5 Horror Movies Inspired by True Terrifying Events

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Horror movies are designed to scare us. But no amount of jump scares or creepy music can make a film impact us more than when it's based on a true story. Some are based on real life paranormal events, and others on eerie crimes. Well here are five horror movies based on true terrifying events that will scare you even more after you hear the true stories behind them!

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Sara Ann
4:55 "Please fix my eye, Xbox and marriage."

Please fix my Xbox got me 😂😂
Ban Dang
creepy side of youtube 😐I wanted to sleep😣😣
Essence Arthur-Byrd
Sorry Rodger for clicking this video without your permission
Romulo devera
Jason hates water Kruger hate fire Myers hates high voltage chucky hates humans lepurchaun hates black ppl and gingerbread man hates white guy
Kiera Whitman
Please do "Top 5 scariest bad dreams people have ever had"!!!!!!!
Hermida Acevedo
hog dog
chuckie, Ted, doc mcstuffin.
have one in common.

moving dolls
Orland 90

Is it only me that think child's play is funny?
Christian Hernandez
youtube is so broken i looked up cute dogs found this wtf!?!?
Scott Brydle
The version of the Robert the Doll story I previously heard included parts where the little boy owner would be upset and scared of the doll cause it was telling him to do terrible things and would berate and abuse him verbally. The family would hear a strange croaking voice that the kid said was Robert's voice coming from the boy's room, yelling at the boy. When they'd open the door they'd find the boy kneeling or lying on the ground in front of a chair, and Robert sitting in the chair. They assumed the boy was speaking to himself in Robert's voice (like Danny in The Shining) but he maintained it was Robert speaking and no one witnessed him actually using that voice, and they began to fear for his mental health.
Emma Ellis
I love you top 5s
Denise Mary Kay Salon
@ yahoo
Harley Quinn savage
is in a musem
Harley Quinn savage
robert Isabel in a musem BRUHHH😂
RaNDoM SkittLeZ
Robert the doll does seem creepy but it also seems friendly for it hasn't caused any harm, maybe just being the friendly spirit of a child idk :3
Samarjeet Sengupta
good narration voice.interesting fact
There was a UK version, I believe of the Strangers. It was based on a true story in Serbia of 3 teens killing a couple in a cottage in the woods.
R Beeze
Witches are real
Dwain Johnsom
the doll look not like chuck
James Hammon
I would like to see a part 3 to this because this is a great topic to talk about. One movie called The Bunnyman Massacre is said to inspired by true events so be sure to include that one in part 3 to this topic.
jade moore
idek how i got here.. i seen chucky and clicked on it
I remember learning about Robert in a Mysteries at the Museum episode.
Jay Mula
What about Annabel
Fearless Wolf
I love chucky (chuky?)
RJ Hobbes
interesting if as usual with these things pretty horrifying.
Sarah Daharu
Nashly Dayanara
when i step on a Lego 😐
Finding Rainbows
No hate though I love your channel
Finding Rainbows
The Robert the doll one is a fake version that he just created because the one that I know is that the kids name is Robert
mr. make america great again
fake ass dolls lmao
Owning a photograph of something next to a sign saying "DO NOT PHOTOGRAPH" has to be embarrassing.
Emanuel Arellano
I'm 10
Zeno the Cubone
What about the Texas chainsaw massacre?
Simon Boas
is this shit real?
Rosmery Saravia
i know one horror story

byuntae hyung
I'm just gonna lock the door- shit no lock
byuntae hyung
I feel safer in the comments
Emily Panda
Kayla&Shelby's DogWalk
about 3 years ago when i was 12 years old my family and I went to key west and we got to see Robert the Doll in a museum. my mother tried to take a picture of the doll with her phone (even though we were told not by the tour guide) and the second she opened the camera app her phone died even though it was fully charged. my grandmother then tried to take a picture with her digital camera but it wouldn't turn on. I then took a picture of robert on my polaroid camera. One week later when we were back home from the trip i kept having re-occuring nightmares of robert. i googled more about robert the doll and other people had similar expiriences with robert and they would return the pictures they took of him or send apology letters. So I returned the picture and wrote a apology letter. Everything is fine now but my family still teases me about it
love god not the devil?
The legend 27
I'm a mermaid
I watched Wolf Creek with my dad...never gonna watch that again ;-;
r sawant
robert's story isnt really as scary and terryfying as chuky's although i wouldn't definitely want to find him in my attic
robert jean otto was cute bye
Gabrielle Lee Jarrett
I love Chucky!!!
Corxkenshin lil friend Bassett
Damn danyeil
Corxkenshin lil friend Bassett
Is this really true 😵
Corxkenshin lil friend Bassett
I'm scared
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