression how game theology reinforce strength train various dear.
In a plaster mold, pour more silicone to make an actual bouncy (Poké) ball
Kimberly Cote
hey grant make some thing
Mame Pikachu
What's the background music? I've heard it somewhere..... is it pokemon dubstep? Or..... somethingg TOTALLY different
Renebean05 Minecraft
Erik Shaw
A vacuum chamber would help draw out the trapped air in the wax immediately after pouring. Love your videos by the way, keep up the great work
Maureen Gonzalez
That was cool
que es lo que usa? respuestas en español
Exploding Zombie
The plaster cylinders look like toilet paper
Jaspal Singh
The round thing looks like toilet paper
Zack Has
"now we have multi gummy chicken." Then eat it!
cutiepie cone
You should make a giant sucker
egg is a good source of egg
How dare you make me see you slap a gummy chicken with my own two eyes
Jillian Drake
Survive tall prohibit launch mainstream accuracy.
Daniel Friend
use some sort of vibrating device to get the air bubbles out. we use them when concreting walls and stair cases
As you can see I got no scratches on my battle scarred pokeball!

this is cool
Alexander Buki
Is there a cheap non food grade silicon
Ethan Gill
disgusting wax
malcolm weatherby
make a candle
Cristian Peralta
That looks like toilet paper rolls.😂
Random Guy
Human defecation in action. 5:02
Donna Clerkin-James
Just a question, if you filled the molds with cake batter and baked them will it make custom shaped cakes depending on the shape of the mold?
Ramogala Destroyer
Walter Bunn
Alright... i watched this shortly after it came out, and I didn't comment then, but as i have nothing to this christmas day, I'll throw up some stuff that might help.

First, people have mentioned that you need to de-gas your silicone, which is generally true, but not entirely necessary here. your silicone is meant for wax casting, not direct metal casting. This is actually okay because it allows you to address surface defects in the wax replica before going through the plaster mold process.

You can smooth out the air pockets with some warmed/molten wax before making the plaster stuff.

The next bit is specific to making plaster molds, but related to messing with the wax surface: you should roll your wax in dry, un-wetted, plaster powder before encasing them in the liquid plaster. This is supposed to guarantee that the plaster picks up all of the detail of the wax mold and avoids issues with the air bubbles. Wax repels water, and that can obscure small detail in the wax replica. Powder coating the wax replica first ensures the preservation of that detail.

After that bit, the less liquid plaster you use, the better off you tend to be. Plaster has to set and be heat dried, and extra thickness can make that drying prospect difficult to do correctly if you live in a place with high relative humidity (Note: if you're near Cody's Lab that place is not humid at all). Gauze or paper dipped in plaster is a popular way to get around this. It provides extra support for the drying plaster, can burn out with the wax, and provides a wicking structure for moisture. It does have the disadvantage of obscuring fine detail and not always being strong enough to support the final casting. Since you've already done sand casting, you know that you can combine the two to side step the inadequate support (just place the wax/plaster mold in a sand bucket and covering with sand before burning out the wax), and the fine detail loss can be avoided if you dry powder coat it first.
queen of hearts
dang I didnt know you still jad the gummy chicken!?!
Agne Vitartaite
Vet 19 clik
Johnny Lee
3:55- they REALLY look like toilet paper!!!!🚽
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