5 Horror Movies Inspired by True Terrifying Events

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Horror movies are designed to scare us. But no amount of jump scares or creepy music can make a film impact us more than when it's based on a true story. Some are based on real life paranormal events, and others on eerie crimes. Well here are five horror movies based on true terrifying events that will scare you even more after you hear the true stories behind them!

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justeen Vinyette
liv taylor...ok
Confident Song
Why the fuck are people so fucking crazy
Keshia Dolce
See Australia, this is why we can't have nice things. You're trying to kill everybody.
Jared Kossover
The quick change from 5:08-5:09 scared the shit out of me
Leo's vlogs
Childs play is my fucking favorite chucky a king!🙏🏻🙌🏻
John Bell lived across the street from me, the cave is located in Adams TN and I live where? Adams TN, population 1329 ppl.
Ally Popcorn
I was waiting for a jump scare
Tiashniq Miller
I should not be watching this at 3 am. in the dark
Naima Barnes
I like your videos
Kaidan Porter
do a video of weirdest cartoon horrors
Notification squad where are you
Vlada Draskovic
It did end it's February 14 2017
Winter Hope Kipker
i love horror movies
Jodi Melton
mudkipz e
Your voice is very creepy.....
Ryleigh Toomey
Ur videos are interesting
33sparkle Cupcakes
Now all the dolls will have a meeting discussing for whom to haunt first
Tae Harris
I love horror movies! But this right here.. bruh it just creeped me out so much lol like I'm just in shock that this is for real lol 😂
Crazy Daisy
I just realized Chucky has a monobrow 😂
NiAni Brown
wow. Just wow
blazeing flame
scared to death......srysly this is scary..........i cant stop getting scared..........いmそs彼で
the wierdness show
my screen when green and pink and there's a creepy class doll in my room :()
Mason Mead
If the Robert doll made electronic devices malfunction how in the world did u guys get a frickin of him, this is some major bull crap
Good for sleeping.. where the faq i began on..
Ross Calvary
Bloody Gamer
anyone watching this at night??
Cool Girl 9879
🙂😐😳😞😕🙁☹️😱😖😭 IM SO SCURD❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️
Where's Annabel????
proshooter I'm dumb
where's Justin beiver
Scary AS F*CK
Catty Shepherd
your safe here. here have some goods


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Jeff The killer
0_o enjoy how can I enjoy this I'm kidding !!!! Robert the doll ! Or chucky ?! Hm idk !!! Which one to choose!!!! shhh hahahahaha
July Ryan
Omg! This is uploaded on my bday!
So was John Bell really raping his daughter while she slept like the movie indicated? Sick bastard.
Destiel Is Life
I remember watching The Strangers and my older brother was curled up by his mom scared while I was just sitting there. Did I mention he's older than me?
jokerwildz LAZER KITTENS
The first story man those people lived for a long time based on the average life span back then
Sinahi Vasquez
this is creepy
Reagan Siduch
the real chucky doll is more scurry then the movie one
Reagan Siduch
Doggy Reactes
this is creepy....mommy help!!!😮😯😯🤓😫😫
Cheyenne Skye
When I saw the chucky the movie I threw all my dolls out the window
skate 3 pro gamer
GUYS since I was 5 I've been watching horror movies so I like gory shit
Samantha Garcia
borderland the peaple in the cult i think there was 2 men or more i dont know but i know there was a women and she was part of the cult she was actually a friend of my teacher and they were really good friends they both traveled together in college i believe
Aries Might
If the doll can actually destroy peoples lives.Why not cut it into pieces, then burn them?
Potato Mag
Why would anyone want that doll it's so fkin gross looking !
Dipper Pines
brian versansky
There's an actual movie of Robert The Doll coming out soon simply called Robert
the terminator
can I have 30 likes for my birthday not begging
XxAngie GamingxX
try not to get nightmares😴😂
XxAngie GamingxX
oml try not to cringe or look away or not hear while watching this
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