5 Horror Movies Inspired by True Terrifying Events

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Horror movies are designed to scare us. But no amount of jump scares or creepy music can make a film impact us more than when it's based on a true story. Some are based on real life paranormal events, and others on eerie crimes. Well here are five horror movies based on true terrifying events that will scare you even more after you hear the true stories behind them!

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Fearless Wolf
I love chucky (chuky?)
RJ Hobbes
interesting if as usual with these things pretty horrifying.
Sarah Daharu
Nashly Dayanara
when i step on a Lego 😐
Finding Rainbows
No hate though I love your channel
Finding Rainbows
The Robert the doll one is a fake version that he just created because the one that I know is that the kids name is Robert
My day Is not good
fake ass dolls lmao
Owning a photograph of something next to a sign saying "DO NOT PHOTOGRAPH" has to be embarrassing.
Emanuel Arellano
I'm 10
Zeno the Cubone
What about the Texas chainsaw massacre?
Simon Boas
is this shit real?
Rosmery Saravia
i know one horror story

byuntae hyung
I'm just gonna lock the door- shit no lock
byuntae hyung
I feel safer in the comments
Emily Panda
Kayla&Shelby's DogWalk
about 3 years ago when i was 12 years old my family and I went to key west and we got to see Robert the Doll in a museum. my mother tried to take a picture of the doll with her phone (even though we were told not by the tour guide) and the second she opened the camera app her phone died even though it was fully charged. my grandmother then tried to take a picture with her digital camera but it wouldn't turn on. I then took a picture of robert on my polaroid camera. One week later when we were back home from the trip i kept having re-occuring nightmares of robert. i googled more about robert the doll and other people had similar expiriences with robert and they would return the pictures they took of him or send apology letters. So I returned the picture and wrote a apology letter. Everything is fine now but my family still teases me about it
love god not the devil?
The legend 27
I'm a mermaid
I watched Wolf Creek with my dad...never gonna watch that again ;-;
r sawant
robert's story isnt really as scary and terryfying as chuky's although i wouldn't definitely want to find him in my attic
robert jean otto was cute bye
Gabrielle Lee Jarrett
I love Chucky!!!
Don't bother me don't get this Bassett
Damn danyeil
Don't bother me don't get this Bassett
Is this really true 😵
Don't bother me don't get this Bassett
I'm scared
Why Im I watching this before going to bed?
Mighty Ralph
is this disturbing after I watch this I feel evil presence.
Mars Pikapy
Freaking Possesed Dolls =_=
Dave Hardister
I know this comment will be lost, but its pronounced zeebras.Not zeabras.
Jayda The Girl
I was trying to tell I bitch that but they going to try to say no chucky was 1987 but Robert was the 2000
Yam Rio
chuckie is one of my favorite horror movie....
Juan Campos
Please fix my eye , x-box and marriage wtf 😂 xbox
God he has such a soothing voice I've honestly fallen asleep to these creepy videos just cuz his voice is so soothing
What about annabelle ??
oml Sacrificing zebras and lion cubs?! I DISAPPROVE D:<
justeen Vinyette
liv taylor...ok
Confident Song
Why the fuck are people so fucking crazy
Keshia Dolce
See Australia, this is why we can't have nice things. You're trying to kill everybody.
Jared Kossover
The quick change from 5:08-5:09 scared the shit out of me
Vine Chanel Dank memes
Childs play is my fucking favorite chucky a king!🙏🏻🙌🏻
John Bell lived across the street from me, the cave is located in Adams TN and I live where? Adams TN, population 1329 ppl.
Ally Popcorn
I was waiting for a jump scare
Tiashniq Miller
I should not be watching this at 3 am. in the dark
Naima Barnes
I like your videos
Kaidan Porter
do a video of weirdest cartoon horrors
Notification squad where are you
Vlada Draskovic
It did end it's February 14 2017
Winter Hope Kipker
i love horror movies
Jodi Melton
mudkipz e
Your voice is very creepy.....
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