If You're Watching This, Thermonuclear War Hasn't Wiped Out Humanity

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Stephen's Tuesday monologue was taped in front of a live (for now) studio audience.

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Oscar Olivier
Apart bond architecture present my union six cross could.
Noah Jones
correct cup century happy observe tap violate completely issue her.
Jaffa T
President Dumpy is NOT welcome in the UK! You can keep this idiot, we don't want him here.
Nemo Kaze
Not for lack of the Democrats doing there best to start one.
Михаил Дудин
Russia didn't elect Trump, American people with help of US election system did. Time to take responsibility.
Kim Hobbs
You used to be funny. You getting bad advice
jackson jones
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Leon De Vos
Abroad romantic chart snow whose positive existing lawsuit our thinking.
Doctor Hill
More desperation from a bankrupt Colbert. hahaha. Things would have been so much better with Hilly and Billy in the white house. Run for office Colbert. Show us how easy it is. Dumbass!
Ciizar D.
You know, I imagine the moment, when the majority of trump-viewers, sits in front of their TV's, in their fine-rip-boxers... and suddenly, like all of a sudden, like we imagine enlightenment, a thought crosses their mind "oooh... what have I done?"
Hello I'm Madison Stone
Dictator tot I died
Phil Douglas
Isn't it odd that nobody talks about cheap weapons that can kill just as many as expensive "nukes"? (chemical and biological warheads) I think it's funnier than all get out that most of you think "terrorists" want nukes.
Oh hey

I'm watching this and not dead yet.

Steve Reed
Worst thing that has ever happened to late night is right here. This over obsessed fixation with Trump. Bring back the fun cause someone (Trump)shit in this guys mouth.
Kyle Groff
God bless Trump.
Duco van der Woude
at least he doesn't want to destroy the Shire
Mandy Kaur
That Kim Jim sim( um.. whoever the heck he is) thing looks like inflated bath tub duck. :D
Bob Neal
that guy jon babptise is so annoying
Baba Smith
Days later, Trump calls leader of North Korea "smart cookie"
G.R, Dray
I wish war would empty out hollywierd..
Mike Fournier
Dav Vez
yeah whatever people, stay scared....... what I learned with the years of studying geo-politic, is they are good at keeping you scared, a war would be disastrous indeed by no thermonuclear will break out, they arent stupid enough for that, and who cares about trump tax returns, the guy is destroying the fucking planet and the wildlife with his stupid policies but apparently the only things that matters is money....
I am in South Korea,,, and the outfit Pence wore was the USFK, UN, and Joint Cmd jacket and not something that is "airforce". Bah.
This guy makes me want to throw up.. Stephen Colbert cat see the truth even if it was in front of his eyes...obama was the worst President in the last 125 years..Lets be real for a min here..He open the door at Guantanamo Bay and let some of the worst of the worst terrorist in the world walk free...He also sent 400 billion dollars to Iran in the middle of the night so a less chance of anyone knowing and being able to stop it.. Where's the out rage over that?? obama was a traitor to our country and our constitution..But no one says anything about the treasonous acts by obama..We had to tolerate obama for 8 years...You can deal with Trump for at least 4 years,,but Im hoping its 8...GIVE ME A BREAK,, GROW UP...
JS Landaverde
Trump is such a dumbass
Jason Wood
I live in an Asian country with a military dictator.
When he was publicly opposed, all he could talk about was "who paid for" the zero-cost marches.

'Course, now he never says that anymore
It's now flat out illegal to question the government.

You've got your own '3rd World' politician now.
Time to put up or shut up, America.
Hans Dampf
you are fully aware that we are -1 step close to ww3 o_O
I want to start a nuclear war, at the GAY BAR, GAY BAR, GAY BAR!
the infamous Pussy Graber
Anton Sommerville
colbert your nothing more than a talking pile of festering shit
Phedre Delaunay
To be fair, Russia may have INFLUENCED the election, but Trump was still voted by Americans (albeit not the majority, but that is how your system works); so, if he causes a nuclear war, it's on you guys, not just the Kremlin.
sara lynne
What is wrong with this world that there are so many immature crazy dictators incapable of making intelligent decisions now in charge of major countries? Maybe this is truly the end of our world.
I'd rather have admiral general aladeen as the fuckin president
Jacob Cook
Hello !! Wtf equipment sounds like deeply bootymotivate x‑D
Daniel Pogosyan
It was okay until to the point where he said that Russia shouldn't have "elected" him. What a fucktard.
Vicki Bee
He doesn't know ANYthing that's easy or not for Republicans, bc he's NOT Republican. I grew UP Republican. He's a Plutocrat or totalitarian despot, but he's not Republican the way we were raised to be that, especially in the 80's when they all HATED Russians.
Leongon draws stuff
It's weird to call Trump a white guy while he's burning my face with his orangeness whenever they show him on screen. :D
Kyle Whitehead
People are idiots. Why do they think standing outside the whitehoue with signs is going to do anything? This why the right wing is taking over the world: slacktivism.
Jayspock myworld
Stephen Colbert. I agree with most of what you say. But where is the evidence Russia "elected" Trump? Cmon dude seriously. I thought Russia "hacked" the DNC allegedly. So now you are saying they hacked the voting polls? Are you just making shit up?
Maurice Holster
U Suck Ass USA USA - Trump

pls don't hate me.
Gautam Rajeev
racist much
fang wang
Broken Eyes
Media needs to let go of tax returns, he's not going to give them up nor is he legally obligated too. Trump knows he's a one term president and very likely less (if the magic bullet doesn't get him impeachment by the republicans likely will, that is assuming they ever want the Whitehouse again in living memory after this nut job). Right now, the white house is hosting a 4 year reality tv show called "The buffoon", here's hoping it gets canceled.
David Abramczyk
"What can I say, except, you're welcome!" - Dwayne Johnson.
Conner Fields
Little Donnie doesn't want to be sued. Awww, poor wittle Donnie.
The Pope Don Vincenzo
Noam Bechhofer
8:31 דברי הרב ודברי התלמיד דברי מי שומעיו
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