Hugh Laurie joking about Trump and the Republicans - Golden Globes 2017

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Watch according to some the best joke(s) of the evening

Beware the comments section... just saying

Marco A.G.J.
Psychopathic billionaires? You're preaching to a room full of them, guy.
redleg e.g. smith
are all actors liberals ?Can't they open their eyes and that the world is not full of love and happiness. America needs a realist. I think you got one now.
yet another 3rate actor bleating off
D ghazd
clint eastwood won a golden glob..he dont ages anymore
He is literally pandering like a dog to his Hollywood executive overlords. LOL
Fuck this British citizen who dares to come to OUR country and disrespect our politics. He should be deported back to England where he can kiss the Queen's ass because Royalty is SOOOOOOOOOOOO democratic.
Ava Marie Maffia
yeah, he's a legend, in his own mind. just another court jester/circus clown
Steven's Live life
i hate this stupid fucker hugh. fuck him
Youve got to like the taste of shit.
If you want to work in Hollywood.
And little kids.
kimberly s
Trump won so stop whining. We're still entitled to freedom of speech and opinion and religion in this country.
Oh yes what would America do without the drug-addled opinions of out of touch foreigners? Somebody check his papers before you throw him out of the country!
I am not American. So I am effectively looking into American society from the outside. Nevertheless, it is clear to me that the distorted ideological opinions of shallow disconnected buffoons, replete throughout the entertainment industry, are becoming increasingly nauseating and absurd to an ever increasing number of ordinary people.
Mike Johnson
Laurie, you memorize lines and sit in a chair to pretty up and suddenly you're a pundit. Please give us a break. You'll be an alcoholic in 5 years.
razer 53
Still crying OMG,those poor butt hurt demtards,Oh well next stupid thing thats going to change.
Annie Gssm
most of the celebrity is over rated
blackdog hillbilly
go back to eng!and , please you suck too!
Pablo Rages
he shouldn't be commenting about American politics ...but i guess he wants work in Hollywood so has to lick lots of lefty asshole
Paul D
what do celebs know about running a country? The Left needs to be destroyed.
Freakin' Nit
Hollywood supports child rape. Hugh Laurie supports Hollywood. Therefore.................
Thirtyone Solutions
Congratulations just lost half your fan base for being a snobby, presumptuous fool. Have you not learned anything from this election about not speaking down to ppl and alienating half the country? Oh Hollywood slime...we have you to thank for helping get trump elected. Not the brightest stars in the sky actually are ya?!
Yep Trumptards, no one likes you.
kee Barr
house md is the best tv show ever. he was brilliant as dr. house
ABC and the BBC. Weren't they paid by the Clinton Foundation? Great Hugh, part of the House of Cards, why don't you make a movie now about blood money.
Kate Burton
Pure class.
divine angelvoice
Hollywood is so fake and hypocritical. So it is not strange most are on kokain or alkoholic. They cannot think properly. It is the truth, she is nothing than an average actress. As European we never found her very good or deep in her roles, she always came through as an average American actress playing little silly roles
tim andreu
narcissistic weirdos patting eachother on the back
The Trump News Network
Really The Night Manager? Christ how bad was the competition?
Jesus is God
The Brit should mind his own business - the silly fucker wasn't even allowed to vote
Tom Thorne
a 2nd rate foriegn "actor" commenting on america..maybe he should get some Rogaine and cover up that mess of a head. that mess is like his career. fading fast
Iain Goldie
Thank you Hugh
"Pshchopatic billionaires" Well said!
Koen van Coevorden
seem anything information end enthusiasm.
Farhad .Farhad
Hugh is the best always! And he reminds us of the continued excellence of the Brits.
Tyler Durden
MGTOW for the win!
Disgus Ted
Liberal scum. Nauseating
Used to like Laurie. Regardless of his political leanings. As soon as a celeb uses their status to get political though I lose respect for them. Would you dems like it if he had gone after Obama? Yeah, didn't think so. Celebs risk alienating people when they express political views. Dissing half a population is never a smart career move.
Hugh? Hughever you are.
Name Password
Trump 2020!
De Facto.
Trumpkins laugh now. Wait till we no longer have social security (you'll work till you die) and have more taxes taken out to build this damn wall.
BrianWilsonFan Glasgow
why do you all dress in black and white...
John Kent
Oh no! Another Hollywood elitist making a joke about Trump! I'm so fucking wounded... he doesn't think like a Trump supporter does, burn him at the fucking stake!
BrianWilsonFan Glasgow
laurie is a joke
Rusty Shackleford
These award shows are nothing but liberal cocksuckers jerking each other off to inflate their already humongous undeserved egos. Oh wow, you acted in a movie, how heroic and noble of you. Those soldiers on the front lines and firemen risking their lives going into burning buildings have nothing on you guys.

Celebrity liberals have this insane notion that they are admire all over the country. Sorry to burst your bubble, but outside of that liberal shithole known as southern California nobody gives a fuck about you or your political opinions. The vast majority of the country sees you as nothing more than trained monkeys, court jesters who are here simply to entertain us.

These fucking douchebags think that they could walk into any small town bar in the rural part of the country and everybody would fawn over them. Wrong! In fact, if one of these smug jackasses walked into the corner bar in my small town, not only would nobody care but there is a chance somebody kicks the shit out of them before the end of the night.

You would think they would have learned that America doesn't give a fuck what they think and cant be influenced by these pieces of shit anymore but yet they still try, thus confirming what we already knew in that Hollywood liberals have no brains at all.
As a republican I found out a few new things about myself this year while voting: I'm a racist, misogynistic, sexist, and disabled person hater. Thanks for opening my eyes, celebrities
Phineous Trout
Trump satire galore at
Bob Hall
CarelessDanny Creations
celebrities have no place in politics. their point of view and perspective is far beyond normal. This is why Hillary wanted 15 year children to have the right to vote. because only kids can be brainwashed easily.
What a bunch of freakin phonies .. all extoling their words and bestowing each other with basically 7th place runner-up awards ..
Lori Vieni
send him back to england
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