5 Horror Movies Inspired by True Terrifying Events

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Horror movies are designed to scare us. But no amount of jump scares or creepy music can make a film impact us more than when it's based on a true story. Some are based on real life paranormal events, and others on eerie crimes. Well here are five horror movies based on true terrifying events that will scare you even more after you hear the true stories behind them!

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Dahyun World
The Robert one kind of sounds like finders keepers
Wow I didnt know Chucky excited I thought it was based of a fake story and only a movie I hope I never get that toy in my birthday or I'll be freaked out 😣😣😣
Alexandra Lopez
ok that's enough devil shit
me:*turns off phone opens bible*
Ysabella_Ramirez JiminOppa
Im going camping tomorrow..for FIVE days

Ser Campbell
All This Shit Happens To You White Bitches For All The Wickedness You Caves Done😈
Katelyn Kookie
whatching the first 20 seconds Fuck dis shit im out NOPE NOT TODAY CHUCKY NOT TODAY
Grace Anderson
Hello people
Michi Mari
Excellent mate!
Nick Onik
your voice make me sleepy
Yazzy Serena
I love the strangers
faith Bell
yo I am a girl and young and my last name is BELL I am out
kiana lopez
that guy from wolf creek is real if you look at a video from who knows how old it is there's that guy who has a girl in the background tied up and while he's laughing he slits her throat which either he wants to get cought or who knows
kiana lopez
wolf creek that is true story
Jakyria Richardson
i love creepy things😌
The girl next door movie from 2007 was based on a true story right? that movie was playing at school watched a bit but the tension killed me around the first 10 minutes. so i stopped. i read the story on wikipedia it freaked me out.
dear robert please fix my eye, x-box 😕 what a drug
Nick Boles
Ok I'm not even joking I live right down the road from where the bell witch stuff happened. I live in Springfield Tennessee and every Halloween I've gone to the bell witch cave and I'm freaking out rn cuz I'm home alone😂
fire meltdown
I doubt this is true but very interesting
Sagar Gurung
i am sorry Robert
SSP stuff
wt about conjuring!!!!! it must be there:|
Manuel Lopez
I'm sorry Robert for watching this without your consent
I just have one question. If you can't take pictures of the doll bc the camera will malfunction then why are there pictures?
Sayantika Sanyal Dipa
Annabelle and consuring?????
Who else saw their screen turn green and go haywire when they went back to see the Robert doll
Tabitha Collins
some of these comments have me laughing so hard 😭
LisaTDM Undertale music Music
Robbert the doll is good

Chucky is Tottal cringe I watched the movie
One big cringe compilation
Jerome James
I Hope
Agent Orange
Wow right off the bat bell is my mothers madden name
Josie Holgate
Hi. Some people say this is true some people say its not but thats ok. Top5s im not
trying to be mean but please dont make videos that are not true. We would learn this from
school and it didn't happen... So i say i give a thumbs down...
Chelby _q3bg
It's a jinn
Cookie Kookie
Chucky has a good ending tho 👍 So I like that shit well...
first time seeing Robert, clicks on video... sees that I was not allowed to watch or see things related to Robert without permission well... shit... I guess I have to travel 1000 miles to whateverthehell country he is at JUST to say sorry, fucking videos.
Lizzi Peters
What about Annabel and the Exorcism of Emily Rose? I'd love to see videos on those.
macy lynn
I know the bell witch story from ghost adventures lol
dj carrot
hey people...what do u think is more horrifying...demons or psyco killers??🔦🔪🔫
4:54 "please fix my eye, X-box, and marriage" lol
Poster Man
What about The Hills Have Eyes?
Electric80s - Gameplay, Lore Hunting, and More!
My friend visited robert once, he took a video and posted it on his channel, a few days later e got he red ring of death on his xbox and had his channel deleted, ill link the video if I can find it.
Gazella K
Never seen any of these films, just bored
Esmeralda Garcia
bruh this is crazy but I still love ur channels💜
marc aldrin Sinina
'' WARNING : NO PHOTOGRAPHS !! "" really !!!??
FaZe Slovakian savage
Fake those old events are fake never happened
Madeline Bell
Just wanted to say that you have a fantastic voice for narration! I love listening to it. Also, interesting true fact: I went to college with a girl who is very closely related to one of Ivan Milat's victims. Very sad, especially since one of the Australian TV networks decided to broadcast a miniseries about Milat against the wishes of victims' families. It was WAY too soon to make a TV show about it.
Zyeria Lewis
I don't really like this that much now
Supernatural Sista
I would like for everyone to subscribe to my channel and submit your creepy ghost stories. I will subscribe back to similar channels. 😊
JIS Miner
4:41 is a pic of Robert and in the back says "Warning don't photograph" '-'
awsome quevedo
Some creppy
Dragonslayer Mora
Puertoriqueños donde estan
Abraham Gonzalez
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