Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Trailer 2 (Official)

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All paths come together when Star Wars Rebels Season 4 premieres Monday, October 16 on Disney XD.

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Imperije blokade rebels star wars good movie
Well everything in this trailer has been in episodes 1-9 of season 4, so im guessing theres gonna be a break, then a mid season trailer round december time.
Robert Reardon
His real name is mentioned earlier in the series. Season 2 I believe.
The Emperor Of Man
If they put Thrawn, I wanna see Boba Fett.
MOJ kanal
Revenge of sith
Minecraft Thunderous - Minecraft PE
I guess that obiwan and Luke were kindly busy while the rebels are doing they're job against the empire before episode IV A new hope
GD Zentronix
I just want to se commander Cody
Cameron K
The clone wars was so much better.
Faisal Al-Alami
Could the Lothwolves be the canine animals that we keep seeing in the Last Jedi trailers?
Clone Echo
Did captain Rex died?
Illiterate Garbage
Theory: they all die
where is ep 10?
Dragon Slayer Zaref Dragnile
I'm still sad this is the final season maby they can put something in the final season maby they can have Ezra and Sabine kiss
Jevon Howell
I wouldnt trash Rebels for the Clone Wars cancel, Id just say compared to Clone wars it feels much less realistic of a galactic war. The character development in Rebels felt very poor and many episodes just felt like a waste of time with no real purpose in driving the story forward. I think also with this war that has the galaxy divided its weird how the main cast just always pulls through at the last second. I think one of them should have died to prove how real the fight is. The show is OKAY but I thinnk its not living up to its potential.
Sam Koehler
All Star Wars just got a bit too weird

Force Wolf
Josh Heijn
We need commander Cody to be in this season oh please be that would make me so happy and Rex meets him again oh that would be amazing
Rebels rogue one end new hope imperije striker baks resturne end jedai force awakens last jedy star wars x
Yeah, awesome trailer, but boring show.
There better be an epic ending if there not run a seson 5
I think this show is going like the Clone wars gets darker as each season goes. Yea sure season one was like a G rating and season 3 was dark for like a couple eps but its on Disney XD (What do people expect?)
mundo geek
Que iradooooo
Aruka Schwarze
I knew Krennic is going to make an appearance!!>< And a love story between Kanan and Hera... Uuuuu...
hope disney has more plans for a star wars show,, atfer this one,,, cant wait for the anthology films,, heard there is going to be another trilogy aswell...
Lance Selda
Funny how it says premiere on Oct 16 and its already Nov 17
What is this song in the trailer?
Where is Ahsoka :(
william vonstaats
the factory on lothal will be destroyed
Calvin Naugle
This season was well done. I insulted the other seasons except one or two episode but this has been good so far
even if theyre making a season 4 this show still sucks also i hope they wont kill off thrawn so we can see him in movies later or something
fidndns .dpsjg
Love this show
Jake Rutigliano
Do you think Galen Marek would make a better master to Ezra?
Does anyone know the name of the song, that plays at the beginn? 0:25
Josh LPO
wheres ashoka
I cant wait for this!!
Glen Aldo
Will ezra become evil ?
Luke Amparo
Need more darkside! Come on Ezra, join the DARKSIDE!
Darth Revan
Blackdeath1943 gaming
Anybody else feel not comfortable with noghri assassins around thrawn?
Crimson Doodlebear
All the Rogue One references just show how close we are to that point in time, it's no longer just a bunch of little cells trying to get by, soon...the Rebel Alliance will rise. Along with it...a New Hope. ALSO X-WINGS OMG
Bas Smith
We want clone wars back
Kaney P
No Ashoka?
Director kranik is about to choke on his own admiration
Axel XD
We need some Death on the show. If i see another stormtrooper die from falling to the floor i will flip
Addiso Nic
2:43 bless you Hera!
Orson Krennic
I knew i was more persuasive than thrawn
Lucas Ngo
What is the line that Ezra said "..Pick a path, and all is gone? done? dome?" Can anyone make it out for me?
dave dave
All these death flags I see. Noooo.
I'm surprised disney allowed us to see mandalorians get vaporized
Atrocitus Destroyer
2:30 A Trandoshan
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