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You heard Panic! At the Disco now it's time for Crack the Wax!
Zakkattack8 - Minecraft and More!
try crayons!
You need a shaker... To remove the air and help the silicone or gummy to find it own way down
Ed Man
Why don't you put the molds in the vacuum once they're poured ?
I heard TheFatRat playing and I
leelee 06
Liquid cement in a vacuum chamber
Summer Everest
Can i have these
Hey try vibrating it after pouring it on to the poke balls with like a palm sander or some might work
i would make some badass candles with those
Mariana mizu
do you live in the same apartment as Guava Juice
Tenique Williams
I did it right
Annika Amundsen
you should do a MOLTEN ALUMINUM CASTING!!!
adusumilli lakshmi
Y didn't u put a thread in it , if u do so u could have got pokebal candles right
Amrit Kaur
he is handsome
Kaiya 。。
You should put a candle wick in it to make a DIY poke ball candle
bass fishin tv
put a wick on top an make it a candle
Winterfox87 GD
nice song choice
The Reasonable One
...So he used a Pokeball to cast another Pokeball... Which he used to cast another Pokeball.

Hey boyss and girlzzzz
George Rios
you are the king of random. all these random videos have me HOOOOOOKED lol
sir derps alot!
I hear time lapse:D
Rhino Bowen
I got to this video from chadwildclay
Matt Kennedy
So if the bottom of them have no air bubbles make one upside down and cut blithely in half so they both don't have any air bubbles
Nathan Ice
The plaster molds kinda look like toilet paper.
you need to make a vibrating table to set castings on when making molds
Rogelio Covarrubias
who else thing the cast looks like a toilet paper roll
Gage 02
Pokeball pancakes
kevin oakes
haha copyright claim: WIERD AL ;-)
very un-extraordinary man
"Oh o, my ball just came off. dang it."
grant thompson
Alin Gabriel
i love how he slaped the gummy chicken xD
Warlock_ Wallance
rip gummy
Spykid 02
I love TheFatRat
Does your wife come into the kitchen and freak out on occasion? Like she comes in and you've left a puddle of wax to dry and shes like GRAND WTF!?!
sup its jacky
Yaaasssss red and blue twenty one pilots colors
Nikhil Swami
Man ,you should vaccum the silicone and the pokeballs together to avoid air bubbles.
Person 101
You should try to make a Pokemon ball with a wick so you can make a candle with it. And with silacone, you can put the candle so you could reuse the wax.
Freya Savage
chocolate pokeballs
like if u agree
That TheFatRat music tho
oscar yshy
where do you get those pokeballs?
Jaiden Animations
Dat royalty free music tho
Andy Nguyen
Really amazing how it seals back together he realised that he just ripped it so he has to wait
Nate Ralosky
Vibrate the mold to reduce air bubbles
DJ Davis
Watch closely their about to transform
Sport- en voedingscoach Frederik
how you can make sillicone rubber?
Omg who else loves sticking their fingers in melted wax and peeling it when it's dry 😩😩💯
Mitch Huitema
maybe try some kind of vibrations to reduce bubbles in the molds?
InitialThoughts CAE
looks like toilet paper
Mega Gallade
There's gotta be a better way to make molds
cjwalkerist luke
You've taught me how to be successful on YouTube. "Just do one thing, and do it well" like for you you show off wax and metal sculptures which are awesome.
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