Homemade Wax PokeBalls

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The time has come to open our homemade Pokeball molds and check the results of our wax castings.  What do you guess happens next?

[✓] Food Grade SmoothSil Silicone: http://amzn.to/21k9Eex

Endcard Links: 

Glowing Scorpions: https://goo.gl/l7Y417
Making Charcoal: https://goo.gl/XxtfQC
Hot Coal: https://goo.gl/lwDutX
Bullet Shell Survival Whistle: https://goo.gl/60Xis6

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Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"
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DJ Davis
Watch closely their about to transform
Sport- en voedingscoach Frederik
how you can make sillicone rubber?
Sofiya xo
Omg who else loves sticking their fingers in melted wax and peeling it when it's dry 😩😩💯
Mitch Huitema
maybe try some kind of vibrations to reduce bubbles in the molds?
InitialThoughts CAE
looks like toilet paper
should've added candle wicks into them so u could burn ur own scented candles. the barrier for the wax flow could be the casing u used to make the molds? (I forgot what it is called)
Mega Gallade
There's gotta be a better way to make molds
cjwalkerist luke
You've taught me how to be successful on YouTube. "Just do one thing, and do it well" like for you you show off wax and metal sculptures which are awesome.
Emi Kimura
sensless proces
Pippipylup YT
Chocolate Pokeballs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ERL E2Miner
do a gummy poke ball
Vixen Marie
when casting you can just fill in the air bubbles with more silicone and a little paint brush -_- you don't need to go through the whole process of putting it in the vacuum chamber bs
Brody R
Suika Ibuki
idea: cast the bottom parts and form them into one so the air bubbles are replaced with the smooth side
General x Productions
Did he slap dat chicken?
Delilah Chase
Why would you slap a gummy chicken?
Giancarlo Stanton
how hot do we melt the wax?
Clara Ibrahim
Make a foam poke ball with pikachu
Jorge Sanchez
haha looks like toilet paper
a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming
fill comment gap
taylor Vanherpen
U should put food in the vacuum chamber
Vokunmaar Wolfe
so cool, want to make one myself
Brian Flores
Ofek Shoichet
Guillaume C.bergeron
cheyenne Tapp
Grant Thompson is the best youtuber ever
This was cool.
Korinne Kobierski
This is so cool!
Skyly Kwok
Luv you GRant Thompson! ‹3
Anelia Nguyen
man he's so cool and amazig
Poised Shows
Hurray pokeballs very inspirating video
Mitchell Street
neel cool
David Sweet
Clay Rad
Abbie Roze
Andrew Wang
Retro bee
That can make a great candle.
Feel The Rath
Eric Espenshade
Zoe Barmore
I made a wax melter
josh swavely
alezic marhac
Simon Huber
Grant Thompson - "King of Random"
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